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From adhesive tape to “nipple covers”: tricks for not wearing a bra | News, Fashion

Jennifer Lopez, Kylie Minogue, Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé…. Iconic women with something in common: they are fascinated by impossible necklines. Those who break the rules of the most modest and defy all the laws of physics. Or, rather, all but one: the adhesives. Because if you want a braless neckline to stay still while you dance I can’t get you out of my head, you have to make sure that the dress doesn’t slip a millimeter, or show an unauthorized micron of skin. The white hooded jumpsuit with an infinite V-neckline that Kylie wore in the famous video clip belongs to fashion history. Created by designer Fee Doran, it made an entire generation stand petrified in front of the television admiring how the neckline always stayed in place, despite the fact that the Australian did not stop moving. But that had a trick: it was attached to the skin with adhesive tape. It is one of those secrets of the stylists that we can easily find in any lingerie store to do without the bra without frights. And it’s not the only one. Double-sided adhesive tape Double-sided adhesive tape has a double function: to stick to the exact point of the body where you want the neckline to fall and to allow full freedom of movement without fear of a breast protruding. It is one of the favorite secret weapons of stylists to avoid indiscreet shots on red carpets. Its use does not have much mystery: the piece is cut to the exact size of each of the sides of the neckline, it is adhered to the back edge of the hem and it is glued directly on the skin. Angelina Jolie in 2004. It is also used to attach skirts with very high slits to the thigh. It is not that when taking a step more intimacy is seen than desired. The results are safer on light fabrics than on very heavy ones, such as embroidery or those with sequin appliqués. As it is transparent, once you have the double-sided tape, you discover that it works for almost everything: to close the gap between those two impertinent buttons that insist on opening, for that back opening of your favorite blouse that tends to bulge, to prevent those socks with worn elastic or to fix the maxi necklaces without going from one side to another. Buy for €7.99 at Oysho. Adhesive tape The perfect complement to double-sided tape. If the former fixes the dress, these fix the bust. The mechanism of this bra substitute adhesive is simple: cut the necessary amount and stick to the skin to cover, lift, gather, reduce or raise the breast. It is made of a material that peels off without irritating the skin. Depending on the brand, it is possible to find them in black and in different skin tones. Etam Body Tape Adhesive silicone cups Holds, repositions, has a push-up effect and prevents nipples from showing through. It is true that aesthetically they can be objectionable, but it is one of the great secrets behind party dresses with a strapless neckline or boat neckline. The biggest difference to a run-of-the-mill bra without shoulder pads is that the result is more natural, as there are no protruding edges and no band that runs the entire circumference of the chest. In addition, being flesh-colored, it integrates smoothly into the silhouette of the body and without showing through. Perfect for very light dresses or tank tops. One last advantage remains: it covers only the chest. There are no straps across the side, or across the back. In this way, it becomes the perfect ally for cut-out dresses or T-shirts Buy Woman Secret’s silicone cup for €24. Sticky Drops The #FreeTheNipple movement stopped us from being overwhelmed by the fact that we have nipples being noticed. The immediate consequence is that many women stopped using the bra as a tool so that part of the female anatomy would not show through. But what if a halter neckline is too loose and looks too much? If all you need is just a small point of attachment, stylists have a cheap and effective resource: silicone adhesive beads. Yes, the same ones that serve to avoid scratches or knocks on the doors. They are sold in any hardware store, they are cheap, transparent and discreet. Inofix Non-Slip Adhesive Nipple Covers The name leaves no room for doubt: if the #FreeTheNipple doesn’t go with you and you want to go without a bra, but you need to fill up at the least appropriate time, this is your solution. They are made of silicone, they adhere easily and come off without pulling on the skin. Then you keep them in their bag and until next time. The only precaution is to have the skin very dry and without body milk. As not everything is perfect, these types of gadgets do not get along with sweat. If you perspire a lot around the neckline area, they can come unstuck. Buy for €4.90 at Intimissimi. Push up adhesive Your problem is not the nipples, but the law of gravity? No problem: there are adhesives that stick to the base of the breast and discreetly pull it up. In a matter of seconds and without a scalpel you have a perfect push-up effect. Buy for €14.95 at Zalando.

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