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“It’s nice to see women like Rosalía leading the way, but in the ‘top 10’ there are usually only men”

"It's nice to see women like Rosalía leading the way, but in the 'top 10' there are usually only men"

His last name is Ocaña. but when his voice and his compositions sound daily on thousands of headphones, he is simply Aitana. At 22, this Catalan from the small town of Sant Climent de Llobregat has become a generational icon. She is the most listened to Spanish woman last year on Spotify, with more than 400 million views. Since she left Triumph operation, For four years, it has packed stadiums, accumulated platinum records —both in Spain and in Latin America— and turns everything it touches into gold. Now, having reached the musical summit, she is ready to explore the world of acting: “They asked me a lot if I wanted to be an actress, of course”, she confesses, “it is something that has always caught my attention, especially since I have been with my boyfriend; living it with him and seeing his passion infected me”.

Her partner is the son of actress Ana Duato, also actor Miguel Bernardeau (Elite). With him he will share the leading role in a series for Disney +, The last, which will mean the premiere of the singer in the guild. The plot may be familiar to you: she plays Candela, a young woman who combines a gray job with pursuing the dream of becoming a musician, while Bernardeau is an old high school classmate who wants to be a boxer. The video with which they announced the project already accumulates more than 800,000 ‘likes’ on Instagram in the accounts of both. Aitana trained last year, studying acting: “I know it’s not going to be the same, because my boyfriend has prepared a lot, but I like to try. Now we are filming and it is being a very nice experience. A challenge. I thought that acting would be more like my profession, because you work with emotions and everything comes from art, but it is quite different. Although at the moment the important thing is that I am enjoying it”.


Aitana’s skin is prepared with Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow, to even out the tone, and with the Touche Éclat Le Teint base; on her eyes, blue shadow from the Couture Color Clutch palette, which spreads over the mobile eyelid and up to the tear duct, blending well; her lined lip shines with Rouge Volupte Rock’n Shine; all by YVES SAINT LAURENT. Aitana is wearing a MAX MARA top, POLO RALPH LAUREN leather tights and TOUS bracelets. Photo: SANTI DE HITA

Squaring a date with her is not easy. She responds to this interview during one of the few weekends that she has released. For the photo session that accompanies the report, several hours are closed before a marathon day in which several commitments await her. She arrives on time, she doesn’t complain, everything fits her. “What music do you prefer me to put on?” Asks the photographer before she starts: “The one you like, anyone seems fine to me.” The styling? “I wear what you tell me, you are the experts”. It’s easy to work with, say those who do it daily. “We always talk about what we want, we pass references, we try and in the end he always lets me do it because he trusts me,” says the hairdresser Jesús de Paula, with whom she has collaborated for years. Perhaps that is one of the keys to his success, knowing how to listen: “I feel in a very healthy circle of people who give me their opinion with respect, who do not always praise me or tell me how well I do everything,” he reveals. the artist. “This is how trust is best managed.”

Entered into Triumph operation He had just come of age and has grown in front of the public, while he was giving solidity to his career: “I came from a beautiful town where the only thing I had done was study, finish second in high school and do the selectivity. I was going to start university when I entered the academy, without experiencing much of life. I lived a very beautiful childhood and adolescence. I feel very lucky because sometimes it is difficult for everything around you to be okay. May your family instill values ​​in you, may you have good friends, may all your memories be good. But everything he had experienced, apart from being very beautiful, did not go any further. She was a girl. Since I left I have wanted to take everything myself, but I have allowed myself to be advised. Who does not allow himself to be advised at 18 years of age! We can never believe that we know everything, neither at 18 nor at 60. It means that what they advise you is going to be your decision, but it is important to have different points of view.”

It is played with the shadows, which are applied at the level of the lashes, and with the YVES SAINT LAURENT Lash Clash intense mascara. Aitnaa is wearing a PEPA SALAZAR shirt and a TOUS earring. Photo: SANTI DE HITA

What she also knew nothing about when she became a participant in the TVE contest was from the world of cosmetics: “My mother never wore makeup, absolutely nothing, and I remember going to my friends’ houses and seeing that they had huge toiletry bags with a lot of paintings. entering Triumph operation everyone, Miriam, Ana, also had their toiletry bag and I asked them”. When he came out the first thing he did was create his own. “I started to buy a lot of things, everything I saw, to try. Although the truth is that at first he did not do anything well. The first foundation I bought was Yves Saint Laurent, because it was recommended to me by one of my best friends, so collaborating with them was a natural thing.” In 2020, she became an ambassador for the luxury brand’s beauty division. She always follows that maxim when allying herself with a brand, “make it real, something that I have, that I have done. Things with which I will feel reflected”.

In addition to her music, her lyrics and her sweet voice —which becomes powerful when she gets on stage—, the singer has a lot of optimism, simplicity and sincerity. “I’m very emotional and very sensitive.” She evidences it in her answers or in her diary on her social networks. Factors that contribute to the Aitana phenomenon and that partly explain her connection with the public: “I try to be myself at all times and I suppose that if they connect with me it is because they see me as normal. I try to be real, to be what I am. The public is very wise and realizes who is real and who is not. Three days after releasing her latest single, In the car, the hashtags of the song accumulates 11 million views on TikTok and several hundred thousand videos of followers dancing (mostly very young girls) who imitate their movements. Their challenges, the challenges that people like on this network are not always dances: when he published not one more used his reach to viralize stories of harassment of women. It got more than 75 million hits. “There are issues in which today it is completely necessary to take a position because it is not about positioning, it is about a completely necessary movement. We have to talk about feminism and we have to make visible why it has to exist”. As with other matters, she acknowledges that she learns every day. “Especially reading books.” The first to fall into her hands? King Kong Theory, by Virginie Despentes. The machismo of the industry says they do not feel it on a daily basis, but there are still issues to be resolved: “It is something that is appreciated in the lists, when you enter, for example, Spotify. It’s nice to see talented women like Rosalía or Becky G paving the way and promoting their music all over the world, but the top 10 It’s still all about men. Today the 10 most listened to are men or collaborations of men with men and that does not mean that there are more men in the industry. Days after this talk she sneaks onto that podium with her latest work, but she is the only woman on the list at the time this interview was done. Then he mommy de Rosalía will take first place.

Aitana Ocana

For the look, Lash Clash mascara and Crushliner long-lasting eyeliner; light is provided with the shadows, from the Couture Color Clutch palette; all by YVES SAINT LAURENT. Aitana is wearing a T-shirt from ‘S MAX MARA, pants from ZARA and bracelets and earrings, all from TOUS. Photo: santi de hita

He likes to compose, he likes to sing, he likes to go on tour. She enjoys what she has achieved without losing the illusion of the girl who gave concerts to her family on Christmas day. “I think I’ve always sung, although I didn’t do it very well because she was very heavy and made up songs for me. I have many memories of singing in the car the records that my father played, by Melendi, Los Chunguitos, Ana Torroja, La Oreja de Van Gogh…”. She now writes lyrics with some of those artists who played on her travels: Melendi, David Bisbal or Katy Perry, but also Sebastián Yatra, Natalia Lacunza, Pablo Alborán, Beret, Lola Índigo… and so on, up to more than twenty names. . “Artists really like to collaborate with others: to get to know them, to find out their way of composing, because they admire each other”.

Aitana is happy, very happy and she repeats it constantly throughout the interview. She has been very happy as a child, she is extremely happy now, at the top, and she is clear that she will be happy in the future. Not even a horizon in which she cannot stay on top of it tarnishes her attitude: “It doesn’t give me vertigo because from the beginning I have been very clear that this can go up and down very quickly. It’s something that all the artists I’ve been surrounding myself with tell me and those I’ve asked them to explain to me. what they had lived: this is up and down. As long as I feel like I’m doing my best, I’ll be fine. At the moment, she just goes up and up. Until where? “I don’t like to think about it, because life takes many turns. I want to surprise myself and try what I feel like at any time. I don’t know where I would like to see myself, but I do want to see myself happy.”


Aitana’s eyeliner is traced with the Crushliner pencil and blended; to elevate power with Lash Clash mascara; high on her cheekbone, a swipe of Couture Blush long-wear blush and, on her fingertips, the Noir Over Noir shade of La Laque Couture nail lacquer; all by YVES SAINT LAURENT. Top and pants, both from GUCCI. Photo: SANTI DE HITA

YVES SAINT LAURENT Lash Clash mascara, decorated with the famous logo designed by AM Cassandre in 1963. Photo: FASHION PLATÓS

* Styling: Paula Delgado. Makeup: Alex Saint. Hairdresser: Jesús de Paula (Cool). Photography assistants: Rodrigo Quirante and Julieta Blanco.

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