For Marta Nieto (Marcia, 39 years old) doing theater in high school helped her stop stuttering, but also revealed that she wanted to direct her career. “I got on stage and I had a catharsis,” recalls the smiling actress, “then it took a lot of work, but it was a tool to understand me, to interpret what you need to know.” He made his debut with Antonio Banderas, shot a dozen films and appeared in more than 20 series. In 2019, she won the Best Actress Award in the Horizons section of the Venice Film Festival mother -the film he shot with his then-partner, director Rodrigo Sorogoyan -for which he also won the Fork or Cinematographic Writers’ Circle Medal. Now he is on the verge of another turning point, leaving the scene to stand behind the camera. “I wrote a film,” she says proudly, “as well as a short film, as an idea for a production company, to test direction. Let’s see how I do. Summer There are plans to shoot for a short film and a long film next year.

The executive chair has almost been banned for women, but the field is experiencing a revolution: This year Chloe Zhao became the second woman to win an Oscar for Best Director, while the one for Best Picture went to Goya. girls, by Pilar Palomero, who also raised a big head in the New Direction category. «The female voice is occupying its place. Quotas help, but there’s still a lot,” says Nieto, “we’re getting our space, public and private, and that’s reflected in everything, even in cinema.” It’s not easy to obey, “it’s scary,” she confesses, but the artist takes it almost as a personal duty, as a political act to gain masculine positions. «I understand that each of us has a responsibility to dare. We have a right to do things wrong and make mistakes, even though we have been taught that we have to be extraordinary to stand out. I think I have a right to try to direct, not to do it well and not to be perfect ».

Marta Nieto

Jacket by Giorgio Armani and earrings by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co. On the eyes, Eye Tint (€29), shades 44 and 41 by Armani Beauty: “They spread and blend easily with your finger,” says Crespo. The effect of bitten lips is achieved with lipstick from the brand Rouge d’Armani Matte (€32), shade 501, “you take a small amount and dab it”. Photo: Fed Delibs / Styling: Paula Delgado

His leap in direction stems from the story he wants to share and he wrote under the Film Academy’s Residents Program, “It is very important that there are spaces for creation to create.” He recounts the life of a trans boy from his mother’s point of view: “I started writing about myself, because that’s what I know, and it’s finally taken up in this story that’s with me. For, the trans issue is something very personal: my struggle with myself, with my identity. The styles are too tight, they’re too narrow and fitting into it has made me very uncomfortable ». He’s been studying for two years. And already the protagonist, Ale, has chosen a trans boy. “I’ve managed to tell, with all my humility, an apprenticeship from a mother’s point of view.”

Marta Nieto

GIORGIO ARMANI DRESS AND GRASSY EARRINGS. Makeup Base, Luminous Silk (€42), brings out the light; Eye Tint Shadow (€29), shade 10, is spread with your applicator and “blended with a finger toward the end of the browbone, to tear the eyeballs”, advises the makeup artist, who blends the eyes with the lids. With the Smooth Silk Pencil (€26) from Armani Beauty. Photo: Fed Delibs / Styling: Paula Delgado

Seeing her pose for these pictures, it is difficult to guess that once she was a shy teenager. Give your opinion, choose the one you like and defend. «Beauty is an attitude. It’s subjective when you look at yourself in the mirror.” She faces the camera and turns: Almighty, unarmed, or discreet. “You look arrogant in this,” says the photographer. Don’t care, she’s a character,” she jokes as they touch up her makeup. It’s not in her plan to give up acting and she has a queue for release. Interesting as anything three, from Juanzo Gimenezzo“One of the best scripts I’ve ever read,” he confesses. in the series neutral Will dive into the horror genre – »Netflix relied heavily on the product» – and Lassieri a Giorno for Rome, which was shot in Italian in a romantic comedy. It’s where she wants it: “I haven’t done much yet, but everything is going well today.”

Marta Nieto

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Makeup: Enrique Crespo for Armani Beauty. Barber: Jess de Paula (cool) for Sebastian and GHD. Manicure: Nubia Zeneth Socha F. Photography Assistance: Bosco Grados. Styling assistant: Carlota Lynne.