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“Fefa La Jefa”: the mysterious woman who takes Rosalía out to party in ‘Despecha’ | Celebrities, Fashion

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Bold, creative and totally independent, Rosalía is not only the architect of a musical revolution but also of a linguistic one: her ability to mix slang from different Spanish-speaking areas, along with urban expressions that mix Spanglish with the total homegrown is proverbial. The invention of the term “Motomami” is just one of many possible examples that this newspaper revealed a few weeks ago in this video. In her new song, released just a few hours ago, the Catalan diva speaks of the universal feeling of spite, again using language that is as unconventional as it is feminist: “Baby, don’t call me, I’m busy forgetting your ills / I’ve already decided that tonight it goes out, with all my motomamis, with all my gyales”. As most fans of the artist know, the word gyal is a Caribbean evolution of the word girl and means young girl, although it can also be given sentimental connotations. Despicá, firm candidate for song of the summer is a hymn to female friendship that could not be found on any streaming platform until today but that the singer has been singing in each of the concerts of her tour, so that she has been configuring its launch and shaping some details with the help of the public: “What do you prefer it to be called: De lao a lao or Despecha?” she asked her at her concerts in Madrid at the WiZink. As Carlos Marcos told in his chronicle of those days, this is how he baptized “the new jewel of Spanish pop” [Marcos dixit]. In the two and a half minutes that the hit lasts, there is a wink in one of the verses that invites one to wonder about the identity of the person he is talking about. When Rosalía explains that she will go out at night to get even with her love affairs, she points out: “I’m going with Fefa, she’s the boss.” Who is Fafa? Are we facing the new «Becky with the good hair»? Although she has not yet confirmed who the person she is talking about is, it seems clear that it is a wink in the form of a tribute to Fefita La Grande, a great classic merengue. Manuela Josefa Cabrera Tavares is an excellent Dominican accordionist who has released more than a dozen albums and at 78 years old, she is still active. The career of this artist is as long as she herself: at the age of seven she was already known in her community for her talent as an accordionist. In the mid-fifties she starred in an anecdote that has haunted her all her life: in an impromptu concert “Petán” Arismendy (brother of dictator Rafael Leónidas Trujillo) heard her play and gave her a hundred pesos that helped her start her career. She was only twelve years old. Rosalía and Fefa could have met last year thanks to Tokischa, since the veteran appears in Linda’s video, another song that, like Despechá, is a hymn to female friendship with countless linguistic codes worthy of exegesis: «There is a teteo right now in the alley with kitipó », that song began by saying. This is how the Spaniards discovered that “teteo” could be synonymous with party and “kitipó” a percussion instrument very similar to the cajon. In Desspechá Rosalía sums up a good party like this: «Fuck fame, fuck work. The night is long, the night is good. A violent mambo and end of the problem»

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