Carolina Eusté:

Carolina Eusté (Badajoz, 1991) premieres this July 23 the cover, The debut feature of Secun de la Rosa, in which she played a girl who makes a living by imitating Amy Winehouse in Benidorm’s bar. Goya’s Winner for Best Supporting Actress in Eusté, 2019 Carmen and Lola, It is pure energy and does not hold back from any kind of question. We chatted with him on a hot summer afternoon in Madrid.

in your last job the cover An Amy Winehouse plays the impersonator. How did you prepare yourself to put yourself in their shoes?

The main thing for me was to try to move away from the image a Eraser which was built upon it. I wanted to find the vulnerable part, with a highly sensitive and more gentle look. I, who, as I remember, have been a fan of Amy, did not want to imitate her, but to understand where she went, saw, spoke … both the director Secun de la Rosa and the styling team too helped me. So much for putting myself in his skin.

Do you remember the day of his death?

yes on July 23, the day we premiere the cover. i remember it as a host very heavy And tell yourself: “It can’t be.” Amy was a man who was badly surrounded, who was badly hurt and no one took care of him. She tried to go outside to take care of herself, but she couldn’t get rid of those who wanted to take advantage of her. It has always influenced me to look at images of his concerts when he was already so bad and from behind everyone as if nothing was happening. Do you know, show must go on… there was no one to hold his hand.

When did you start being a vegetarian?

I started out as a vegetarian eight years ago. Since I was young there were some things I didn’t want to eat and when I grew up I knew I wouldn’t have to eat them. Now I am vegetarian. Being vegetarian is an ideology. It’s not only what you eat, it has to do with your diet… it’s educating yourself and analyzing that the meat and fishing industry is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. I believe that in the world we live in, we don’t need to go to the supermarket to buy meat. What’s the use of having soda without straw, if we have such a polluting meat industry. I can’t imagine that we would support this type of diet if we were really in the fight against climate change. All animals, on the other hand, are abuse, which is terrible.

Are vegetarians misunderstood?

Completely. all the time. Of course there is a misunderstanding. But I think I know why that is and why it bothers some people so much. I’ve always been a vegetarian everywhere and I have to admit this comment: “You, as an extremaduran, how can it be that you don’t eat ham?” I know very well what a good ham is and I believe my vegetarianism is a danger to those who dismiss us as idiots… I guess my decision is to make them think again. Forces that his decision is still hurting all of us. With all this I see a lot of justification because somewhere they know that right now, with this climate disaster, is not the time to consume animal products or to feed or groom themselves. There must be a transition in the food industry as it is with the energy industry.

I understand that in the middle of filming the cover They were caught by the announcement of the alarm status.

It looked like the apocalypse was about to come, we were shooting in Benidorm, and the shooting stopped in its tracks. We had a great sense of disbelief. We didn’t know whether we would be able to finish the film or not.

Did you take advantage of imprisonment to do something you normally couldn’t?

I took off my cell phone and took one of these old Nokia phones with no social network and no internet. I only log into the computer from time to time, but of course with this type of phone you rarely enter and you can disconnect. I knew I didn’t want additional information, I live alone and I don’t want to be constantly with a machine in my hands.

Do you actresses feel pressured to update their Instagram or Twitter?

My feeling is that this is an obligation imposed by us. No one explicitly tells you that you need Instagram, but the subtext says things move there. I honestly don’t believe much in it. There are a lot of actors without Instagram who never stop working, but our generation has been told that access is the way to go. It’s true that I know of projects that fans look to capture an actor or actress. But I’m very quiet there because those are projects I don’t want to be in. If my followers are worth me for your project, I’m probably not interested in the story you want to tell on a human or conceptual level. It’s also true that they are very useful for promoting movies, but networks are made to hook you up, the people making it are very smart and they built them right so you can hook yourself up like this There was a medicine.

The film is presented in Malaga, did you miss the red carpets?

I haven’t missed them very much, but I’ve missed everyone who works in them: hairdressers, makeup artists, stylists, photographers… and the truth is, during awards season people have to dress up on their couches at home. To see wearing it was a sadness. What I think is that we should take the opportunity to play more, break the principles more. Don’t always wear the same type of dress, same type of heels. Does this make me tired…

His speech in 2019 when he won Goya Carmen and Lola It was very vindictive and feminist. Have we improved anything since then?

I think things are improving. In recent years, women’s work has been highly rewarded. We are more present. It hasn’t been fully achieved, but there is a huge difference from a few years ago to now. It’s already an advance that it’s all in talks and when a women’s film is going to be made, the team knows it needs women.

have you felt that Carmen and Lola, The love story of two gypsy women, has it become a reference to Spanish homosexuals?

That was my first film which was incredible because it marked the direction of things that fill me. Several girls at Critical Pride have approached me to say that history has marked them greatly. Besides Goya, the biggest award is recognition as a reference for all those girls. It also begs the question of why I am doing this.

If we move forward in feminism, do we go backwards in homosexuality? [Esta entrevista se realizó antes del asesinato de Samuel Luiz.]

I am deeply concerned about the rise in homophobic attacks and hate speech. I think these people and these political parties should stop paying attention to them. We should stop putting the mic on them because look at us, good people, people who want a more just society, we are more. Hate speeches drop so fast and they have short legs that it’s best to ignore them. Society has to evolve and it has to be for the better.

Is everything political in life?

Everything is politics. I don’t believe in neutral approach. Neutral is an attitude in itself.