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Henar Álvarez: “In comedy you have to know how to control your ego” | Present

Henar Álvarez: "In comedy you have to know how to control your ego" |  Present

Only a methodical organization separates Henar Álvarez (Madrid, 37 years old) from experiencing a sensation similar to that of those rockers who, immersed in the maelstrom of a tour, barely distinguish in which city they will play that night. “I’m very strict, I keep my agenda to the finger,” ratifies the comedian and screenwriter who, in just three years and with the internet as a launch pad, has become one of the most sought-after —and viral— figures in the industry. In her new project, the second season of the Prime Video contest LOL: if you laugh, you lose, joins the cast of contestants willing to unleash the laughter of their opponents while trying to suppress their own.

In the group of LOL comedians there are more women than men. What has changed in the industry?

They have trusted us. There have always been comics, but now they let us do one more author comedy. We can write the jokes and talk about life from our point of view. With that confidence we have conquered the public.

And among so many stars, is there room to shine?

In comedy it is important to control the ego, to know where you are and the position you occupy. If, for example, I’m with Yolanda Ramos, the smartest thing I can do is enjoy her instead of trying to stand out.

He shared an act with President Pedro Sánchez on the occasion of Women’s Day. Did you know her?

I don’t know if he’s a listener goodism good (his podcast on Cadena SER), but he has us located because many politicians have come to the studio. I invited him to the program and he replied: “Yes, if you have already told me several times”. I think he preferred to give it some time…

You also managed to get Pablo Iglesias to ‘perreara’ with you. After meeting the president, who would say that he has more talent for the platform?

I’d say Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, we’ve already seen her DJing and giving it her all.

When her intense workday is over, how does a comedian unwind?

Those of us who dedicate ourselves to this never disconnect because comedy arises from our experiences. We have to keep our eyes wide open to get stories.

Isn’t it a bit stressful having to be with the chip on all the time?

I had more stress when I was in an office doing something that didn’t fulfill me, getting up very early and putting up with an unbearable boss. I am absolutely privileged to be able to live from what I like.

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