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Dion Lee, the Australian who designed Rosalía’s ‘schoolgirl’ wardrobe for the Motomani Tour debut | Fashion

Rosalía premiered the Motomami Tour on Wednesday night in Almería, which will tour all of Spain in July and will later travel around the world to finish in December in Paris. A tour that has all the ballots to become a great international success and has generated much expectation. Fashion, very present in Rosalía’s career, had also been generating information on social networks for days. Although it was expected that Pepa Salazar – a firm that we have seen the Catalan singer dressed in in recent days – was behind the tour wardrobe, Rosalía finally jumped on stage dressed as Australian creator Dion Lee. Rosalía dancing at the Almería concert. Photo: Juan Benítez/Europa Press via Getty Images The designer from Sydney debuted with his homonymous brand in 2009 and stood out for being the first designer to have managed to parade at the Sydney Grand Opera. Since then he has managed to dress great Hollywood celebrities and Meghan Markle, who in 2018 collapsed his website by wearing a navy blue dress inspired by the sea on a visit to Melbourne. For the premiere of the Motomami Tour, Rosalía wore a set made up of a pleated skirt, which she reminded of those of a schoolgirl, combined with a blue and black striped sweater with biker shoulder pads. The finishing touch of the styling were high blue boots and braids like something out of a manga drawing. Rosalía wore a Dion Lee sweater and skirt set. Photo: Juan Benítez/Europa Press via Getty Images The creator is a staunch defender of unisex clothing. In an interview he defended his theory about designing clothes without thinking about gender. “Many of the garments that he designed can be worn by both women and men. This allows me to carry them myself. When you wear your own product you can do an immersion, you gain perspective, it makes a difference in how the garments are cut and how they look.” His references are the fashion of the 90s and the creations of great masters such as Helmut Lang. It is unknown if Rosalía will wear Dion Lee’s look during the tour or if she will change signatures and styles as the concerts progress. The singer has no prejudices when it comes to dressing either, so her choices, like her music, will undoubtedly be unpredictable. Australian designer Dion Lee. Photo: Getty Rosalía performing before 12,000 people in Almería. The Motomami Tour will take her on tour around the world. Photo: Juan Benítez/Europa Press via Getty Images Rosalía with D for goddess at the concert in Almería. Photo: Juan Benitez/Europa Press via Getty Images

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– Article Written By @Beatriz García from https://smoda.elpais.com/moda/dion-lee-el-australiano-que-ha-disenado-el-vestuario-de-colegiala-de-rosalia-para-estrenar-motomani-tour/

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