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“I am very reserved with my personal life, I like there to be mystery”

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In short distances, Natalia Dyer (Nashville, 27 years old) is not very different from Nancy Wheeler, the character of Stranger Things that catapulted her to fame six years ago. Although she doesn’t sport her cardigan she says that, like her, she is thoughtful and stubborn. The series created by the Duffer brothers caught her studying at university in New York. She fantasized about being a journalist, and now she gives interview after interview without losing her smile. She says that she has had to learn to find the balance between being a public figure and protecting her private life; For her, that has been the biggest challenge of her fame. At the age of 14, when she was in high school, she made her big screen debut with a role in Hannah Montana: The Movie. She was chaining small projects, but in 2016 her career took a turn thanks to the global phenomenon that the Netflix series Stranger Things became. This eighties supernatural fiction recovered the nostalgia of movies like The Goonies and Nancy Wheeler, the character Dyer brings to life, became the reference for her older sister, the popular one from high school. The actress met Charlie Heaton, her partner, on the set. She precisely she has traveled to Madrid with him to talk about the fourth season of the series, which will end with a fifth installment still without a release date. “Maybe we’re going to a flamenco show, but we don’t really have plans,” she says in a whisper. How has her life changed in these six years? It’s hard to conceptualize what my life would be like without this series. There is the matter of fame that implies being part of such a phenomenon, which affects your daily life. When it started, I never imagined that people were going to stop me on the street. For me it has been a journey of setting limits, I have had to learn to manage it. Protect your privacy, differentiate it from the public part. I’ve thought a lot about that, what I want to achieve and how to do it. When I was cast I was in college exploring what I wanted to do. I loved acting, but I thought I had to investigate other things. Then the series came and I put all that aside. Stranger Things confirmed for me that if you enjoy it there is nothing better than being on set, creating characters and doing something that other people can enjoy watching. In the series she is in the high school newspaper, and being a journalist was one of her plans… Would she go back to university for it? I don’t know… I actually love writing. I was going to New York University, which is an interdisciplinary center. I like that transversal way of studying, you can learn from different points of view and try many different things. I like the academic world, reading, writing and being part of new conversations. Going back is a possibility, I see myself taking some time in the future to study something else… But the beauty of this work is that everything you do outside of it influences your performance. Dyer, in a still from the fourth season of ‘Stranger Things’. Photo: Tina Rowden / Netflix She says she is passionate about writing, and there are many actresses who explore that facet of creating scripts, like Greta Gerwig, or turn to directing or producing, like Olivia Wilde or Margot Robbie. How is the role of women in the industry changing after the Time’s Up movement? I recently watched a documentary, This Changes Everything [Esto lo cambia todo], which has many women in the industry talking about it. It’s incredibly inspiring to see those actresses take charge, because pulling off a well-written female role isn’t always possible. Today we’re starting to see more, but I also think it’s because we have all these women who are standing up and saying these are the stories we want to tell, this is how we want to tell them. I think we’ve had a lot of a male perspective on female characters, especially in the past. I applaud and admire these women who say let’s take charge. She did her first roles as a teenager. What advice have you given to your younger colleagues on the show, like Millie Bobby Brown or Finn Wolfhard, who have grown up in front of the cameras over the years? , but I see that they are growing up in a totally different time than the one I lived in, with smartphones, social networks… They are in the public eye, the digitization of the current world was something that I did not have to worry about when I started. So I can’t pretend that I understand what it means for them to grow as actors having so much visibility in this day and age, I just try to support them. I commend you for staying focused and knowing who you are. But I don’t envy your experience. Being a teenager and having so much exposure! I don’t think I could have endured it. I’m too fragile for that. He doesn’t use networks much. Would you like to not have that instantaneous pressure in your profession? It’s something that appeals to me, of course. This particular series has a huge fan base, I can only be grateful for their passion, their dedication, their thoughtfulness. But sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming that people love the show so much and you kind of want to disconnect from all of that. I am a very private person with my personal life. Sometimes I wonder how the great visibility of the actors in general makes the mystery lose. I like that there is mystery around the actors, that you don’t know everything about them and so when you see them act, that photo that they have posted of them having breakfast does not come to mind. What does she have in common with her character, Nancy Wheeler? I think we are quite alike. In high school I was very quiet, focused on studies and as she got older she became more confident in myself. Like her, I need to know what I’m talking about before I make a statement, we can both be quite stubborn… After so many years, sometimes it’s blurred what Nancy is and what I am. But I think she’s cooler. Does she prefer the fashion of that time? Umm, Nancy and I don’t have similar taste in fashion, we are very different. The good thing about current fashion is that there are many references to other times, the eighties, the nineties, the Y2K… Sometimes I wonder how they could wear that? And now I see it everywhere. Since I was a child I liked to dress up, wear a plastic crown to go shopping, the transforming power of styling. To create characters is very important, it seems to me that fashion says a lot about personality. Natalia Dyer with her partner, Charlie Heaton (Jonathan Byers in ‘Stranger Things’). Photo: CARLOS ÁLVAREZ / GETTY IMAGES How do you imagine your career now, when Stranger Things ends? Do you see yourself working with Charlie Heaton again? I don’t know, you don’t usually get to work with the same actors over and over again. I would certainly love to work with him again, with anyone on this series. It’s nice to meet people with whom you share a history and feel comfortable to play and explore. But in general it is very hard to predict what will happen. This work is done day by day. Will it be a new beginning? We’ll see what happens. It’s exciting, but I haven’t really given it much thought. It scares me to think about it. Continue reading Millie Bobby Brown: “I think teenagers in the 80s had more freedom than us”

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