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Daniela Requena: “Enough of talking about sex being uncomfortable, embarrassing” | pleasures

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Daniela Requena (30 years old, Valencia) studied Journalism, takes her first steps on TV and has recounted her entire transition to a trans woman on TikTok. She even uploaded a video of her vaginoplasty. “Shameless, hooligan and politically incorrect”, as she defines herself, she has 825,000 followers on the social network. From her experiences, she produced the book Mama, soy mujer with the Planeta publishing house. Perhaps because of all this, and because of her speech on the LGTBI struggle, the socialist leadership in Valencia appointed her secretary of the LGTBI and Diversity area of ​​the new executive. Her new challenge is now in the world of podcasting, a project that she is excited about: “There is nothing I like more than sex.” She has just released X Questions, a Spotify podcast produced by PRISA Audio, in which she comments on listeners’ voice notes and tries to do pedagogy. She studied journalism and works as a journalist. Her facet as a trans woman is almost always inseparable. She never tires of talking about the trans world. What I have done has been to merge my facet as a journalist with my facet as a trans person. I have done a merger and honestly speaking, it has benefited me at work. Thanks to sharing my transition I have been able to write with Planeta. Thanks to talking about my sexual relationships as a trans woman, Spotify saw me as a person who spoke openly and naturally about sex. I am very happy to evolve professionally. Do you feel like a reference? I am aware that I am a reference but it is not something that I have sought to be. I am the most politically incorrect person in the world, but unconsciously, without intending it, I am a source of inspiration for some people who follow me. And so much. What is X Questions about? It aims to bring all people closer to sex in the most natural, free way and to stop stigmatizing something as common as sexual routes or the catastrophic experiences that many of us have had. We talk about morbidity, fantasies… we intend to bring it closer in a super natural way. Enough that talking about sex is uncomfortable, embarrassing. We intend to have fun, but also to inform and educate, because we also have a small part of sexual education where we explain to all listeners that every sexual relationship has its risk and must be avoided. How did the idea come about? Spotify proposed it to me directly, they met me through TikTok and I said please, yes, it was something I was waiting for like water in May. It’s a podcast created for me because I’m as cheeky and shameless as the content we tell. An office with anonymous sexual salseo… There is a lot of anonymous sexual salseo! People tell us their experiences through Whatsapp and some have even asked us to fake their voices. Sometimes I would love to talk about myself, but of course, I’m just here to comment. In each episode I always narrate some small brushstroke. For example, the first episode was about the sound that emerges from sexual intercourse and I was telling an experience of mine that I had at a wedding with a guy and it had to do with music and sex. I do not openly tell my experiences as listeners tell, but everything will be seen. What kind of audio do you receive? From audios where they tell me Daniela you are very beautiful, I love your book, blessings, to audios recounting experiences like I’ve hooked up with my cousin, or I have seven girlfriends… We are receiving absolutely everything. What curious anecdote or concern have you been told or asked about? There are many stories of enjoyment, where people freak out with themselves. The guy I ended up fucking the brother of the guy I was with. They have also asked me, since I am trans, to tell them what my sexual relations are like. And I: well, nothing, I’ll tell you. That episode is not yet published, but everything will go away. They also send him audios of bad sexual experiences. Do we know how to laugh at ourselves during sex or do we have a little trauma? Fifty, fifty. I would tell you that 50% of the population is ashamed of what happens to them and is very prejudiced against telling what things, and another 50%, fortunately, tells you everything and wants to share their experience with us. There is still a lot of prejudice and I think that with X questions we are going to encourage people to stop stigmatizing those situations. I think sex should be a subject. Sexuality should be implanted as such in schools and institutes. We cannot reach 15, 16 or 17 and not know how to perform fellatio properly. And it’s scary to ask how it’s done. Well, since the schools are gone, at least Spotify gives you the opportunity to learn a little bit. In general, how are we Spaniards doing in terms of sex education? catastrophically. We are not going if we compare ourselves with other countries that are better off. Even so, Spain is one of the countries that has one of the most advanced legal frameworks in terms of the LGTBI community, and that has made the sexual mind come a long way. Still, much remains to be learned. A good part of society has no idea, there is a lot of shame and there is a lot of prejudice. What kind of prejudices? In my personal case, many guys are still embarrassed or ashamed to say I like a trans girl, or have slept with a trans girl with or without a penis. It is something that I have lived in my day to day. But as soon as I see that they try to hide me, I unhide myself and tell about it. And in general, everything. For example, there is the typical guy who is given overweight women and is embarrassed, but that you like that is wonderful. No one is going to say anything bad to you, it’s just sexual. Life is two days, we have come here to have a good time. You will have heard other formats similar to X Questions. Who are your references? I can’t help but mention Daniela Blume and her legendary radio shows where she herself talked about sex, and I love it. For me it is a source of inspiration. Do you remember the legendary television program Dos Rombos? Well, I was little and I saw the grace. And look, now I’m talking about what I like the most, which is sex. It is a podcast with an introduction, little stories from the listeners and also a lot of pedagogy. Do you have advice? We have a wonderful team of directors and writers, and we work with a sex education center that helps us with a lot of the reporting. I learn with each episode. Do you think that parties like VOX harm diversity? They send their hate speeches to the population that is not well aware, and sometimes people believe these speeches that have no head or tail. The same thing happens with TERFs. He is a public figure, he is part of the socialist leadership in Valencia. At some point since then have you been self-conscious when it comes to talking about some topics? The first thing I said in the first meeting I had with the members of the PSOE was that I wasn’t going to pretend or be someone I’m not. If you love me, you love me as I am. If I feel like going topless, I’m going to do it, if I feel like making a video saying that I’ve fallen in love with a guy from Vox, I’m going to do it, if I feel like showing my vaginoplasty, I’ll show it. I have the least politically correct profile in the world of the history of politicians. I am a person who gets on all the trains because you never know when they are going to happen again. They accepted and there we are, hand in hand for now. What would be the achievement of X Questions? Doing it is already an achievement and I feel super grateful. It would be to finish it in style with as many listeners as possible, continue doing many more seasons, have fun and enjoy. For now, since I am such a warrior, I am cured of fear. But I like to tell people to come to the show because they’re going to have a good time, they’re going to laugh and they’re going to learn. And it only lasts 10 minutes, one Friday a week. Aren’t you short? Very short! Sometimes I say: yes, seriously? How did you say that saying of better little than…? Well, I don’t remember.

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