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How the Pain of an Unwanted Adoption Helped Make Him ‘Blue’

How the Pain of an Unwanted Adoption Helped Make Him 'Blue'

“A girl with a girl, pretending. / Tired of lies send you home. / Then you sign all the papers on behalf of the family. / You’re sad and it hurts, but you’re not ashamed Are. / Little Green, Happy Ending”.

we’ll never hear the lyrics of this song again little beat of disc Blue (1971), by Joni Mitchell, after learning who it is Green: the girl that Michelle, at the age of 21, found herself alone and without any possibility of supporting her, was abandoned for adoption. forced to

Joni Mitchell, whose real name is Roberta Joan Anderson, was born in 1943 in Fort McLeod, Canada, and showed a natural inclination towards the arts from an early age. However, she was never a good student and only came close to becoming a juvenile delinquent after dropping out of school at the age of 12. He also wasn’t convinced, years later, of the future that the Alberta College of the Arts would offer him and that he found his place in the world when he started playing. Region In clubs in Calgary and later, in Toronto, when I was in my 20s.

She was living a bohemian life at the time, the dream of many young Americans in the 1960s, though that way of life was far from idyllic: there was little money, cheap jobs, dilapidated rooms in shared flats, and many difficulties; also in the music scene, because despite the fact that Region There was little more room for women, artists who dominated the local scene, they ‘owned’ some songs even though they didn’t write them, and they didn’t allow others to sing them. It was this situation that led Michel to begin writing his own songs, which over time became an international artist.

But then, in late 1964 and only 21 years old, Joanie became pregnant with Brad McMath, an old boyfriend from Calgary whom she had met in college and with whom she had never even thought of projecting a life. Brad was only a few years older than her and he was not ready to face the situation and marry her, which should have been done in such matters in the society of that time.

One day, Brad left for California, where he became a photographer and Since then he never met Michelle again. “My daughter’s father left me three months pregnant in a room in a shared apartment, penniless, cold upon us and with a fireplace as the only source of heat”, Mitchell said in regards to the origin of his song moon on the window. “Last winter the tenants used the bars of the stair railing for firewood. Brad left a portrait of a pregnant woman sitting in a window, looking at the crescent moon and next to it he wrote: ‘The thief went / As he walked, / The moon in the window.’

At that time, Joni was combining her art studies with music. “The biggest problem was knowing how to hide the pregnancy,” he recalled in 1997. Los Angeles Times. “It was such a big scam… A daughter could not have given her parents a bigger displeasure. It completely ruined your social life. You don’t know what a stigma it was. It was almost like you killed someone.”

Abortion was also not part of her plan, so Joni had no choice but to face the situation completely alone: ​​without the child’s father’s help and without telling her family. She decided to have the girl on her own and thus learned about the harsh treatment of single mothers at a Toronto hospital without the time and resources. He revealed to the same media, “One of the atrocities he committed was that mothers’ breasts were bandaged so that their milk would not increase.”

It completely ruined your social life. You don’t know what a stigma it was. It was almost as if you had killed someone.

Their daughter was born in February 1965 and Joanie, who named her Kelly Dale Anderson, left the hospital completely overwhelmed: without a home or money, but with the intention of trying to keep the girl and move on. .

A few days later, he got a job singing in a local Region From a town called Penny Farthing, where about a month after Kelly was born, she met fellow singer Chuck Mitchell, who fell in love with her and her talent. Without thinking much about it, the singer asked him to marry her and she, considering the possibility of having a family with her and her daughter, agreed. They got married 36 hours after they met: “I had to make the wedding dress myself and the bridesmaids too, because we didn’t have a penny,” she told the magazine. Words in 2005. That’s when she became Joni Mitchell.

Joni Mitchell

Singer Joni Mitchell in the sixties. Photo: Getty Images

Perhaps not surprisingly, things did not quite go well between them. A month after the link, he realized that supporting a girl didn’t fit his lifestyle and a few days later, Joanie turned to Kelly Dale at an adoption agency, in the hope that her new family would give her what she wanted. which he had not done. could give it to him. It was so painful that the artist does not remember anything from that moment.

The marriage to Chuck still lasted for some time, but ended after two years. She was born with a desire to have the child and once that possibility was over it didn’t make sense. Their years together were a desperate attempt to move to the Michigan area, travel, play club and, with Joni, shape their material.

This creative effort paid off soon after the divorce, in 1968, when, through musician David Crosby, who had met her at a club in Florida, Joni had the opportunity to record her first album, song for a seagull. This acoustic album compiling all the songs he had composed during those years was a success and took him on a nationwide tour. Before a year passed, he released his second album, clouds. The covers of both are his works, as Joni never gave up on her passion for painting.

But this success, which came after so many years of playing in the gaming pit, created an unexpected feeling more than joy that would eventually be the basis of her next album, Blue. Joni was disappointed because soon after adopting her daughter, she earned enough money to buy a house, a car, and eventually the money that would have allowed her to support Kelly. “The coincidence of those two situations did not go down well with me. So I took a break from music for a while and immersed myself. I investigated who I really was. and born of those thoughts Blue”, he told the magazine in 2000 hot press.

Inspired by the sincerity that Bob Dylan gave to his songs at the time, Mitchell decided to open the channel and on his third album expressed everything that was inside him, showing himself to the public as he was. . A very high level of exposure resulted in a legendary album, but it had a very high emotional cost. “At that time of my life”, declared to Rolling stone“I didn’t keep anything for myself. It felt like cellophane from a pack of cigarettes. I felt like I had no secrets anymore and couldn’t pretend that I was a strong person (…). Blue This is probably the album with the purest feelings I will write in my life”. The album was a resounding critical and public success, and made her a star. Region most important of the moment. In fact, with this album they marked their end and end. Region, before she began to search for other paths that would lead her to jazz And the most experimental music.

His daughter was Michelle’s great secret for decades, who tried to find her for years without success. For her part, the girl, whose name was changed to Kylaren Gibb, had also begun to wonder where her biological parents were.

Everything escalated when, in 1993, a former fellow student of Michelle sold her pregnancy story to a tabloid. The reunion was not instantaneous, but took place four years later in 1997. According to the Scottish newspaper, it was a very happy moment for both and after the meeting, Michelle made the announcement. Herald, who had lost interest in songwriting, as if all the creative energy that shaped his best songs was always inseparably linked to the damage that had already been repaired.