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How a homemade formula against rosacea has reached 500 pharmacies: the 5point5 case | Beauty

The story of 5 punto5 is not something common. Far from any traditional business plan or project macerated over time, it was a dermatological condition of a family member that became the seed of the dermocosmetics firm. “Ten years ago a relative had a very strong chronic rosacea and we began to look for solutions,” Marta de la Rica, CEO of 5 punto5, tells S Moda. “She had been prescribed cortisone for life and, as a family member was a pharmacist, we decided to set up a laboratory in our own house and try to find another alternative,” she says. They got down to work and, after months of research, came up with a formula capable of controlling the outbreaks of this pathology with an active ingredient patented by them, hydroxytyrosol, naturally present in the olive leaf and with a high antioxidant power. . Over time, word of mouth and the effectiveness of the formula did the rest. “People began to ask for more solutions for other types of skin diseases such as psoriasis, utopian skin, acne…”, she recalls. The definitive leap came in 2017, when, without planning it, they realized that it could become a business and decided to verify if the experience in their close circle coincided with the results of other patients. “We did a study with six dermatologists and their patients for a year. There we really confirmed that the results coincided with our experience and in 2018 we commercialized it”, she summarizes. The firm’s dermatological soap, with a restorative function of the skin’s lipids. Photo: Courtesy of 5 punto5 Since then, 5 punto5 has relied on biotechnology and galenics in order to offer solutions to utopian skin and an exhaustive care routine for those free of pathologies. With a formulation based on nature, its products combine organic ingredients (for example rose hydrate or calendula extract) “an essential condition for the project to be sustainable over time”. A guarantee of quality for Marta de la Rica because “although the base of the products is always organic, the objective is to make it effective”. “Our mission is to promote balance in the skin’s skin barrier: 5.5, the ideal PH.” Something that, in addition, requires a millimetric daily care protocol. “We divide it into four necessary and independent steps aimed at balancing that skin barrier: cleaning, toning, nutrition and protection,” she clarifies. And she remembers that ‘not everything goes’ and maintaining a strict application routine is not enough to achieve healthy, luminous and deeply hydrated skin. “We try to make that balance consistent. If you intend to have perfect skin, you have to follow a philosophy and lifestyle to match, ”she maintains. The triple action cleansing cream cleanses, moisturizes and balances the skin. Photo: Courtesy of 5 punto5 With a manufacture within the borders of our country located in Valencia, the firm works with a production in which natural and organic ingredients are fused (such as first cold-pressed oils, rose hydrate or calendula extract) with plant extracts of advanced technology. Thus, starting from a natural ingredient, it is reworked in the laboratory to maximize its benefits, achieving “the best version of itself” thanks to technology. His star principle? The derivative of hydroxytyrosol, present in most of its products. A new active ingredient patented by them with a high antioxidant power naturally present in the olive leaf. If we have to choose a bestseller from its wide range, the big star is the balancing tonic. “It is a very minimalist formula with only 8-10 ingredients that offers the perfect balance to meet the needs of the skin. It perfectly reflects the philosophy of the brand”, she reveals. Also retinol, in whose formula we find an unbeatable cocktail of active ingredients, among which niacinamide, centella asiatica extract and licorice extract stand out. “The least of retinol is that it has retinol, because it brings together five active ingredients so powerful that a product could be created for each one of them,” reveals Marta. With an unstoppable career, three years after its launch they have a very extensive commercial network and 5 punto5 is present in more than 500 pharmacies. Your goal for the future? Reach the international market. “We would like to continue consolidating ourselves in Spain and reach other parts of the planet such as Mexico, Hungary or China”. And if we talk about numbers, “exceed a turnover of one million euros throughout this 2022”, she concludes.

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– Article Written By @Mónica Pérez Sobrino from https://smoda.elpais.com/belleza/como-una-formula-casera-contra-la-rosacea-ha-llegado-a-500-farmacias-el-caso-5punto5/

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