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Goodbye Positive Thinking: Why “It’s OK Not Being OK” Is The New Age Motto. Welfare

  Goodbye Positive Thinking: Why

Naomi Osaka has made this claim on the cover of the magazine Time A few days ago: “it’s OK not to be OK “. The tennis player who left Roland Garros a few weeks ago to maintain his mental health has been confirmed in a text in the first person in the magazine The pressure he was under in recent months. The Importance of Putting the Mental Health Debate on the Table in Our Time Beyond Sports: “I hope people understand that it’s okay not to be okay, and it’s okay to talk about it. There are people who can help and In general, there’s light at the end of any tunnel,” he wrote, praising the most-heard quote in the past year and a half, because Naomi Osaka isn’t the only one to defend we have to say we’re deadly. And nothing bad happens.

In the text, Osaka appeals for the personal support of other celebrities such as Michelle Obama or Meghan Markle, who, incidentally, want to focus the social debate in their public performances towards a paradigm shift on this generalized sentiment. In the midst of a debate about social acceleration and a society of fatigue, a runner already considered social from the coronavirus crisis.

The former first lady has spent months yelling at her network that nothing happens because we’re not clear about what happens to our lives: “It’s okay not to feel good,” she added. Your Spotify Podcast In early August 2020, when she admitted to being a little depressed and overwhelmed by incidents and protests about American systemic racism, and confirmed her instagram. “It’s okay to know who you are or what you want to be right now,” he insisted. From a video on his social network in March this year To his young followers. Markle did the same thing when she wrote about her miscarriage last year: ‘Sitting on the hospital bed, watching my husband’s heart break as he tried to hold on to my broken pieces, I realized That the only way to be well is to ask first: are you okay? Essay where he shared that he suffered a miscarriage last summer and appealed, in the time of coronavirus, to protect being openly honest about our emotional health. are we okay? This year has taken many of us to our peak. In 2020, in times of stress and vulnerable, loss and pain have affected all of us.

Goodbye Positive Thinking: Why &Quot;It'S Ok Not Being Ok&Quot; Is The New Age Motto. Welfare - Light Home News

The idiom of the moment, another fodder for emotional marketing. Photo: Etsy

The sensation is transversal, one feels recognized and challenged by this sentence. “It’s good not to be good. The truth is you can’t sustain this level of anxiety for long. There comes a moment when you have to stand up and say: ‘Okay, I’m not well, but it’s okay to know that I am not well.’ Because it’s a whole new normal. It’s what it is,” he told s fashion Director of she will die tomorrow, Amy Semetz, whose film she labeled the first horror film of the Covid era.

Although it is a little late in Spanish policy to open the weeds of mental health – there we continue without any changes or formal proposals, as the leader of Mas Pace, Inigo Arrejón, recalled from his network a few days ago – more More than one personality normalizes this restlessness. «Feeling bad isn’t bad. It is healthy to speak, communicate », writes La Mala Rodriguez in his newly edited memoirs how are you bad (Today’s Topics, 2020), an appeal to make the state of mind visible without fear of rejection. “Mental health is so important and you suffer so much for not being able to address it, especially women,” he says in his book, where he openly recounts the depression he suffered. It happened after work. Iberian Luxury And how many schizophrenic outbreaks were detected in his youth which he treats through medicine.

A new era of emotional marketing

From rainbow to childish lines of “everything will be fine” we have moved into a culture that appeals to normalize uncertainty and restlessness and, as a result, makes it a marketing slogan. On Etsy, there are forums to sell handmade products to hang in the living room and thermometers of trends in existentialist slogans. over 1,200 products what with the phrase it’s OK not to be OK. Same typeface Mr. Wonderfulliana, who a few years ago appealed to take over the world because we were the best, challenges us now, reminding us that nothing beats not reaching the top and being spoiled by it.

« Era girlboss (Boss) has died. welcome to the era of girllosser (Loser) », wrote the author and editor of stir, Gabrielle Moss, on Medium a few days ago. With a culture of corporate feminism that urged us to be the leaders of our times and buried by the work and grace of social activism, we are facing new times, which I summarized with another phrase that sums it up. Opens the text: « Being the Queen and Boss of El Caos will not protect you. Moss says to “give your inner loser a chance.” She who, believing the fate of her time, rushes to buy a (tired) candle, on which you can read: «Please don’t spoil my holiday ».