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alejandre studio, the firm formed in Spain led by Sandra Pearanda, came out last December with an ambitious mission: to redefine classic patterns and normalize the naked woman’s body. “We wanted to present a dialogue between clothing and feminine forms. Show acceptance of the body and affirm that it can be shown with freedom and will”, explains Sandra to S. Moda by phone.

Sandra studied design at Madrid’s IADE school and after working in various companies in the area, it was only a year before she decided to start her own project after a state of alarm. “I always had this in mind, but I never dared to step up. The time they limited us, I had some savings and jumped, I no longer have any excuse for lack of time or inconsistency in schedules tha”, he tells us with a laugh. At just 24 years old, the very young designer started his personal project total of the creative process. “I set a schedule and during the imprisonment I worked for three months: I made patterns, drew prototypes, tested…”, he recalls.

In its mission to break with traditional aesthetics, Alejandre’s designs leave areas of the body we previously reserved for a more intimate and private area. “At the end of the day we show ass, chest part…something we’re not used to,” he says. A distinct pattern in a society that is not free from prejudices is still aesthetically stigmatized and whose purpose, far from attracting attention, seeks to transfer freedom to the textile universe without complications. “You know they’re going to look at you and judge you, that there are people who will like you or who won’t… but it’s like being true to yourself and saying: Why not?”, he says Huh.

His works are not aimed at any specific audience: “We live in a time when the genre is becoming increasingly thin, we like to talk about the characters. We presented the collection in a woman because this is exactly what we had in mind, but it is not something off”, he explains. This first line draws from the aesthetics of the year 2000 and the eclectic individualism characteristic of the stars of the time Inspired – its pieces are reminiscent of the cut fabric that grew at the turn of the millennium and boasted bare skin.” We seek the exterior of lingerie, expressing sensuality and sensuality without being complicated, in a delicate and careful way From which is aggressive and clear at the same time. We try to go back to a time when showing off thongs was something cool,” he details.

In this first collection, the designer kept as a starting point the reinvention of the corset from a fabric that was a far cry from our idea of ​​sexiness: cotton. “We wanted to move clothes like this” inexperienced And cute like cotton with a pattern showing the opening parts that should be covered”. A way to soften the risky size of your collection to reduce distance with future customers. “People are not used to seeing such blatant pieces. It is easier to absorb it by picking it up under certain tissues”, he admits.

Mugler, Y/Project and London-based Charlotte Knowles are some of the firms that inspired Penaranda’s youth project, with whom she “shares an evolving vision of the female figure, showing it without taboo and the concept of sexuality.” changes”. The world scenario due to COVID-19 has shown the power of the digital universe and the firm’s founders point to social networks as an essential tool without which getting here would have been possible. “In December I launched the collection on Instagram. It is the portal where you see whether something has a way or not”, he clarifies. Alejandre Estudio came out on the social network last December (before her website) to take her project to the world and convey her brand message. “Instagram has been the way to go to London, America… places they’re already texting us because they want our clothes. Without Instagram we wouldn’t have reached the spread we have without any ”, he revealed.

“The project has captured a continuum of reality and people want clothing, it’s not worth seeing them anymore: they want to pay for it, buy it and get it,” said the firm’s alma mater. Accept. To achieve ethical manufacturing and avoid product surpluses, in two weeks he will open his online store in which he will present a selection of his creations on demand (his designs are not yet for sale). “We want to manufacture in a responsible way and avoid product surplus, so we are going to produce to order,” he says. In the collection we will find a part of his line presented in the network where corsets, lingerie, cotton jumpsuits and pants will become the heroes. They will cost between 75 and 200 euros.

If we talk about entrepreneurship, creative woman with the flag of her strong personality encourages us to walk on the ground independent of society’s discourse and does not limit our creativity. “It is a mistake to think that the more modest sells more or works better, we also get tired of the traditional. We will let the creativity flow”, he concluded.

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