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Kim Kardashian as Marilyn or glamorize express slimming to fit in a sinister dress | Present

“The idea came to me after the Met gala last year,” Kim Kardashian revealed to the US edition of the vogue magazine when questioned by his look this year, the theme for the 2021 Met Gala was ‘In America: the language of fashion‘: “I thought to myself, what would I have done with the ‘American’ theme if I hadn’t worn the Balenciaga look? What is the most American thing you can think of? Marilyn Monroe». The idea to which the celebrity was referring was to wear the iconic dress with which Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday” to the President of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy, one night in May 1962, just a few months before end his own life.

Kim Kardashian has also admitted that she had to lose seven kilos in three weeks to be able to wear that dress for just a few minutes, the time it takes to walk down the red carpet. For dinner, Kim Kardashian dressed in an exact replica, since she would not have dared to try a bite with such a scrap of history on top of her. The celebrity confessed that when she tried the museum piece for the first time, it did not fit her, so she went on a strict diet that would end that same night with a feast of “pizza and donuts”, as she herself said during the gala. Since making those surprising statements about the harsh physical change she had undergone to put on a dress, Kim Kardashian has been heavily criticized on social media for promoting extremely unhealthy physical standards based on rapid weight loss and subsequent binge eating and Also, brag about doing it with pride.

“What I wonder is why a personality of the stature of Kim Kardashian always ends up talking about her body and her weight, it gives me the feeling that they are a family enslaved by their own corporality,” says Raquel Carrera, activist, co-creator of the body positivity platform I’mCurvy and co-author with Lidia Juvanteny of the book The revolution of self-love, » and it is curious”, continues Raquel Carrera, “because this does not happen with people who are much thinner”. Although she acknowledges that Kim Kardashian has managed to expand beauty standards towards a model far from being extremely thin, Kim Kardashian’s body continues to be part of an unattainable standard: “I am glad that there is some curve, the point is that her curves make us They corsete just like other body types. Kim Kardashian’s body does not represent a reality: a large person has a belly, has holsters, has fat in places where she would prefer not to have fat. Kim Kardashian has none of that and, besides, she seems like she is in control at all times not being fat ».

It is not the first time that the celebrity boasts to the press or his 307 million followers of carrying out unhealthy practices for simple aesthetics. At the 2019 Met Gala, Kim Kardashian confessed that had to take breathing exercise classes to be able to wear the corset signed by Thierry Mugler, which prevented him from having freedom of movement to such an extent that he could not dine comfortably. On another occasion, the reality star confessed to Ellen DeGeneres on the show The Ellen Degeneres Show what he was capable of doing in order to carry the look perfect: “I don’t care how uncomfortable it is, I don’t care how long I have to wear it, even if I have to wear a diaper and not go to the bathroom.” Kim Kardashian is the creator and best ambassador for Skims, a $3.2 billion slimming and firming company that advocates for body diversity while utilizing normative models from the Victoria’s Secret factory in her latest campaign, thereby promoting more traditional beauty standards. Both she and her sisters have been able to influence the physique of women to the point of bringing into fashion a new archetype of feminine beauty, either through the rise of contouring, a make-up technique that models facial features, blurring what are considered flaws and enhancing strengths, culminating in the almost clonic “Instagram faces” or generating a growing interest in various cosmetic surgery treatments such as buttock shaping through injectables or lip filler.

Perhaps the most striking thing is how this time Kim Kardashian returns to glamorize the epic of suffering for fashion, this time while wearing the dress worn by one of the most misunderstood suffering women in history.

The day Marilyn Monroe put on that dress, the actress had asked director George Cukor for permission to travel to the President’s birthday in New York. Monroe was shooting the movie Someone has to concede, with actor Dean Martin. George Cukor had initially granted him permission, but was later turned down due to delays accumulating during filming. And the delays had to do with Monroe herself, who was not in perfect mental parole and her notorious absences: the actress had just left the Payne Whitney psychiatric clinic, where she had voluntarily admitted after her divorce and a notorious failure box office. As Marilyn Monroe was rehearsing the ‘Happy Birthday’ that would become the stuff of legend, director George Cukor was already thinking of actresses to replace Monroe, and she was fired from her (and later rehired at Dean Martin’s request) a few weeks later. During John Fritzgerald Kennedy’s 45th birthday celebration gala at Madison Square Garden in front of more than 15,000 people, host Peter Lawford, Kennedy’s brother-in-law, used the actress’s bad reputation as a joke, constantly introducing her to the audience for more late apologizing when another guest showed up. After Monroe’s performance, rumors about the alleged relationship between the actress and the president of the United States skyrocketed, placing the actress at the center of the controversy.

The dress that Marilyn Monroe wore and that Kim Kardashian just wore went down in collective memory as one of the most iconic dresses in pop history, and part of the creation of the myth is due to the fact that Marilyn Monroe committed suicide just three months after wearing it, and with it, the society that had judged the actress for her alleged adventures and had publicly laughed at her bad reputation as an actress, decided to forgive her and elevate her to the category of icon. Since then, the life and death of Marilyn Monroe has been revisited by numerous biographers, documentarians, film directors and writers to give her tragic story a gender perspective. Feminist Gloria Steinem, author of the biography Marilyn: NormaJeanhe said in an interview on the podcast American Mastersthat the problems that the actress had, then misunderstood, are problems with which many women today can empathize: the extreme objectification of the female body, sexual abuse in childhood, the vulnerability of a woman in a masculine world that he didn’t take her or the mental health issues seriously.

Perhaps Marilyn Monroe’s dress should not simply be a pop culture icon, but a reminder of an event that could forever break the fragile mental health of a 36-year-old woman. Although Kim Kardashian only took a few steps in the emblematic dress, the reuse of the figure of Marilyn Monroe solely as a symbol and sexual icon and the trivialization of the physical suffering of women solely for aesthetics and entertainment, seem many more steps of those he gave, yes, in the opposite direction.

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