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Ines Hernand: “I confirm Mamarchada”

Ines Hernand:

Less than a year ago, Ines Hernand (Madrid, 29 years old) worked as a Milurista lawyer in a law firm. a position he defends, forged as the beginning of influential person By giving voice to “the labor to which we are young under the filth”. Today, however, the calendar on her phone is full of “dots,” a symptom of the meteoric rise of a communicator who’s managed to embody his tremendous charisma in one go. Display satirical comedy, no fucking grace, and conduct debate program General Pledge, The greatest discovery of an entire generation’s flag format and trick on line From TVE. But she, far from feeling overwhelmed, is committed to the joy and organization, “like getting a tattoo. Memento Not enough”.

What is the key to the success of General Pledge?
That was not the case, because at the age of 18 you are forgotten forever. You have no interest in anyone, not relatives or politicians. You are taken as crazy, despite the fact that it is there when you develop the norms and training to be able to express your opinion.

Has the network democratized workers’ access to the media?
Not only that, but a reality outside the norm has been made visible. We have entered more women, people of all types of gender, ethnicity and sexual status, but we have a long way to go. i want her
News broadcast Presented by a black man.

Why are there no young faces on the TVE grid?
I think it’s a question of editorial line. What the people of our generation are doing and those who come after it is absolutely revolutionary. This is a paradigm shift.

Do women have a hard time being taken seriously or taken as a joke?
fond! In a patriarchal society we have made it worse than in any area. There isn’t enough room for seriousness or jokes. We are not even allowed to be mediocre.

In his references, he mentions Carmina Ordnez or María José Cantudo. Do you have a craving for folktales?
I Mamrachada, and affirm the authenticity that no longer exists. Today people prepare their roles. Not that I’m interested in pink press, but the old stuff. I love the smell of soaked carpet.

If, as they say, this is the voice of your generation, tell me: is this voice clear, does it have nodules, do you want to mute it …?
It’s a loud voice, with a lot to do right and in which mistakes are made. I represent mediocrity and error, because you have to fail a trillion times to get to any port. No one is born to know.