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How much does it cost to have a lover in Spain: infidelity, an expense for those who can afford it | Sex

Being unfaithful is associated with more expenses than we can imagine. This has been revealed by a survey carried out by the dating portal for infidels Gledeen, which provides data on how much Spaniards can spend on hotels, restaurants, trips or gifts to keep the passion of a new adventure alive. Some expenses that, in reality, can vary throughout the time that infidelity lasts. The sexologist Mariona Gabarra believes that “although at the beginning of relationships, both with lovers and with our partners, they are usually full of details due to that illusion at the beginning and that phase of conquest, over time this type of relationship disappears. of details when entering a daily routine”. The first fact that surprises her is that, despite what it may seem, 70 percent of unfaithful people continue to spend more on their partner than on their lover. Something that demystifies that idea that the lover always gets the most expensive gift, no matter how much we were marked by the famous scene from Love Actually in which Emma Thompson discovers that the precious necklace she finds in her husband’s pocket was not her Christmas present, but instead she got a sad CD. Although perhaps this percentage has another explanation. And it is that as the psychologist Paul Coleman, author of Finding peace when your heart is in pieces in Prevention magazine, explained, one of the clues to discover an infidel, is precisely that he begins to give more gifts than necessary to his partner. Cash, key for infidels The first lesson that the more than 8,000 Spanish infidels consulted on the Gleeden app seem to be clear about is that if you have a lover you have to pay in cash. This was made clear by 88 percent of those consulted. Although it is not known if everyone gets rid of the receipts, since forgetfulness is usually one of the easiest ways to catch an infidelity. In fact, there are many proofs in the form of receipts that can give the alarm signal, because the expenses that an adventure can cost are very diverse. The first, and most common, is usually spending on hotels. According to the Gleeden survey, 50% spend less than 100 euros per month on hotels, although 44% spend between 100 and 300 euros per month. Most of the cases correspond to hotels near the residence, since only 25% claim to have gone on a trip with the lover and most of them are getaways for less than 1,000 euros (71%). Other expenses have to do with cafes and restaurants. Thus, more than half of infidels say they spend less than 50 euros per month in cafes or restaurants, but there is 20% who spend between 100 and 200 euros per month. In addition, there is the famous question of gifts. 56 percent of the participants claimed to spend close to 50 euros in gifts per month for this purpose, a figure that is not negligible, although 19 percent spend more than 200. If we add to this the “compensatory” gifts to the couple, the monthly disbursement seems important. Given these numbers, perhaps, in addition to the moral issue, before considering having an infidelity, we should think about whether we can really afford it. An infidelity very anchored in the traditional Returning to the issue of gifts, it is again striking that, almost equally, the most mentioned gifts are flowers and chocolates, lingerie and erotic toys. Something that indicates that, although having an affair may seem very liberal, it does not stop falling into canons very close to the traditional. In this regard, Mariona Gabarra, an expert sexologist in infidelity, gives her opinion again. “Infidelities have been committed since we can remember. Liberal would be to propose an open relationship with your partner, instead of secretly looking for him. Infidelity is not liberal at all and that is why it continues to be accompanied by that traditional concept of giving gifts to ‘the beloved’ or ‘the beloved’ in order to somehow compensate that person you are putting into your life and who knows that It will never be your priority. However, the expert adds that there is one factor that has changed in recent years. “It is true that infidelities used to be a men’s thing and, today, we can say that the number of unfaithful women has risen notably.” The relationship between sex and money It is clear, therefore, that there is a relationship between infidelity and money. Or between sex and money, after all. It is not the first time, in fact, that this tandem has been studied. Without going any further, a study published by the German Labor Institute in Bonn stated that workers who have sex more than four times a week earn an average of 5% more than their less active colleagues. As explained by the author of the work, Nick Drydakis, professor of economics at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, the bottom line is that earning more tends to motivate a person to be more desirable. As a consequence, “your attractiveness in the dating market is increased.” This would explain why it is usually easier for a person with a good purchasing power to have a lover, who can afford certain expenses to see each other in secret. On the other hand, it should be taken into account that sex is a value that is even more on the rise than money. This was confirmed by a study in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, which stated that sex was more strongly linked to happiness than money. Something that can lead us to think why there are people who do not mind making an economic outlay when it comes to having a lover. “The fact that the details are through an economic outlay is because we tend to value the type of detail according to its price, at a higher price, greater effort, then it has greater merit and therefore it will feel more valued”, reflects Mariona Gabarra . “It’s the way to make someone who is secondary in your life feel special, but you don’t want them to leave,” concludes the expert.

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