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“I don’t like to think you’re only a good actress if you’re fat or have a beard”


Shortly before she turned 35, Amaya Salamanca’s phone stopped ringing. The interpreter who is still remembered by many for his iconic role there is no heaven without breasts He feared that the gap had nothing to do with his age. “Actresses eat a lot of our heads with this issue and it got me thinking: ‘Maybe I’m a little older now, I have three kids and they don’t love me. Barrage of projects to come after a year’s lull – series pending for release everyone lies You welcome to eden more movie by hair– He dismissed his skepticism, although he acknowledged that the characters he gave to life had changed in age. “I’m playing a 40-year-old mother with 15-year-olds. The message is a bit vague. Do you mean a forty-year-old woman should look like me? In the end I’m an actress and I take care of myself Because I dedicate myself to it. We are creating a monster.

Far from feeling pressured as time passes, he admits to some uncertainty about his career future in the medium and long term. And he doesn’t rule out getting behind the camera either. I’ve thought about it many times, but then I never do. I’d love to direct, I’m one of those actresses I look up to on filming to see how the team works instead of resting ». While the opportunity comes to present my first short – »A film is too much for me at the moment» -, Madrylenian doesn’t put any limits on the characters to come. “I wouldn’t have a problem shaving my hair or making me look ugly if the role really called for me, although I wouldn’t like to think you’re a good actress only if you have weight or a beard,” he says. .

An ambassador and model for firms such as Sunglass Hut, a sunglasses company for which she serves as an image on its 50th anniversary, Salamanca also makes headlines for her transformations in fashion magazines. See And her red carpet appearance. a note that the interpreter brain drain Naturally considers that as part of what it means to be an actress. «It doesn’t bother me that people talk about what I wear or my latest haircut, because besides, it’s usually associated with a character, but it would be very wrong to say what I said about myself Goes, doesn’t see it. . Going online is a must, especially after the premiere to read reviews.

That is, to acknowledge the peculiarities of his profession, for which he is about to reach a million followers on Instagram, despite expressing his misgivings about the social network in the past. You realize that you need them. Not only because they are useful for promoting your work, but because sometimes they trust you in a project, it also depends on the number of followers”, he admitted, assured that “ He prefers to shoot for 14 hours in a row than spend some time preparing Post “. However, he remains steadfast in protecting his privacy: «I would never post pictures of my children. I don’t even know how I’m going to explain all this about the network when the time comes.