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When Andrea Boix launched her signature crochet handbag, she was noticed and wished for something as basic as a cardboard box in which to send her designs. It was the beginning of June 2020 and the restrictions created by the health crisis were ten times the initial effort involved in building a fashion brand from the beginning. Even more so considering that the project was not even part of their plans. “I had to return to Spain because of the pandemic and at first I hadn’t considered creating a brand, but I knew I would never have that much time to try it,” he said then a fashion podcast. a year after that, croquet, as she has baptized her accessories firm, she has not only exceeded the expectations of this 28-year-old from Alicante, but she has also expanded her catalog by showing that the handcrafted pieces created with love have fans number is increasing. His grandmother Teresa, who taught him good crochet tricks and knitted those first mini bags in pastel tones, the brand’s signature, is still part of the staff.

“She is 80 years old and she is very happy and excited with the success we are getting. Whenever she feels like it, she starts knitting for a while and is amazed when I tell her that we get requests from people living out of Spain and who know the brand on Instagram . ‘How could this be?’, she asks me with an open mouth,” explains Boix. s fashion. Along with her, her aunt and Andrea herself now work with other female artisans from Alicante who have been crocheting all their lives. “I have less and less time to weave as I take care of orders, social networks or marketing, but whenever I can take some time off because it relaxes me,” he explains. Have worked in stores with previous experience in the fashion industry on line Brands such as Mango or Hawkers, the Alicante company now combines the management of e-commerce of a family business outside the fashion sector with her work in the croquet head.

A bag from one of the brand’s new collections for this summer. Photo: Croixet. courtesy of

The two early mini-bag models are now joined by bucket hats, scarves, rings and a new, larger bag. All are still produced on demand, the defining philosophy of the project. «Each one is unique and made for whoever buys it. Small bags work more or less an afternoon, and new ones can last two days”, explains Boix, thus justifying the difference in price (35 euros for the first and 70 for the second). “We want to be affordable so that people who value artisan work can buy it from us instead of a huge chain. After all, when you catch a Less cost And a Croixet gap is abysmal. And if you take good care of it, it will last you many years.

All the goods of the brand are manufactured on demand. Photo: Croixet. courtesy of

Although 90% of the orders he receives come from Spain, his creations have already traveled to Italy or the United States. Most customers know about the firm through Instagram, but Pinterest does pretty well as a global exposure, too. «The star model for now is the Mandarina, which we launched. This particular one likes lilacs, however as they are made to order, we can mix or match colors to meet each customer’s demands. The hats are also working very well as they are very fashionable,” explains the designer.

Briefly turning a traditional technique like crochet into a trend (the catwalk is flooded with crochet fabrics, from Gabriela Hearst to Valentino via Bottega Veneta or Zimmerman, and it’s impossible to enter a large chain and not walk in one) Supported the success of the project. in addition to the following on line, its parts are already available in local stores like concept store La Cabinetry from Alicante, however, is in no hurry to grow Boix and wants to keep the project just as it arose: something small, familiar, and handmade. “I like to have a small variety of products, but well made.”

The first model launched amid the pandemic is still the best-seller. Photo: Croixet. courtesy of

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