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“It seems that women do not have sexual enjoyment. I speak openly to provoke”

She is not the shy singer-songwriter who hid behind a keyboard when she started singing covers and going viral as The girl and the piano, back in 2014. Nor the contestant that some called ambitious when she participated in the television talent show La voz in 2016 (“ Television and the media create characters, everything is well studied. I guess I gave an image of a safe aunt; to hide my insecurity I have always taken refuge in security, “he explains). Not anymore. Now she is Belén Aguilera (Barcelona, ​​26 years old), a pop singer. With her first name and last name in front of her, sold-out locations, number 1 in sales with Superpop (her second album, which she released at the end of January) and opening act for Alicia Keys in Milan and Barcelona (June 28 and 30). With these concerts Aguilera feels that she closes a circle. She cried when she was told that the Girl on Fire author herself had chosen her for her tour. “As a child I knew all her songs, I started playing the piano partly because of her. The first time I performed in front of people, the first time I dared, was with her song No One”. She was 12 years old, it happened at a school festival, she remembers. No conservatory, she started playing by ear at the age of seven. “I am not a virtuoso. I’ve always had the impostor syndrome, of saying I’m not worth that much, I’m not worth that much”, she emphasizes, “and it’s strong that suddenly someone you admire makes you feel valued, recognize what you deny yourself. Also, from woman to woman.” Belén Aguilera is wearing a PRADA shirt and pants. Photo: ALBA YRUELA She repeats words a lot when she speaks. She reaffirms herself in each sentence. Because she, she admits, she has had a hard time getting to where she is. “I always complain that I want more, more. I have to do a lot of mental exercise and therapy to appreciate the fruits, go little by little, I’m very impatient. But at the same time I am very little ant, very constant, hard-working, ”she reflects. She assures that she is living “the happiest stage” of her life. And she proves it by strongly singing “now I feel like doing everything wrong” in her latest single, Antagonista. A whole declaration of intentions with which she ensures that she opens a new stage. “She is a new character with whom I begin a darker era, of allowing myself to be bad, a liberation. I’ll take it to concerts, I’ll do a little more theatrical sets,” she advances with her fall tour in mind. She looks to the future, but she does not deny the past. “I take pride in everything I have done. I don’t feel like she had to go and say [cuando participó en La voz] ‘My dream is not to sing, I’m here because I’m excited’. What if I want to go and win all the Grammys in the world, why can’t that be my dream? I want girls to feel free to take on the world, that they don’t have a glass ceiling that they make themselves of ‘I don’t want so much, I have to be modest’. Go eat the world, be powerful, be fierce. If you want, ”she emphasizes. She responded with the same force to those who criticized her jump from ballads to more electronic and urban sounds. “Ballads and piano were my safe ground, I could hide there. Then I took out the Band-Aid [en 2020, junto a Lola Índigo] and Camaleón, who have made an effort to get out of that comfort zone. I’ve eaten the comment that a man comes to me, being at a party, without knowing him, and tells me ‘Stop being Chameleon and go back to the piano’. But the fact is that I have never really left it, the piano is my common thread, I compose with it. There is this fear that if you are a woman who makes pop and uses other sounds that are not organic, they will judge you. I had that fear, but now I don’t care”, she underlines. Aguilera wears ribbed top and shorts, sandals, belt, necklace and bracelets, all by CHANEL. Photo: ALBA YRUELA With her lyrics she makes it clear that she likes to speak without fear or pretense. “Give me a night that lasts forever / Put your face between my legs”, she sings in Vertigo. “It seems that women do not have sexual enjoyment. It is very frowned upon. I speak openly to provoke and make people feel free to talk about it. I like that exercise of asking why these things bother them,” she explains. She has also shown her naturalness in the podcast Stretching gum or laughing at the reactions caused by the super side opening of her aquamarine dress by Juan Varela at the 2021 Los40 awards. “I could have worn the slit lower, but I wanted to go like that. I thought ‘yes, you’re going to hypersexualize me anyway, but I’m going to spend 50 towns’. Are you going to respect me less because I’m wearing this? I like to see what transgression generates,” she says with a smile. On that red carpet, she coincided with colleagues such as Lola Índigo, Aitana or Ana Mena, a generation of new Spanish pop divas, a phenomenon that this year has crystallized in Chanel Terrero’s chanelazo at Eurovision. “I love being part of it, I vindicate pop and I admire all these women. Although there are many left to flourish in this world, you just have to look at the festival posters… ”, she laments. For Aguilera, the key is to unlearn, take action, open your mind: “It seems that the solution is to change the poster of a festival, but that poster is the conclusion of a structural failure, that we are not taught to consume content of women or LGTBIQ+ people. The content made by men is for all audiences and the one made by minorities is not. We need a structural change.” The singer in a pink dress by BLUMARINE. Photo: ALBA YRUELA *Styling: Juan Cebrián. Makeup: Adrian Rux (COOL) for L’Oréal Paris. Hairdresser: Elisa Serrano (COOL) for Ghd. Photography assistant: Aurora Muñoz. Styling assistant: Paula Alcalde. She continues reading Luna Ki: «I was excited about Eurovision but at no time did I conceive of removing the ‘autotune’, the sound tool with which I work»

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