Culto 1105, Spanish firm of bags and shoes that your daughters will inherit.  fashion

From caste comes Greyhound and Marta Kobos, founder of the brand of bags and shoes cult 1105He had an entrepreneurial streak in his genes. “My parents are entrepreneurs and they started at a very young age. My mother has an interior architecture studio and my father is a lawyer”, he explains to S Moda over the phone. With an unconditional fascination for the fashion world when she was young, she decided to train in advertising and public relations “because all around you you hear that fashion is an unsafe and uncertain path,” she admits. But there are things that cannot be avoided and only years will have to pass for the Madrillion to redirect its path. So this was the matter. In 2018, at only 25 years old, Marta decided to quit her job at a major multinational company in Madrid and travel to Milan for training at the mecca of design: the Marangoni Institute.

Culto 1105, Spanish Firm Of Bags And Shoes That Your Daughters Will Inherit. Fashion - Light Home News

Juliet in neutrals from the ‘From the Sun’ collection. Photo: DR

Once he completed his studies and returned to Madrid, Cobos began sketching his personal project. After a year of non-stop work, the Culto 1105 hit the market in January 2020, but the young entrepreneur would never have imagined it was a timely coincidence with the outbreak of a global pandemic. “We launched Culto 1105 and we got a great response, but two months later the coronavirus came and everything stopped,” he tells us. The designer recalls uncertainty and fear, although with more perspective he defines it as “training at the best at the best of times”. What played in his favor was locating the manufacture of his designs in Spain because “you have a greater ability to adapt.” To make his own bags, he moved to Ubrik, where he worked with a “very small and familiar” workshop, and he traveled to Elche, Alicante, to make shoes. Marta highlights saver fair And while our country has a tradition of artisans, there’s also the importance of communication with the people who make their pieces. “I chose to produce in Spain not only because of the wonderful industry in the footwear and handbags sector. I think it is very important because of the closeness and the relationship that arises with the craftsman who makes them”, he explains. The creations are for sale in his own showroom in Madrid (located in the Justicia neighborhood), on his website and on the sales portal.

Culto 1105, Spanish Firm Of Bags And Shoes That Your Daughters Will Inherit. Fashion - Light Home News

Gilda ivory and mustard from the ‘From the Sun to the Sun’ collection. Photo: DR

Culto 1105, Spanish Firm Of Bags And Shoes That Your Daughters Will Inherit. Fashion - Light Home News

Trocadero and Gilda sandals sky blue. Photo: DR

One of the keys to the success of his youth project is closing the gap with his customers: “When you humanize it it brings the brand a lot closer”, reveals Marta. And to achieve its goal, the fundamental role of social networks comes to the fore. “While it may seem trivial at first glance, Instagram is a very important means of communication. People need to feel closer to you so that we can’t go out as much anymore. The customer not only buys the design, but what is behind it”, he clarifies. An example of her vision was the action taken in the midst of imprisonment on Mother’s Day last year, when, like a true queen magician, she visited the community of Madrid, carrying gifts to the doorsteps of their homes. . “I personally delivered orders made within the community of Madrid. It was something very special because she was leaving with a car full of bags, leaving gifts to mothers that her own daughters could not see due to imprisonment, She remembers.

The brand name “Culto 1105″ refers to the mission of its project with the interpretation of its initials in Roman numerals. “Worship fashion is understood as an art; quality, Spanish tradition and craftsmanship”. Aiming to create a permanent collection, the designer recovers and reinterprets patterns in colorful and vibrant designs with a retro aesthetic typical of the 70s. “Culto 1105 bags can remind you of what our grandmothers wore. We transfer patterns from the past to the present with the power of color as a differentiating element”, he says. Rise that communicates with the woman to whom its timeless pieces are directed.” Cult speaks to all women who want to differentiate themselves and create a wardrobe full of value with designs that will be passed on to future generations. may inherit”, details the firm’s alma mater. “When you invest in a garment, sooner or later you return to it. I have too many blazers and belts from my mother that you no longer can be found,” he added.

Culto 1105, Spanish Firm Of Bags And Shoes That Your Daughters Will Inherit. Fashion - Light Home News

Mandarin mobile phone case. Photo: DR

“It’s not necessary for me to separate my work from my personal life: It’s time to stop working when it’s something you’re really passionate about,” he says. For those looking to embark on a new path, Kobos doesn’t hesitate: “The law of attraction works. If you believe in it and are willing to give your skin, in the end you will succeed.”

If we look to the future, the entrepreneur prefers to take Culto 1105 to the other side of the boundaries and expand the range of his products by shifting the essence of his firm to the textile sector. “I wish you could wear head-to-toe clothing in Cult 1105,” he concluded.

Culto 1105, Spanish Firm Of Bags And Shoes That Your Daughters Will Inherit. Fashion - Light Home News

Marta Kobos. Photo: DR