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Contradiction of 400 million that is worth ‘before and after’ bikini operation. beauty, wellness

  Contradiction of 400 million that is worth 'before and after' bikini operation.  beauty, wellness

Years go by, viral craze and fodder clickbait The Internet’s in the headlines, but there’s one surefire style that will never die of success: before-and-after bodies on Instagram.

Hypnotic body transformation, either . Through this beauty surgery videos or through a documented visual diary with a severed head frame and selfies Continue to trade high in the bathroom mirror dome, explore window or wherever the algorithmic and fragmented advertising wants to place it. Let us tell you that those 13 million Instagram followers from Australia are Kayla Itsines who yearn to get their body and who wouldn’t be afraid to document the whole process to achieve it. Itsins, the world’s most celebrated fitness influencer and queen of ‘before and after’ on the net, announced this week that it has formalized the sale of its app Sweat to iFit for $400 million (about 338 million euros).

In less than a decade, this Australian gym instructor launched an eBook on her exercise routine in 2014. Because her clients always asked for slimmer legs and stronger abs, she shared her tutorials and tricks for exercising her body. A millionaire cult has been created around. Also thanks to the free publicity and notoriety that led his followers/recruits to be like an army (#KaylasArmy initially acted as a motivational hashtag) sharing his personal visual diary of body transformation in twelve weeks to do. #BBG (The Bikini Body Guide, a hashtag that was already hanging around in 2015, every 30 seconds On Instagram). After creating her own exercise and fitness app with her former fiancée, Sweat (which comes from Kayla’s Sweat, Kayla’s Sweat), Itsines cemented her position as a fit body guru with $400 million in sales to the app Confirmed. iFit Workout. A budget that roughly represents Micronesia’s GDP, as recalled deduction.

While Patri Jordan in Spain became a symbol of quarantine to stay in shape, users globally have normalized consumption of fitness apps combined with the gradual reopening of traditional gyms. accordingly sharp bloombergThe coronavirus crisis has accelerated the adoption of hybrid models of online/in-person workouts, and a study by fitness company ClubIntel confirms that 72% of gyms now mimic virtual workouts, compared to 25% in 2019 or offer live. Introduced for half a decade by the Itsines gurus of Instagram and YouTube. Because not only does Itins achieve millionaire figures. The online exercise bike classes app Peloton announced last June $607 million profit (approximately 514 million euros), which was up 172% over the previous year.

In a world in which sensuality and sensuality have been erected in favor of a passion for bodies with steel muscles and even functional in Hollywood – very interesting viral essay Everybody’s Hot, Nobody’s Horny from RS Benedict analyzes this phenomenon blood knife- It is ideal to see that despite an intense decade of social activism in favor of normalizing diversity and body acceptance, the phenomenon of the ‘bikini body’ as a whole remains profitable.

Victoria’s Secret angels will no longer wink on the catwalk or be designed to satisfy the manly gaze of husbands who fantasized about spicy lingerie and will now try to sell the image of women comfortable with them, but that The essence of passion is body fit with one, although it is transformed and muted with different semantics that appeal to personal improvement, yet it remains completely intact and beneficial.

Now that the path continues to appeal to one, from the activeness of the body, to the positive movement of the body.radical self acceptance» And trying to discard the idea that not all bodies have to be beautiful because they don’t need to be worthy in any way, fitness apps to achieve functional bodies prospered and developed because of that unbeatable social fear Being that which is the fear of being fat (or resembles it).

About the gordophobia that is also inherent in Hollywood, published a few days ago an interesting report on Jezebel On the history of Hollywood’s ‘Fat Suits’. Hazel Sills’ article was based on criticism from various associations and body activists Impeachment: American Crime Story To put a 10kg prosthetic on Sarah Paulson to play Linda Tripp, the woman who turned Monica Lewinsky in the case against Bill Clinton. for Paulson, He weighs around 50 kg in real life thick suit, The prosthetic Hulk that very thin actors and actresses put it on themselves to prove to the camera that the thicker version of his character works better with that kind of visual gag, that simplistic minimalist joke, that actors who want to bet on Compared to trying sylphs that aren’t really running. That would be because those in Hollywood know, too, like Kayla Itsines, that nothing works better, and hypnotizes us more than the hook of the incredible ‘before and after’ body transformation.