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hair-saving treatments this summer

hair-saving treatments this summer

Every 0.40 seconds someone searches Google for the term ‘anti frizz ‘, anti-frizz. This happens more in summer, because the humidity of the coast, the dehydration product of the ultraviolet radiation or the breeze and the salt of the sea translate into a more frizzy mane than usual. Likewise, this is not the time to pull on heat tools for obvious reasons: constant baths, high temperatures that increase sweat and mess up (in addition to making the use of irons that add a few more graditos very unappetizing) and the desire to rest from a certain aesthetic slavery to which we embrace the rest of the year. Control the frizz It is one of the highest aspirations in the beauty universe, but cosmetics are not usually enough to achieve round results. Hence, hairdressing salons ‘do their thing’, and never better said, with a range of ad hoc treatments: keratin, hyaluronic acid, taninoplasty, enzyme therapy, etc. “The purpose of all is to eliminate frizz, the difference is in the ingredients. For example, hyaluronic acid is used to rebuild the hair fiber and improve its feel, keratin is the queen to straighten and remove frizz ”, account Rosi Fernández, director of the Show Ananda Ferdi.

Elasticity, shine and softness, the common denominator

Now, which one to choose and based on what? For those looking for a perfect, chemical-free straightening, Sonia Atanes, salon director SAHB suggests Genesis. “It is organic, based on proteins and vitamins, and totally free of harmful components for the hair. We recommend it for natural hair with a difficult curl, perfect if you are looking for a total smoothness and definitely forget about irons and dryers ”. In the salon, her vegan straightening therapy is a must: it is composed of glycolic acid extracted from sugar cane, which facilitates the penetration of active substances, lactic acid, which is obtained from the fermentation of milk sugar and increases the density of the hair fiber, mandelic acid from apples, that neutralizes the pH and adds shine, tartaric acid, which eliminates the appearance of straw hair, antiseptic green tea, wheat protein that increases volume, restructuring silk protein and keratin, which adds elasticity. On the other hand, Roxana Gutu, director of Lobelia sagasta, proposes the anti-frizz technique, which does not smooth but does eliminate frizz and leaves it silky. “Velvet hydrates while eliminating static electricity, nourishing the hair on the inside and creating an external barrier that protects it. The result is richer hair that is easy to handle, and most importantly, that stops getting electrified for a while. ” In Hairkrone They propose hyaluronic acid to add volume and repair the loss of density in manes punished by the use of the dryer, the iron, the dye or the sun. And in Ella’s Spa Beauty are specialists in taninoplasty, an organic protocol without formaldehyde based on tannins (present in red wine or the skin of some fruits) that are highly antioxidant and emphasize the nature of the hair without altering its structure and adding elasticity, softness and shine. “If you have curly hair you can let it air dry with foam and it will be perfect and without frizz. If you want it smooth, you just have to put the dryer on top of your head since the tannin is activated by heat ”, they explain from the living room. The last to arrive has been enzyme therapy, organic and free of formaldehyde, which smoothes thanks to restructuring enzymes and tannic acid, which also hydrates and revitalizes the fiber.

In the boat

The effects of anti-frizz protocols usually last between three and five months, depending on the care and quality of the hair. “In summer, if we go to the beach, they will last a little less due to the saltpeter of the sea. It is convenient to use shampoos without sulfates, parabens, or salts ”, confirms Rosi Fernández. On the real effectiveness of the products to use at home, Roxana Gutu clarifies: There are sprays antifrizz which are fabulous for wavy hair, others enriched with hyaluronic acid to redefine and hydrate and also oils, foams or express masks. What we must do is read the labels very well and if we have doubts, ask in the room where we buy them ”, he recommends. He also proposes to wear long hair, where frizz is less frequent, and avoid bangs. It also leaves out the collected type buns, braids and pigtails. Stylist Eduardo Sánchez shares these tips to avoid misunderstood volume in summer: “Although these months washing after a day at the beach or pool is mandatory, it is a gesture that dehydrates the hair and eliminates its natural oils, so you have to choose for mild and moisturizing shampoos at the same time. Conditioners are essential, rinsing with cold water to enhance shine, and towel drying (100% cotton and of good weight), by touches and without rubbing to avoid lifting the cuticle ”. The prices of anfrizz treatments are usually between 150 and 300 euros.

Antifrizz Products

From left, coconut oil and aloe, by HERBAL ESSENCES (€ 3.99 at Druni), GHD Dramatic Ending Finishing Serum (€ 19.95 at Amazon) and Hydration Moisturizing Shampoo, from APIVITA (€ 9.14 at Mifarma). Photo: dr