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Jill Biden, the first lady to get the test right anywhere. fashion

  Jill Biden, the first lady to get the test right anywhere.  fashion

Jill Biden is all of us. In one of the photos taken by Annie Leibovitz of first lady for the August issue of Vogue USA, Biden is seen sitting in a meeting, somewhat uncomfortable, with a coffee nearby and working on a Mac. In this image she is not the First Lady but one of the many professionals who open a laptop for the first time where they can support it. She is also Dr. Biden and that title is her own, foreign to her husband. Joe Biden may be the 46th President of one of the world’s most powerful democracies, but he hasn’t had the privilege of being called a doctor. Jill Biden, born Jill Tracy Jacobs, has made history by becoming the first FLOTUS to keep her job: She’s been a teacher for nearly half a century. She’s been rehearsing that reconciliation for years: From 2009 to 2017, when her husband was vice president, she continued to teach full-time at Northern Virginia Community College and will now do so part-time. His name appears in the list of teachers on the website of the Centre. He is the only one who has no telephone number or contact email. The student called him Dr. B.

Jill Biden (Hammonton, New Jersey, 1951) likes to say that, as a teenager, she sneaked out of her house at night to jump over the fence of the Willow Grove Club, outside Philadelphia, and in swam some length. Poole.. He has told this anecdote on several occasions and has been picked up by a large number of media in the United States. This helps her to express that she was just as rebellious young woman and that like so many others, she had to jump over walls to get what she wanted. This joke, chosen from among several people over the age of 70, contributed to the creation of the legend of the current First Lady of the United States. That mischievous and naughty lady today is a woman who is always seen on the go. Four years after having the Sphinx as first lady, Jill Biden’s presence is pure energy.

This energy is what Leibovitz has taken and what brings this woman back to this day. Five months after Biden’s announcement, the Anna Wintour-directed magazine re-established a tradition established in the 1920s with Lou Henry Hoover: to put the First Lady of the United States on the cover. The last one, Melania Trump was the only one banned. Leibovitz’s images show a profile of Jonathan van Meter with the headline also suggesting action: “A First Lady for All Us: On the Road with Dr. Jill Biden.” They depict a First Lady divided into four: the professional lady, the wife, the grandmother and the institutional lady, who graces the cover with an Oscar de la Renta printed dress and a nice smile. All these aspects are incorporated into photographs orchestrated to the millimeter and yet, they manage to pathos

“Teaching isn’t what I do, it’s what I do.” This quote is one of the most frequently repeated by Biden and has the power of phrases he wants to pass on to posterity. His professional career is solid: he holds a BA and PhD in English from the University of Delaware, the state where the couple lived until they moved into the White House and where they maintain two homes: one in Wilmington and the other in Rehoboth Beach, Beach. But.. he has two masters, one in education from West Chester State College and one in English from Villanova University. In 2007 he received a doctorate, an honor that some American media such as wall street journal He is accused of cheating in education, a discipline considered minor. Those who are in his defense alleging that there is dogma and contempt for humanity after that attack have come to the fore. Biden has been teaching classes since 1975 and currently holds a position at Northern Virginia Community College, where, like many other teachers, he has taught many classes for Zoom. in the interview the trend Biden claims he fixes the exams on Air Force One and that the data is so juicy it can’t be replicated.

Being the First Lady, she has started an initiative called Joining Forces with Michelle Obama [Uniendo Fuerzas] To support service members, veterans, families, carers and survivors. It is just a foundation, such as the American Rescue Act, Action and Travel Foundation that she is involved in and to these we have to add her classes and her role as the first hostess in the country. Jill Biden has two children’s books and a m. is also the author ofimoir Published in 2019: “Where the Light Enters: Building a Family, Discovering Myself”, which entered the list of Best Sellers new York Times And he remains unpublished in Spain. She wants to be regarded as someone in the standing movement, which is why the image taken by Leibovitz in front of Mack, dressed as Ralph Lauren, in a quick pose, in a quick moment, in all her paintings, is the fastest.

In her Twitter biography, Jill Biden defines herself as the “First Lady of the United States”. Teacher in community college. Military Mother. grandmother. Joe Biden’s wife”. She elevates her role as the wife, mother, and grandmother of six grandchildren, something that contrasts with the role of her predecessor and which suggests calm and union in the now wounded country. The Biden family has suffered major dramas: the fatal accident of Biden’s first wife, Nealia Hunter, and their daughter Naomi in 1966, the death of another in 2015, Beau, surviving as a result of brain cancer and drug addiction of one of them. Kids, Hunter. He has just published a book in Spain called “Beautiful Things” in which he talks about his addiction. The Biden couple have an identical daughter, Ashley, a social worker, activist and founder of a conscious fashion brand called Livelihood; The youngest bidens have opted to keep a low profile. Unlike previous White House tenants, the Biden family has been mandated to observe and the comparison is easy, more than easy. The Biden marriage is shown as a good couple who share agendas, interests and free time. Jill Biden’s campaign code name was “The Closer” because of her proximity to the president, and that closeness seems genuine and unplanned by a team of political communications experts. She adds warmth and speed to her husband’s somewhat harsh presence. The couple, who came from previous marriages, married in 1975 at the United Nations Chapel. The day they met, they went to see “A Man and a Woman” by Claude Lelouch. The film could not have had a more foreboding title.

She has been a key asset in her husband’s task of healing a country over the past few months. The country’s triple crisis: health, economic and racial demands a reprehensible government. After Trump’s four years as president, the first months of Biden’s term are boring without any major headlines and are received as good news. During these months, Bidens has done an educational work in favor of masks and vaccines in a country where imposition of all is perceived as an attack on individual liberties.

Jill Biden has spent her first months with the First Lady covering her face with a mask and has used a mask in politics. In fact, knowing the springs of communication after more than a decade in high politics, she uses all the resources at her disposal to do politics. Biden, who doesn’t have a stylist, has chosen American brands to choose from, whether established Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors or Brandon Maxwell or emerging, such as Markarian, Jonathan Cohen or Gabriella Hearst, L’Agence; If they have a sustainable purpose and work with recycled materials, all the better. Valentino shoes are also worn with the same ease. Jill Biden repeats clothes and sends messages with them, sometimes very literally, such as the shoes with the word “Vote” she wore in the campaign or the jacket with “Love”: she wore during a wedding meeting with Boris Johnson was. Then again, it’s hard not to think about Melania Trump and her “I Really Don’t Care” jacket: love versus I-don’t-care. Jill Biden has no particular interest in talking about her clothes: she dresses well and like a professional lady and doesn’t explain herself too much, although being the first lady of the United States avoids the universal. Testing is not easy. Wire An article published a week ago called: “Does Jill Biden Have the Most Flattering Haircut Ever?” . Hers transmits dynamism, it is American, it is recognizable, it is that of a working woman who has to maintain a certain image; This is a trendy grandmother’s cut and it ties in with her personality. All correspond to Dr, B, the First Lady, who fixes the exams while on the run.