From Supreme to ‘Stranger Things’, how the pandemic has made ‘pinballs’ an object of decor

“I’m going to tell you two things,” says Soren Manzoni as he opens the blinds of his garage in Barcelona. “A: Between the fifties and sixties, pinball Came to collect more than cinema. And second: Spain was the second producer after the United States, little joke. So, in our country they are called patacos, pinabola, million-dollar machines, or . was called flippers, In time,” he continues.

Soren Store is not a typical workshop. Manzoni’s Garage, which is the name of their exclusive adult chocolate factory, is a museum that houses collector’s items from the seventies, eighties and nineties. This retro fever is about 20 . is represented by pinballs Limited Edition, 150 Cassettes, 100 food boxes, 1,000 skates, Anthological motorcycle and everything a nostalgic person could want.


Soren Manzoni has 20 pinball machines in his collection of vintage items. Photo: Mark Dura

But this has only just begun. people who visit Ibiza, and over hotels Instagrammable, Romeo’s (Inspired by Love Motel Route 66) and heaven (A Tribute to Contemporary Art in a Pink Key millennium), They look for photos next to the machines in their rooms.

“We are lovers of pieces and furniture vintage. We always like to be there on every landing pinball or jukebox From the sixties or seventies. This is another way to differentiate ourselves from the rest, which is what we aim for when we build a hotel brand. in our offices we also have pinball A Casanova from year 66 and a Wurlitzer Americana II from 68″, recognizes Diego Calvo, CEO of Concept Hotel Group, a chain of Romeo and Paradiso.


The Prada Foundation’s Luce Bar in Milan, designed by Wes Anderson. Photo: Cordon Press

Even with these, if anyone confirms that in 2021 pinballs They would be in fashion, it was Miucci. without last name. and does he Prada Foundation, which opened its headquarters in Milan in 2015, came forward. It has Bar Luce, designed by filmmaker Wes Anderson. Eat classic Milanese cafes from the 1950s and 1960s and the Italian city’s famed Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Wallpaper on the ceiling, terrazzo floors, green Formica tables, chairs colored in the director’s own palette, a jukebox And a pinball Dedicated to Steve Zizzo. Let’s see what Prada and Anderson say pinball, There must be a reason.

However, passion doesn’t come from now, not even six years ago. full view new wave, punk rock They used to meet at the famous CBGB in New York in the early eighties. It was the cradle where Blondie, Los Ramones or Talking Heads started their first concerts. In this way, Debbie Harry and Joe Ramone solidify their friendship between sports and games. Elvis Presley, Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner or The Who among many others have also flirted with the game. In fact, the British group dedicated a song to him, which was part of their soundtrack. Movies cult minor soldier (1975), with Elton John as the main character.

“since I was a child
I have played with silver balls
Soho to Brighton
I must have touched them all.”


Blondie, pinball fan, in 1977. Photo: Getty

what happened next pinball? In the early 1990s, they lost the popularity of video games. But already in 1992, Michael Jordan requested a special design with his image from Data East Pinball and only seven units were made (for him and his friends), which were never marketed. The day one of them goes on sale, the price will be exorbitant. Fewer units, more desire, of course.

In 2018, stern pinball, the largest manufacturer and the only one that continued production when the Recess was taken home from the arcade, created the most valuable machine in history. A collaboration with Supreme. “Only 100 units were manufactured, they were sold in 10 minutes and today over 400,000 euros are paid for one of them,” says Javier Gutierrez, a Stern distributor in Spain. And Stern Pinball’s collaboration with the Netflix series has been equally famous. There is also a limited edition of 500 units strange things, at 9,000 euros each.


In 2018, the collaboration between Supreme and Stern Pinball broke a record: 100 units were sold in 10 minutes. Photo: In 2018, the collaboration between Supreme and Stern Pinball broke a record: 100 units were sold in 10 minutes.

“Also, this year we plan to double the sales of 2020, which was already a record year, and the pandemic has created havoc. pinball as an object of decoration”, says Javier. There are even models from Metallica or Guns & Roses, manufactured by Jersey Jack. “By the way, when Guns & Roses played in Barcelona in 2019, I put the two together pinballs In Slash’s dressing room so that he can play them before going on stage. And Ryan Adams always travels with one on his tour,” Manzoni explains.

If Jordan, Supreme, and Netflix match, they’re the perfect triplets to determine if something is in vogue today.

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