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“Having devices nearby, you are not with yourself, but distracted all the time”

Daniella Martí is the creator of Carmenza, a lady in her 80s, lively, outspoken and who likes to take selfies and walk topless on the beach. In her last vignette, the old lady appears swimming in the sea celebrating finding the perfect opportunity to tell whoever she reads that productivity is not at odds with the value of a person. The artist has published several comic books and designs vignettes for the media. After studying Visual Arts in Colombia, she never projected herself as an illustrator because she did not see it as a job opportunity. She says that she always liked to draw, but she reached a point where she felt that something was missing: words. She started posting her drawings with texts on Facebook as a way to vent. Now, she understands social networks as one more work tool, capable of opening up the world to her. One day in 2019 she wanted to disappear from the networks and justified it with a publication. She seeing it from a distance, she does not know why she felt the need to share it with her followers, since she, she thinks, should not give explanations for taking care of mental health and resting. Daniella shares her tips for unplugging and ponders the limits of creativity and when follower count matters more than it should. Being irrelevant, the eternal fear of the creator I started in 2016, and after three years I realized that she was obsessed with numbers. It had never happened to me before. If you feel uncomfortable because “you have to do it, how lazy”, what is the use of having I don’t know how many thousands of followers? I was struggling to create a daily vignette to post. I had no limit and that saturated me. It was not because I felt good doing it, but because of the fear of being irrelevant if I stopped posting for two days. Unconsciously, I said: “I have to be like them to be valid, so they don’t forget me.” In networks, everything is so volatile that you upload something, immediately people scroll and what you have done, even if it has taken you two hours or three days, has already happened. People think: “That’s good; I laughed or not; I learned something or not; I follow”. In the end, this is a world that demands numbers all the time. And they are not numbers, they are people who are watching what you do. If what you produce is good, they notice, and if it’s not good, too. In 2019, I had a time where I was very confused, not knowing what to do, where I stopped posting daily and started uploading once every three or four days. I had squeezed my creativity and felt like I had nothing left. Now I am in a recovery process: those who want to continue, continue; those who don’t, don’t. And nothing happens. The limits of creativity There comes a point where your creativity is limited. One thinks that it is infinite, but it is an imaginary muscle that is exercised. Your brain needs a lot of stimulation for creativity to work well, and you end up sacrificing quality for quantity. The only thing that gets you far is discipline, because one day you might feel motivated and the next you might not. In terms of writing or drawing, I can make an illustration to exercise my creativity. However, I do not encourage her when creating a drawing that is going to be published or that is for a job. The cell phone far away, bike rides and the cryptonite of TikTok The cell phone and electronic devices far away, it’s the best, if not don’t disconnect. You have it next to you, you think about looking at it for a moment and three hours go by. Now I’ve gone for a 40-minute bike ride and before that I wasted another 40 on TikTok. We say we don’t have time to do X thing, but that’s really wasted. If I make a post, a cartoon or a video, publishing it takes me a second. That I decide to stay there, looking at the first reactions and comments, is something else. I think the first step, before putting your cell phone aside for at least half an hour a day, is to be aware of how it is affecting you. For example, on my computer I don’t have any social networks open, only email. In this way, I am not tempted to get into social networks. Many times I have tried to spend the weekend away from my mobile to see if I develop withdrawal symptoms and I feel like I need my dose of dopamine, but I have realized that I don’t, that I can do very well without it, although I need it to talk with my family, who is in Colombia. By having devices nearby, you are not with yourself, but distracted all the time. To rest my mind from all external stimuli, I go out, walk, go to the field with my dog ​​or exercise. I also read popular books or essays, watch comedy shows or series like The Office or Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and ride my bike. Whenever I’m riding a bike, I’m thinking about new things, because I have no distraction. Disconnect on a beach or anywhere else Rest is a time when your mind is not worried about anything, and this disconnection can be done on a paradisiacal beach or anywhere. I particularly like to do it in a nice and safe place with my family. Many times you go on vacation, but you are doing things all the time, and you arrive at the hotel and you are very tired. That happens a lot with the mind. It is very difficult for me to meditate, because my job is to think, make cartoons, write things… Last week I started doing it for 10 minutes and, of those 10, at least one minute I was able to put my mind blank. I imagine the mind as a place full of files. When you meditate, those files get organized little by little, and when you stop doing it, there is more space for those files. Therefore, meditation is complicated to do, but it is good to rest. Culpability? Not even kidding. I’m a hedonist, a lover of leisure. I never feel guilty for doing nothing, but since I was little, and I don’t think “I deserve to do nothing”. It is simply necessary to do nothing. Not every day of your life, but spend some time. Also, what is doing nothing? When you’re on the couch watching a movie or a documentary, you’re doing something. If I’m making pottery, that could be considered doing nothing because I’m not going to sell it, but it’s good for your senses. We are animals, we need to be playing with things all the time. A favorite day of rest Every day. I agree with finding a moment every day to do nothing. Whether it’s fifteen or twenty minutes of sitting on the couch and doing your nails, reading five pages of something, or staring at the ceiling. I think that’s healthy. Continue reading Victoria Martín and Carolina Iglesias (Stretching the Gum): “We need a contemplative life and do absolutely nothing”

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