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The last chapter of season three of #Luimelia took a step forward. It marked distance with what this series, born as spin-off and as a narrative experiment of the success of Love is forever, he had been doing to expand the universe of his characters and respond to a herd of global fans of Luisita and Amelia, together and separately.

“If the first season was an experiment, the second and third, always trying to break the romantic myth, were more defined, but they kept moving in a more idyllic world. But in the last of the third, we tried to bring them a little more to the earthly world, to real life, to the day to day, to daily problems and now they have dragged that tune into the fourth season “, explains Paula Usero, Luisita.

If at the end of the third season, Luisita and Amelia ended up talking about a wedding, in the new season they will start signing a paper … although perhaps it is not what it seems, warns Carol Rovira, Amelia. The chapters of the fourth will be longer, half an hour and that gives much more Luimelia. “The first seasons spoke of internal movements of the couple, doubts and fears, they and their little world, and now external factors will enter that hinder their path. It is much more exciting, there is more adventure, more action, and wonderful secondary characters who will have their own plot and will be a mirror of the girls ”, says Rovira.

The two actresses entered Love is forever almost at the same time, almost three years later and after seeing how their fans demanded more prominence in their love story on screen, they decided at the same time to leave the series and launch their own show, but also willing to find opportunities beyond Luisita and Amelia. Paula Usero has had the extra boost of the Goya nomination for best new actress for her work in Iciar Bollain’s film, Rosa’s wedding and a role in Castamar’s cook. Carol Rovira has entered the series Lord give me patience and he has launched himself, slowly but eagerly, into the world of music.

The two actresses entered Amar es Forever almost at the same time. Photo: Antarctica

Has #Luimelia turned your world upside down? How are you living the phenomenon?

Paula Usero: I’ve been playing Luisita since 2017, it’s been many years, it is true that I have done it in two very different series, but she is a character that is part of my day-to-day life and it is very difficult to let go of her, especially in this season that It is much closer to me and I experience it much less extraordinary and fictional. Since 2019, with the film of Iciar, it is when the machine has started to work and the wheel has not stopped, it is no longer a square wheel. I do not know if #Luimelia It has turned my world upside down, but it has put me in the spotlight. I have continued to do many things in addition to this character, which was something that scared me very much, fear of pigeonholing myself and not being able to leave. Rosa’s wedding, Castamar’s cook … and not only the Goya, the Feroz, the CEC, suddenly you realize that they are paying attention to your work and that gives you extra strength and you believe that you are here and that you are for something, it is not just a fantasy of yours.

Carol Rovira: I continue to lead my life, my group of friends, I don’t think it has changed me so much on a personal level. People know you more, although it is true that now with masks you go unnoticed, it does not stop so many people. And at work they already know you a little, when you go to do a test, they already know who you are, you are no longer a complete stranger, but you still have to work it out. It is not a guarantee.

The two actresses are now involved in the filming of this fourth season of #Luimelia that will give the series a twist Photo: Antarctica

#Luimelia It is a transmedia phenomenon, you are proof of the importance of social networks in the sector. But the networks also have that other bad side, that they choose actors or actresses by the number of followers they have. How do you get along with them?

Carol Rovira: Buah … me, fatal. If I could, I’d get out of it all. I always say it and one day I will. If in the end I do not do it, it is because it is true that it is important, right now it is a tool that matters and you have to take care of it, but I do it for that, as an actress I have to have it and I try to take care of it. But I try to spend very little time on social media. When I meet my friends, I don’t take my cell phone out of my bag, it has been stolen several times, because I don’t look at it and I haven’t even heard about it. But then you have those other moments, in the hours of waiting in the filming it is difficult to read a book and the easiest thing is to take out your mobile, it is something that I would like to improve. I try not to pay much attention to the negative reviews, I try to embrace the positive ones and that’s it. On the other hand, you find yourself in situations that are a bit unfair, that someone has been cast because they are more famous or have more followers … It’s funny. In that sense, I see it very easy, I always try to do my best, feel comfortable and feel that I have given my best, if the test does not come out later … but I have worked it out, I investigate the director, references , study … If they don’t give it to me, I can’t do anything. In Amelia there is some nod to all this that I have lived and live and I suppose that I will continue living in the first person.

Paula Usero: With social networks I get along regularly. On my Instagram, at the beginning, like everyone else, I posted things about my life, things that you like, but for some time I have been including more professional than personal things; You have to know that it is a work tool and that not everyone will like it and you have to be careful, especially with the series by #Luimelia that has viralized us, has put us in the spotlight and is quite well known worldwide. You have to be very careful because you put good faith, you write “I’m here with my boy”, and you see that 200 people have stopped following you. I think there are many people who do not know how to differentiate what is fiction and what is real life. I can play a woman in love with another woman, but in my life I share my life with a boy. And then on the other hand, on the issue of followers, it is a bit unfortunate that we get carried away by this, talent is not measured in numbers. It would be necessary to continue accessing the castings in the same way. It should continue to be that way, especially because of the magic of the road, because when they arrive and offer you something directly, it is fantastic, but you arrive at that moment because you come from doing something else, because they have seen you. In summer I am going to do a project for which I have not cast, but they have called me because, even before Goya, they saw me in Iciar’s movie, not cutting an orange on Instagram.

The two are now involved in the filming of this fourth season of #Luimelia that will give a twist to the series. Going out in each scene, they have a tight schedule, but both take time to continue thinking about the future and lives beyond Luisita and Amelia. Carol Rovira is composing and singing, “a new song that will no longer be linked to the series,” she announces. Paula Usero is creating something with three friends that could be closer to her directing ambition, also shared by Rovira. While that moment arrives, both stop to smell the romance phenomenon of the moment. What does it smell like #Luimelia? “If I had to define the character of Amelia with a smell, it would be tulips, some flowers,” Rovira answers. “She is very springtime and I think Luisita is too. I identify the series with the smell of spring ”.

If at the end of the third season, Luisita and Amelia ended up talking about a wedding, in the new season they will start signing a paper … although perhaps it is not what it seems. Photo: Antarctica

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