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Churchill and Thatcher did not do without it: why the benefits of the siesta are not a Spanish myth. beauty, wellness

  Churchill and Thatcher did not do without it: why the benefits of the siesta are not a Spanish myth.  beauty, wellness

It was not until 2018, and thanks to the publicization of official British government documents, that it was revealed that the Siesta had withheld the forces of the Order back in 1987. Notably, the security gap was none other than Margaret Thatcher. , re-elected as chief executive officer for the third time that year, was in the back seat of her Jaguar Daimler. “I am concerned that when the prime minister sleeps in the official car, the headrest design causes his head to drop forward instead of serving as support for his neck,” read. written Thatcher’s personal agent, Bob Kingston, sent it to the office at 10 Downing Street. But the alert didn’t end there and Kingston called these short naps essential to the health of a policy that claimed sleeping no more than four hours a night was “dangerous”. “When the car suddenly brakes or accelerates, or there is some other disturbance, it raises its head very quickly. I’m sure one day it will cause them a minor injury.” The petition was approved and the fleet manager urged the car company to find a more comfortable system for Iron Lady, who is not the only great leader to take advantage of one of the most beneficial and stigmatized practices of our daily routine, which In its maximum glory, mercury runs wild like a thermometer.

The summer months are a favorite time for naps, when the blinds let the sun’s rays filter through their pores and the multicolored twilight of the Tour de France serves as the perfect soundtrack to a restful sleep. In addition to reducing the risk of stress, blood pressure or heart disease, a half-hour nap can reverse the hormonal effects of poor sleep nights that occur on these dates due to the stress caused by high temperatures. ito confirms Dr. Norman Swann in his book So you think you know what’s good for you: “I know I’ll be able to get through a full day because of a 15-minute nap and, sometimes, that one certainty can be the difference between feeling distressed from a lack of sleep or just a little drowsy.”

Churchill And Thatcher Did Not Do Without It: Why The Benefits Of The Siesta Are Not A Spanish Myth. Beauty, Wellness - Light Home News

Two women sleep on the beach in Monte Carlo, 1934. Photo: Getty

Director of sleep research institute (IIS), Diego García-Boreguero, advised s fashion that the nap was subtle, lasting about fifteen minutes, to avoid a feeling of fatigue upon waking or insomnia when the night fell. Naps help us to regulate our body temperature against the outside heat in the summer months, and it is a confirmed fact that it is during the holiday season that we often practice naps with which we are least For a few minutes, the beach warms up. “The brain regulates the body temperature itself. If it is cold it generates heat and if the temperature is high, it releases it. The function of the siesta in the Mediterranean and rural Spain , from a historical point of view, was to cut down on the middle hours of the day and regulate body temperature during that rest. story Doctor.

Although it maintains an internal connection with Spanish culture, this Italian invention is rapidly losing its roots in our country while others, such as the United States, try to apply it to improve worker productivity. A study published by the Health Education Foundation of the San Carlos Clinical Hospital (Fundadeps) and the Spanish Association of the Bed (Asocama) in 2009 debunked the myth of the Spanish siesta by stating that only 16% of our country’s citizens practiced it. daily.

But far from the disturbing statements from politicians, artists, Silicon Valley gurus and other tycoons who have made their own breakthroughs in reducing sleep hours (from Donald Trump to Jack Dorsey to Tom Ford), the notion that exhaustion is achievable. Personal and professional fulfillment has been condemned countless times by science. NASA experts they encrypted model nap, also known as Blink, in a time span of 26 minutes and determined that it increased the work performance of workers by up to 34%. Even as multinational Amazon presented its plan to set up a meditation booth last May, within its Working Well program to improve the mental health of its employees, it generated so many memes — some tweeted them. Baptized as “Zen Coffin” – as a possible approval from your users. They have been used for years at the headquarters of other multinational companies such as Google, Nike or Procter & Gamble.

Churchill And Thatcher Did Not Do Without It: Why The Benefits Of The Siesta Are Not A Spanish Myth. Beauty, Wellness - Light Home News

Four office workers rest on the roof of a building in Adelaide, Australia, 1953.

While Ronald Reagan was ashamed of his nap and his wife, Nancy, denied him to the media so that voters could not perceive the President of the United States as a “bomb”, his successor in office was more independent than Bill Clinton. Honest about the impact of sleep deprivation on his performance as a world leader. The former president, who slept an average of four hours during his term, said, “I made all the big mistakes in my life because I was so tired.” Churchill also moved to the underground bunker where he led troops during World War II, until the urgency was war-like. He wrote in his memoirs, “Nature did not intend for humanity to function from eight o’clock in the morning to midnight without the refreshment of blissful sleep, albeit only for 20 minutes, to renew the living powers.” enough to do.”

In top-level sports teams, the importance attached to medical bodies to reinforce relaxation and muscle relaxation in athletes is well known. FC Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué has admitted he sleeps for two hours on match days and current Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti does not give his approval for exactly one hundred minutes. An immutable ritual which he claims to practice even in the hours leading up to the Champions League final.

millennial u CenturyLess concerned with perpetuating the old prejudices of previous generations, they adopt this practice indiscriminately. Such is its popularity that it is possible to find a video of ASMR on YouTube, the modality of auditory stimuli based on whispers popular in recent years that is specifically designed to lead to a quiet nap on a hot summer day. With more than two million visits, it seems that many people have spent their entertainment hours decorating their entertainment hours in the form of cradling a pillow, several snowflakes falling into a glass, or a fan’s propeller. Have come in a voice of comfort. dream.