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“It would be great to teach that you work your head just like you work your body in the gym”


Since she was young, she invented songs, as a teenager she decided she wanted to sing, she began composing when her father-Xtuno gave her a guitar, and at age 21 she learned electronics. started production. Now, at the age of 27, Madrid’s Sandra Delaporte has started learning piano. “Reading sheet music is the mindful moment of the day, it relaxes me, it’s a challenge,” he says. He is happy to resume concerts with Italian Sergio Salvi, with whom he formed Delaporte in 2015. He dedicated his debut to define his electronic sound and from 2018 he is going to record every year. newest, mountains, It came out in October, and they are now going on a tour that will culminate in a concert in La Riviera on February 12, 2022.

Do you want to go back to live?
Yes, because it is our stronghold, where we attract the masses, we thrive. The important thing for an artist is not your followers, because otherwise you would not be an influencer, but the tickets you sell. We want to travel for the rest of our lives.

On stage jump, while dancing, do you see yourself with the choreography of TikTok?
I did in Pandemic, everyone said “It’s the new radio”, “If you want your song to be a success, do something there”… to go viral.

You started singing in weddings and celebrations, what a wonderful thing you were Beat?
I sang jazz standards: Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Aretha Franklin… I used to have weddings, christenings and banquets and taught math classes to the kids, and that’s how I made my money. Since then I hate any form of marriage, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get married [risas].

What was it like releasing a new album in the middle of a pandemic?
Well, it was a trick. When we launched it, Sergio was limited and I had a fever of 40, I thought I had covid, but I was negative all the time. It’s been a pandemic album, it was a painting… but thanks to that album it’s come out titans, Which along with other arrangements with artists is the turn of the page for subjects with whom we have always wanted to collaborate.

He has worked with Roslyn, Amaral or Zahra. Why that titan?
We wanted to make a pineapple sometime with the ladies of the industry. When it comes to titans because I love to climb, I go with a friend and her little daughter and we always say “Come on, Titan”. I like to call myself a Titan, I like to hug myself and say, “Come on, to death.”

Do you want to get the public to chant feminist messages?
I didn’t write it thinking about making it a feminist album. I write things that move me. And I literally vomit what I feel. Thanks to feminism and my personal work, I realized that many things that I considered my fault came from patriarchy, from a status quo where we are forced to think that we do many things that are wrong, And they are great.

You studied psychology, does this training help you empathize with your songs?
A letter to me is therapy. To anyone who hurts, who feels the condensation in their head, that the world weighs, I recommend writing it down. Keep things in order.

What more should be said about this?
Mental health is taboo, had there been awareness, a lot of pain would have been avoided. It would be great if, at an educational level, kids were taught to manage their emotions, to understand what’s going on out there, that you have to work your head like you work your body at the gym.

*Styling: Paula Delgado. Makeup and hairdressing: Eurema Villa (Ana Prado) for Guerlain and the Mon Icon team.

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