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How to relieve leg pain due to heat and when to worry about varicose veins | Beauty

One of the myths surrounding varicose veins (those red veins or small bumps that appear on the legs, usually on the calves) is that they come with age. As with gray hairs, we have put them under the label of aging -as if this were a sin- so to the physical discomfort they cause (pain, feeling of heaviness) we plant emotional damage: «You are getting old, what horror , look what varicose veins». It is, at least, what many women think (because it is a mostly female issue, although not exclusive to them: between 25 and 30% of Spaniards will suffer from it at some point in their lives, according to the Spanish Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery) when they see the first emerge. However, this pathology -which is initially mild and can be treated- can appear from adolescence and does not distinguish between ages, since it has a strong hormonal and genetic load. This is how the Spanish Society of Vascular and Interventional Radiology (SERVEI) describes them: “Varicose veins or varicose veins are veins under the skin of the legs that have become wide, bulging and tortuous. They are very common and do not cause medical problems in most people. To understand how they appear, it is necessary to take into account how the circulatory system works: the blood flows to the legs through the arteries and returns through the veins -be they deep (which provide most of the return from the legs to the heart) or superficial (which can form varicose veins) – through valves. If these fail, they allow blood to flow backwards and cause a spike in pressure when standing. This excess pressure causes dilation in the veins and that is when varicose veins begin to appear. Varicose veins and spider veins often have a hereditary component. Women are more likely to suffer from them, something determined by hormonal factors (it is more frequent in puberty, pregnancy, menopause, with the use of oral contraceptives or hormone replacement therapy HRT), but also influence age, work prolonged standing, obesity, and a history of deep vein thrombosis. Its most common symptoms are pain, discomfort and heaviness in the legs that are pronounced at the end of the day and swelling in the ankle: the good news is that in general they are not medically serious and can be treated, SERVEI indicates. The bad news is that one in seven people will have them again within five years. HOME TRICKS TO RELIEVE TIRED LEGS One of the great authorities in beauty and aesthetics in Spain is the beautician Carmen Navarro, who has been applying drainage and circulation improvement treatments to the legs of Spanish women for 48 years. She is the one who has provided these tips for these hot days and tired legs. The infusion of horse chestnut tea “will help improve circulation and reduce inflammation,” she says. Also, if you like spicy food, you can easily include it in your diet: “Remember that it has great properties to decongest. Include small amounts and you will notice the result,” she says. A cosmetic? Navarro recommends Korpo Slim Gel, by Isséimi: “With ivy and Fucus Algae that accelerates the body’s metabolic processes and acts as a purifying, purifying and stimulating agent. It also contains Ruscus, a plant known as a powerful anti-inflammatory”. Cold showers “The benefits of cold applied to the skin are many more than we can imagine. They activate blood circulation, combat the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins, they are magnificent for improving the feeling of exhaustion and tired legs… The definitive answer is that they are healthy, but as long as we know how to do them and that they do not exceed the time spent”, assures this specialist. When she talks about cold water, she assures that it is enough to “take short showers of 30 seconds and at 15 degrees” and, she reminds her, that better effects are not achieved by staying longer or lowering the temperature. “In fact, if we focus on the benefits it brings to our body, let’s not forget that it is also very effective for relieving tired legs and attacking cellulite. There are even cosmetics with cryotherapy-inspired ingredients that hydrate and smooth skin,” she says. The benefits of cold on the skin, she insists, are many, such as drainage, activation of microcirculation, a “detox effect”, muscle relaxation, and even reducing and preventing wrinkles and expression lines. «It is enough to remember how widespread it is among Hollywood actors and actresses to apply cold masks before a shoot with the aim of reducing puffiness and dark circles, relaxing the muscles and bringing light to the skin. Known as Face Icing, it was already used by Paul Newman, in a more rudimentary way, by inserting his face into a bucket full of ice cubes for 30 seconds”, Navarro recalls. Treatment of tired legs in the cabin“It consists of three steps in which a tonic oil is applied to strengthen the entire capillary network, a cold gel that activates blood circulation and decongests, and ends with a massage with lymphatic drainage to drain and calm with organic silicon, which decongests and deflates but without causing flaccidity. We recommend a weekly session (price per session €84) with maintenance product Veno Choc (a cream for heavy legs that contains alcohol, menthol, Fucus extract, grape extract and encapsulated organic silicon). ONE MORE LEVEL: VARICOSE VEINS Tired legs do not always have to lead to varicose veins, but in some people the high pressure in the veins causes damage to the skin near the ankle and eczema (red rash) can develop and if allowed to As these skin changes progress, an ulcer may develop. Other problems that varicose veins can cause is phlebitis (inflammation of the veins) and bleeding. “The risk of bleeding as a result of blown varicose veins worries many people, but it is very rare. It can always be stopped by exerting firm pressure and the veins can then be treated to avoid the risk of further rebleeding”, SERVEI assures. How are they diagnosed? “Many varicose veins originate from weakened valves in the groin or behind the knee. It is important to specifically locate the place where the valve has weakened”, they explain at SERVEI. “This can be found out with a small test to assess your veins and detect the direction of blood flow in both the skin veins and the deep veins. This will indicate where the veins come from and will help plan an operation, if it is necessary”. If a more detailed study is needed, a Doppler ultrasound can see in more detail and detect weakened valves and evidence of clots. Very occasionally, if this test is not clear, an X-ray of the veins (a lower limb phlebography) may be needed, through an injection of a contrast dye into a vein in the foot. Can they be removed? In SERVEI they specify that in reality there is no curative medical treatment for this pathology, although the pain can be remitted through the punctual medical prescription of analgesics, anti-inflammatories and subcutaneous heparin. It is also possible to eliminate them, with different procedures. Foam sclerotherapy “is the least invasive treatment. It is performed by controlled injection into the varicose veins of various sclerosing drugs, it can sometimes eliminate varicose veins”, but they specify, “although minimally invasive, it is not applicable to all cases”. On the other hand, there are percutaneous treatments for varicose veins, which do not require surgery or general anaesthesia: “They are applied by means of catheters that, using various forms of energy (laser, radiofrequency, mechanical systems…) are introduced into the varicose vein, coagulating and destroying it.” They say in SERVEI that this treatment is effective, fast and of minimal risk. And finally there is the traditional surgical treatment, with which the entire diseased vein is removed: “Its advantages are the good results already demonstrated and its drawback is that it involves an operation under general anesthesia and a recovery time of several weeks.” For those who simply want to camouflage them with body makeup, one of the best sellers and best valued on Amazon is Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs, which in addition to concealing skin imperfections manages to stimulate microcirculation to avoid the feeling of heavy legs.

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