“I was only influenced by ‘haters’ when they started harassing me for being a racial aunt who showed her opinion in politics”

Three million eyes per day ponder what artist Roshio Quilahuaman shows to the world through his account instagram. Her animated videos, which she began creating to relieve stress, have made her a generational benchmark. In them he imagines social problems from personal experiences with humor and intelligence, and criticizes posture or false merit. He performs to get in front of the camera Construction of Regarding the photoshoot, he says: “I’m Rocio Quillahuman, animator, illustrator, and creative in general … uh, how awful. What an awe to show my shame,” he laughed. And triumphed over his shame. Having attained he makes an essential speech.

You started by making videos about the things that worry you about reducing it. Have you made it?
A lot, but because a year ago I started going for treatment. The origin of the animation was because I did not know how to channel anger, resentment and negative emotions and replace them through my videos. It may seem that there was something good in converting hate into something constructive but in the end it dispelled all negative feelings. So I decided to go for therapy and it has given me great comfort and I am not so hostile. I joke that the end of my animations is the same, but I am checking that I am able to do them without destroying myself from the inside. I also laugh in the process and do not grunt.

Of all the messages you throw in your animation, which one would you like to see the most?
That if you are not a creative person then you are also a legitimate person. Nothing happens if you are not an artist, photographer, painter or a person Display. There are people who are real artists and others who take it as a social status. That is why I felt bad in Barcelona, ​​where it seemed that you were valid only when you made a video clip with Canada. I want people to consider why they want to do something creative: because you have a creative spirit or because you think people will pay more attention to you. This is the key that later you chase something you never get. And it’s terrible. Some people go out of their way to get a certain fame, to be cool and creative, and it’s not worth it because then you see artists who have a blank message, but who are there because of them Have money and can afford it. This makes it very annoying.

Artists’ transparency is something you often condemn.
Sure, because nothing happens. When I join artists coming from posh families, they ask me: what shall we do? Do we not value his talent because he is rich? No, but I don’t take the role of Carrie Bradshaw and I can do two articles and live in a stomping ground in New York. Because of these people who are not transparent, there are some who make the complex. I’m just saying that if you do an interview, tell me where you come from, who your parents are, where you studied, etc. Explain those things and so we know who you are and no one is going to be self-aware or do something that they are not going to achieve.

Did you find the complex?
Is that if you dedicate yourself to it and follow many artists on Instagram, it is not necessarily a complicated one. At that time I did not know what to do with my life. I was out of work, I entered Instagram and everyone posted that I was posting on it. new York Times Or that they made the cover, I don’t know what and I thought it was useless. This is the spectacle of meritocracy where it seems that you do not get things because of you, but it is a lie because there are many factors besides your talent such as you can study abroad, make contact, get some job. Can, etc.

Rocio quillahuaman

The artist, wearing a GUCCI OUVERTURE shirt and trouser, GUCCI Gucci Grip watch and GG Marmont bag in red and blue leather with butter colored trim and GUCCI BELOVED Double G details. Photo: Javier Biosca

Why is it important for you to claim your Latin roots?
I grew up in Peru, I came here when I was 11 years old and I have had many identity crises because I am from one place, I am from another place and I am not from anywhere. I have had to accept my origins and because of my identity, I want to prove where I come from. I was looking for Latino references in movies, on TV and I couldn’t find anything. The only Latin American character I saw was Boris Izaguire and the poor man has to bear the weight of Latin America. When I wanted to study audiovisual communication I looked for references to show them to my mother, who really thought she was going to study medicine. I wanted to convince him that Latino can also make films, but I could not find anything easily. I am sad to think that if you have grown up in a family that does not have access to any type of culture other than the culture seen on TV, you will not get any latency. This is a problem.

You mentioned your mother many times. How has your support been?
He is the most important person in my life and it was important for me to understand that I do not want to study medicine. She put it in my head because she was living in such a poverty that she did not want me to live. So he had to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer or something like that. My mother works as a housekeeper and when asked what her daughter studies, she invented a career because she was ashamed. One day he confessed to me. She is proud of what I have achieved now. And that he is proud of what makes me happiest.

When did you feel the need to talk about Peru?
Since I was studying my degree, I wanted to do something about Latin American characters because the lack of representation has always bothered me. How is it possible that we are everywhere and we are not represented. At a film festival, when people talk about Latin America, it makes me angry that it should always be social, poverty, or political cinema. I wanted to live some “normal” life without a stereotypical profile. The Princess and Darthwaders Festival, organized by Lucia Lijtmaier, brought the opportunity for me to do a monologue, and from there I started writing a script about the things that I have lived through as humor as a Latina. From there it turned out to publish a book with publisher Blackie Books, but since it’s about me, it’s taking me a long time. It is published after summer.

What is the starting point of your book?
When it was proposed to me, I first thought about the issue of Latino representation. And every time I am about to throw in the towel, because writing is hell, I told myself that I have to continue because I have that responsibility. I wouldn’t have to, but I think when I was younger I loved going to the bookstore and finding a book in which I could feel recognized. It sounds nonsense but it is very important. If it had not been for the subject of representation, I would have stopped making books.

What do you feel at home?
While writing the book, I have realized that I do not have roots in any house because I have lived in many houses. Being near my husband, my mother, my sisters and my dog ​​is what makes me feel at home. Before I was jealous when Christmas came and people said they were going to ‘Casa Padres’ because we didn’t have that. Now we have an apartment and we will have to move in about five years if the rent increases. We do not have a house. We are nomads. So my house in which I myself exceed the place.

Did the ‘haters’ in your social network start when you started talking about politics?
Yes As a result of a video I made about Peru, people in Latin America started following me and some told me why I speak like Spanish, if I’m sold out … but only by ‘haters’ Impressed me when he started harassing me for being an aunt, which shows his opinion in politics. I got a lot of hate from the most dangerous right wing. But I decided that I would not stop talking about politics because it was to let them talk. And whenever I can.

And does anyone get used to hating?
Well, I decide to expose myself because I have my speech behind me. So I did not see it coming but my mind is already there and I am mentally prepared. People are very mean and very racist.

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