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Climbing: the fashionable sport that triumphs among women | Beauty, Wellness

What does climbing have to have become the ‘it’ sport of the moment? And for it to grow so much among the girls? Those who have been practicing it for years recognize that in the last two years the growth of this sport has been spectacular. Part of the blame lies with the post-confinement hangover, which aroused the physical activity bug in people who until then had not practiced sports. If possible, outdoors. Social networks, so instagrammable friends of sports, surrendered to a specialty given to spectacular photos. The 2019 Oscar for the documentary Free Solo had already added a touch of epicness to the matter, multiplied by many similar ones on all television platforms (Valley Uprising, The Dawn Wall…). The icing on the cake was the Olympic gold medal for Alberto Ginés from Extremadura. It is rare on Sunday that the climbing walls do not hang the ‘full capacity’ sign. Like Pilates, but on a wall From the first second you hit a wall, your body is in tension. Something like Pilates, but vertically. Unlike other more explosive or brute force sports, climbing requires a balance between isometric strength (engaging the whole body), coordination, flexibility, decisiveness, and tons of focus. Qualities in which women can compete one on one with men, far removed from the exaltation of the ‘alpha male’ of other sports and that partly explain the egalitarian environment among climbers. Already involved in matter, there are different types of climbing. The spectacular photos usually correspond to free climbing (without ropes, holding only with your own body), the classic one (on virgin walls, but with ropes) and the sport one, now called ‘difficulty’ (with ropes and looking for ‘plates’ already stuck in the rock). Added to these are block climbing, in which you advance horizontally at a low height, and speed climbing, climbing a 15-meter wall at full speed. This last discipline is the only one of explosive force itself. Prepare for the unexpected Psychologically, climbing is a school of life on a small scale. “You are always losing. By pure gravitational logic, it is easier to fall than to rise. It can take years to build a route, but each advance gives you self-confidence and determination. I always say that ‘if you want wins, go to football’. But if you continue in this sport you will learn priceless lessons on how to assimilate defeats and adapt to circumstances. Also to get to know your body to the fullest”, points out Andrea Cartas, professional climber, trainer and coordinator of the Technification Program of the Madrid Climbing Federation of Madrid. Andrea Cartas, climber and coordinator of the Technification Program of the Madrid Climbing Federation of Madrid, in action. Photo: DR Overcoming the fear of heights is one of the most engaging factors in this sport (many champions still don’t want to look down). Another is the feeling that every day you have to face a different challenge. “In the mountains we always start from scratch. No two days are the same, nor are two identical routes. In that it is similar to surfing, ”says Cartas. Temperature, humidity, and rock type influence grip, wind affects balance, and heat and cold test a climber’s stamina. In climbing walls the environmental conditions are more controlled, but the routes are changed regularly. “This is not like in other sports where you go with rehearsed plays. Here you have to develop physical and mental skills to make decisions on the fly”, emphasizes this athlete. Increasing female presence Unlike other sports, such as cycling or football, where the male presence is overwhelming, climbing, like other mountain sports, has made a strong impact among women. Of the 248,983 federated athletes in 2020, 85,170 are women (34.2%). It is true that the figure includes skiing, trail running, mountaineering and climbing, but the data is especially relevant for how women are beginning to lose their fear of sports traditionally considered ‘risky’. The figure is even higher if all non-federated fans are added. For María García, an amateur climber from the Madrid Mountain Federation, this boom is due to two factors. “Here you don’t run into that air of ‘sport for machos’ that other more established disciplines do have. The atmosphere in the climbing wall or on the mountain is very egalitarian and that helps you feel comfortable. In addition, it is very friendly to the female anatomy. It is not about brute force, but about elasticity and isometric strength. It is a lot like yoga,” she declares. Does the body change when being a climber? “It gives you a strong back and super toned arms, but not muscular like CrossFit. In return, the fingers widen. I’ve got rings that have outgrown me since I’ve been climbing!” she notes with a laugh. And yes, it is a team sport Faced with the myth of the solitary climber, at 14 years old, Yago López (@yago.climb), Spanish speed champion, insists that this is a team sport. “You go up alone, but you need to know that your partner is down below belaying you, rope you up… On the wall you don’t have the same perspective as from below and many times it is the partner who yells at you ‘put your right foot higher or to the left you have a ledge to grab you’. And when doing block, even if you are not very tall, it is appreciated to have someone to carry you (support while climbing a very steep wall) or help you fall well, ”he highlights. Own lifestyle codes Indoor climbing walls have become the new gyms, with weight rooms, yoga classes and even meditation workshops. And depending on the day, they can become real dance clubs, with black lights, dance music and lots of blocks with a party atmosphere. Sputnik, with offices in Alcobendas and Las Rozas, has already made some of its mid-afternoon parties legendary, which are not very different from a local early morning. Except there’s no alcohol here and instead of dancing, you climb. Climbing also has its ethical and aesthetic codes. Sustainable clothing with an environmental background (Patagonia, La Sportiva, ), casual and colorful designs (Jeanstrack, (8B Plus…), canteens with vegan dishes, and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, far removed from the rivalry of other sports. Also call attention to the growing presence of entire families, with very young children daring with their first routes.An ecosystem that exudes good vibrations and ends up hooking those who dare to wear climbing shoes.

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