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Florence Pugh: “Scarlett Johansson told me: ‘You’re 22. It’s time to go all out'” | celebrities, wipso

  Florence Pugh:

Florence Pugh (Oxford, 25 years old) has her adulterous lover burned alive in a cabin. Hit the skull of an abusive husband. Knocked out men of about 200 kg in a ring of Wrestling (Wrestling). Now she hunts down female haters who set out to free an army of Amazons trapped in a mind-control trap. of an insidious tycoon. If there was a robot portrait of women that this British woman has brought to life in cinema since her debut as a rebellious teenager against the pious and reactionary nuns Drop from (2014)) Kali Mai (2021), we can say that this is what in English is labeled as Naughty. Bad seat and vindictive ass. The queen of visual imagery memes and viral semantics of heroines against the patriarchy in the flower crown network the already iconic one she wore midsummer. In a conversation on Zoom on a Friday in June, he, with his clean English accent, clarifies to the lively and spirited, “I think I’ve had a predilection for women who, at the time, had a predilection for everything. fight against what was wrong.” Adds: “I’m attracted to people who put their lives in perspective, take control and let everyone know how wrong they were. What were we saying, little boss Why the shed?

In an era in which the fourth feminist wave casts off the clichés of the vase actress who denounces the hunky savior of the moment, Pugh has descended upon Hollywood enthusiasts to redefine the role of misnomer. difficult lady. More than barely, polyhedral. Human, finally. The Kind of Feminist Spin on Women’s Economic Freedom That Director Greta Gerwig Gifted to the spoiled and narcissistic Amy Day little women, A modern take on the Louisa May Alcott classic that earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. He did not take the prize home, but Vanity Fair His father, a hotelier with several restaurants, ended up smoking pot with Noel Gallagher (half of Oasis) and his mother, a former ballet dancer, Snoop Dogg.. Who needs a golden bald man with his arms in the living room with those tales in his bag. “Together little women From filming to promotion, it was an endless celebration. It was our last party before the global shutdown,” he recalls, regrets big chicks (Female), Gerwig’s group chat with the film’s four sisters is inactive.

Florence Pugh: &Quot;Scarlett Johansson Told Me: 'You'Re 22. It'S Time To Go All Out'&Quot; | Celebrities, Wipso - Light Home News

Pugh, in a suit jacket and trousers, a paisley bikini and a leather belt with a metal buckle, all from Etro; and Cartier earrings. Photo: Matt Easton

Going through her resume, it makes perfect sense that Pugh was selected to play Yelena Belova. Kali Maihandjob His first dive into the fascinating Marvel universe. There she is, the second modern Black Widow from the comics, a murderous detective with a Russian accent who hits left and right without losing her Slavic peak rigor. Far from the cold killer clichés, Yelena is also up close and quirky, the same one who screams “posture alert!” Her milk sister Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) vehemently defends a particular hobby every time she lands with a perfect figure or a fishing vest. «I want roles of rare women who are not made to be liked. Love them and hate them. You give up in the end because the one we love also displeases us and because life, to me, is that complicated.

We caught him reading during the interview marusi’s colossus By Henry Miller, And Now You Can Only Imagine Eating tzatziki and Kalamata olives. Connect the dots to imagine her on vacation this summer.

How do you watch the first day of shooting knowing that the first scene asks you to defeat Scarlett Johansson against the counter?

Scary, isn’t it? go figure. I was very nervous because I knew this fight was important. But I also think it’s good to start facing the part that scares you the most. You test yourself, you overcome it, you see that everything is fine and if you are given that role then it is for something.

That scene is clearly spectacular and not sexist. Had it been shot 10 years ago, it might have been very different.

Exactly. It was very important to Kate Shortland Kali Mai) since you have agreed to take charge. he never wanted to make it too much girls Or in that sensual frame of battle. These two women, Natasha and Yelena, are fighting for a reunited spirit, for the history they accumulate; They also fight against their memories. This is a rush of sisters taking it to another level.

Florence Pugh: &Quot;Scarlett Johansson Told Me: 'You'Re 22. It'S Time To Go All Out'&Quot; | Celebrities, Wipso - Light Home News

Brunello Cucinelli trousers, a black top by Andrea Adamo, yellow gold earrings and a bracelet from the Juste Un Claw collection, all from Cartier. Photo: Matt Easton

This is his first film with Marvel. Scarlett Johansson has been in this universe for nine years and isn’t afraid to say that in other movies, like iron man 2, its Kali Mai There was sexual abuse for no apparent reason. Is this movie a redemption against that objective past?

Yes, we understood it completely when we first read the script. I was very impressed that Marvel made this film not only to honor and honor women, but to highlight the dirty side of abuse and what happens when you’re left with guilt. they have built a lot honest. I have a scene where I explain to Alexie (David Harbour) What is a hysterectomy and why am I no longer having my period, and, you know, it was clearly something I never saw on screen.

from widow To widowWhat’s the best advice Johansson has given you?

One time during the shoot we were talking about vacations, rest and will I have enough time to disconnect. He turned, looked at me and said: “What are you saying, you are 22 years old. this is the moment you have to go out [en el inglés original: «Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go…», así hasta 10 veces seguidas]». I’ve always felt so guilty for not stopping working, and I think I’m grateful that he told me this was the moment in which to move on.

So, has the coronavirus outbreak affected your relationship with work?

I’m not going to deny that it was nice to get some rest. That doesn’t mean you don’t want to stop working and continue to take these opportunities.

Apart from what they have, it can be said that they have been embodying the vengeful heroines of the patriarchy.

I think a lot about women and how over the course of our lives we are told that we don’t do it well or that we will never have the power to do it. It’s happened to me. He told me this in school, during my studies or when I started my career. So now I really enjoy the roles that prove they were wrong with us.

Florence Pugh: &Quot;Scarlett Johansson Told Me: 'You'Re 22. It'S Time To Go All Out'&Quot; | Celebrities, Wipso - Light Home News

Brunello Cucinelli trousers, Andrea Adamo Tank Top Sweater; Earrings and bracelet, both from the Just Un Clou de Cartier collection; and Repossi earcuff earrings. Photo: Matt Easton

Her image as Dani is crying with the rest of the women midsummer Quarantine’s star becomes meme to describe global emotional state. How do you take this second life to the internet of your characters?

Oh I heard Olafur Arnolds cry so much! It was a personal challenge. She had never played a grieving woman like this. And the duality doesn’t go away. The conflict remains, only then I understood his state of mind. On the other hand, I always understood that midsummer It will become a cult classic. It is a film that perfectly blends pain and tragedy with a strange and disturbing color point.

Florence Pugh: &Quot;Scarlett Johansson Told Me: 'You'Re 22. It'S Time To Go All Out'&Quot; | Celebrities, Wipso - Light Home News

Florence Pugh is wearing a denim jumpsuit with pockets from Dior and earrings and a bracelet from the Juste Un Clo de Cartier collection. Photo: Matt Easton

Dani is a symbol. Ariana Grande has dressed up as her character.

Incredible truth? He mentioned me with the outfit on social media and, I think everyone will understand that I spent the next few hours screaming with excitement.

More than Kik, he is committed to dialogue and has stood firm against verbal violence and Bullying [en el confinamiento, Pugh publicó un vídeo en el que alertaba de que no toleraría más odio e insultos en su cuenta dirigidos a su pareja, Zach Braff].

I have always had a love-hate relationship with social media. I stayed on Instagram because I think it’s the kindest. I don’t want to take social media too seriously and I try to be more positive than negative. i think internet It can also be a wonderful site connecting all of us. I guess at the start of the pandemic I wanted to draw attention to why this harassment and humiliation is not okay. I think we’ve become Cold For those who are devoted to humiliation. we reward And we cheer on the people who leave those horrifying and toxic comments. It doesn’t have to be so negative. I yearn for the days when the internet was free of threats.

Is it difficult to deal with exposure now?

I have always defended and will defend that I, first and foremost, have an honest account. Just because you have a lot of followers doesn’t mean you can’t be imperfect. I want them to see that I’m not always made up, that I have cellulite or undone eyebrows. The world must be prepared for this.

His three brothers are also interpreters. The eldest, Toby Sebastian, was the legendary Tristan Martell. game of Thrones. If given a chance, which role would you like to play in the series?

Undoubtedly, Septa Unella, lousy bad nun.

by the way. I understand that from the age of three to seven he lived in Sotogrande. remember that?

Every thing! My school, the beach, full of sand. Oh, is that so, Tortillas of my mother I can still smell them!

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