Japanese scrub that goes from tailoring to selling a bottle every 4.5 seconds

Every 4.5 seconds a bottle of Japanese Scrub Cure Aqua Gel is sent somewhere in the world. This is 13 per minute, 40 flasks per hour and a lot of units at the end of the year. With good reason, they have been winning the Best Brand Award in the Health and Beauty category of the World Branding Awards for three consecutive years, an annual competition where industry greats in each sector face each other. To position themselves, Zara or Uniqlo competed in fashion and, in their category, large multinationals such as Clarins or Sephora.

The trade press calls it ‘miracle water’ or ‘bottled miracle’. An exfoliating gel with natural ingredients that saw light in the chest of a modest Japanese company called Toyo Life Service International Inc. in 2003. Silently they put Japanese women in their pockets, fans of the ancient textures that leave the face soft and shiny. And this scrub suits them like a glove. Five years later, international expansion begins. They do not hate any channel: perfumes, pharmacies, and even telemarketers. As Thalia would say, they arrive ‘sweeping’ and uncover a real madness. Is over Store The popular American telemarketer has been part of the exclusive Oscar gift basket at the HSN store in just a few minutes. the rest is history. Today they are present in 20 countries, including Spain, where Cure Aqua Gel landed not long ago and already beauty experts and many pharmaceutical companies are going crazy (it is sold in parapharmacies and primers).

Much more than a scrub

Japanese exfoliation is like an Ikebana: everything flows smoothly, smoothly and integrates seamlessly into the whole. Come on, the same bottle is valid for face and body and there is less chance of irritation in case of sensitive skin. The formula contains 91% hydrogen water, an ingredient with antioxidant properties, capable of removing that last layer of dead cells that contribute nothing to the skin, but which complicates the absorption of the moisturizer and a Leaves necessary presence.

To ensure that softness when using it, they mix rosemary leaf (with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects), ginko biloba extract (moisturizing and anti-stain) and aloe vera (moisturizing and soothing). It goes without saying that it does not contain dyes, preservatives, mineral oils or alcohol. It is used to eliminate the roughness of the elbow, prepare the body skin for self-tanner, waxing hair to achieve warmth, or to reduce the risk of attaching it to a brand new cleavage. But it is also suitable for use on the face. “It can only be used in the T zone, on the cheeks, if we have enlarged pores, to make it look smoother on the forehead or dark spots on the chin”, Maria Jose Sejas, director of Pharmacia Europa, announced and in Known Instagram likes @europa_dermofarmacia.

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In circles and without rubbing

Despite entering the chemical scrub sack, it requires little user support. Not much – goes from 30 seconds to a minute in circles without squeezing or scrubbing. At the moment, it goes from a transparent semi-gel texture to milky fluid, and shortly thereafter, distinctive pellets with dead skin appear. Time is up, we scrub and brand new skin. “It can be used on the face twice a week. I have tried it on the back of my hands and the change in texture is amazing. They look even more clear. The small balls that emerge are mature corneocytes that were naturally occurring. By exfoliating, we only accelerate that process to accelerate the renewal of that skin ”, declares the eyebrows.

Marta Harvelajo, pharmacist and blog writer Japanese Cosmetics The main advantage is that “It is a very gentle exfoliant that does not irritate the skin at all. When you use others in the market, your skin becomes red, very sensitive, damaged … Here, Since most of its composition is water, nothing happens. “But beware: it is quite liquid. The manufacturer indicates using 3 to 5 strokes of the applicant depending on the area we are going to treat. . Never again, because if you go over it, “it drips. It is not gelatinous, although it may look like this. This can be compared to a thin shower gel ”. Finally, although its presence reminds us of hydro-alcoholic gel, Harvelajo declares that it has a very neutral odor. “More and more, some rosemary notes, but practically imperceptible.”

It will also be available on Amazon at the end of June (though it can already be purchased in pre-order) and can be purchased on the primer in advance. In any case, the brand warns that you only shop in authorized channels because there are already online harvests. An indicator that a product has achieved success. So much so that it is beneficial to copy the bottle and make at least the same liquid that gives the punch. The one who has given the earlier warning is the obverse.

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