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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Internet, get over it, that women stop waxing their armpits is not scandalous

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Little did it matter that Emma Corrin explained years ago that she had stopped shaving or that her armpit hair had already appeared on another cover of Glamor magazine in 2020. When the interpreter has become the cover of the August issue of Vogue United States , the internet has exploded again. She has also given the same that in the interview that accompanies her she talks about the fact that she identifies as a non-binary person (the first to reach this cover) or that she suffers when she has to interpret characters framed in the traditional notion of femininity. For many users the important thing has been her armpit, visibly without waxing. “The hair under the arm is not cool”, “Why are all these covers garbage, couldn’t the wax have been done in the armpits” or directly “Disgusting those hairs under the armpits” have been some of the comments that have been made. happened on social media. Every time a woman poses publicly without waxing, the same carousel of reactions follows. “Breakthrough Act” or “Paris Jackson Appears Unshaven at Glaad Media Awards” were a couple of headlines that sprung up around a Paris Jackson appearance. Michael Jackson’s daughter, dressed for a party, left unshaven armpits in the air. A newsworthy issue, according to Google searches, since some 5,390 digital news items appear in this regard (and only in Spanish). “I didn’t realize people were going to be so upset about my armpit hair,” Jackson herself said in an Instagram Stories at the time. The year 2022 should agree with her, but her virality seems to disagree. Julia Roberts in 1999, at the premiere of ‘Notting Hill’. Photo: getty images When Julia Roberts misjudged her sleeve length to attend the Notting Hill premiere in 1999 and revealed her armpit hair, she went around the world. But in 2022, is it revolutionary that a well-known woman appears without shaving when we are already getting sick of seeing it in pop culture thanks to series like Transparent, Broad City or Girls or all these movies – featuring Juliette Binoche, Zosia Mamet, Victoria Abril or Noomi Rapace–? Or when in Spain, for example, the rejection of the knife began to be made visible in 2014, with the #Sobaquember movement (women who shared photos of their hairy armpits on networks)? Since then, it has been insisted that a hairy armpit was a kind of dare or daring act within the feminist movement, thus perpetuating the notion of taboo. Lola Kirke at the Golden Globes. Photo: Getty Madonna did her own thing over eight years ago with a photo of her on her Instagram, dyed hairy armpits going viral around the same time among women’s magazines. Fashion then picked up the baton of the new times and normalized hair in 2015 under her arm in different editorials. Filles à Papa, a transgressive Belgian brand, featured Arvida Byström with hairy armpits in a swimsuit campaign. The cycle should have been closed that same year when another brand, this time quite far from the marketing of ‘provocation’, as is the case of & Other Stories, unveiled an editorial with unshaven women. Viral campaigns, movies, series and fashion ads. Wasn’t that enough to stop insisting on it? No. When Lola Kirke appeared without shaving at the Golden Globes, the cycle of headlines and news was exactly the same (in the Spanish press there were some headlines like Lola Kirke, not a silly hair but in the armpits and even texts that questioned an alleged lack of hygiene of the actress – is that parameter also taken for granted in the male press?). It also rains down on Bella Thorne every time she raises her arm and they take a picture of her. Already tired of the news that she accumulates about it, she recently tweeted “Don’t they know since I never wax?”. &Other Stories campaign in 2015. Photo: &Other Stories

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