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Blanca Miró opens the doors of her house in Menorca to us a few days before her wedding on the island | pleasures

Well into the morning in Torret (Menorca), the only thing that can disturb the tranquility of this small district of San Luis, eight kilometers from Mahón, is the song of the birds. After entering a narrow path that a large car cannot enter, a mysterious door gives way to the paradise of Blanca Miró (Barcelona, ​​30 years old). The businesswoman, founder together with María de la Orden of the clothing and decoration firm La Veste, has spent her entire life spending the summer on the island, but for some time now she has felt this place as something much deeper than a vacation spot. “Now I also come in spring and winter. Out of season life is completely different because there are few people and places are closed. But I love this feeling of total disconnection”, she assures. In this refuge, where she feels “in the middle of nowhere”, she also seeks inspiration for her other two major projects: the multi-brand online platform Vasquiat, where she carefully selects clothes and accessories from brands that inspire her, and Delarge, her line of glasses colorful, futuristic sunglasses with a sixties touch. “Some of the projects I’m currently involved in are babies, I’m looking forward to seeing them grow and evolve. I think that people have understood very well what we wanted to express when we assembled La Veste and now they recognize our pieces”, she explains, “that makes me very excited because it was important to do something different and recognizable. Getting it is not easy, but we have been inspired by the wardrobes of our mothers and grandmothers, in which we go to rummage and find unique pieces. We reinvent them and give them a modern and up-to-date touch”. Blanca Miró, in an openwork knit dress, shell necklace, ring and leather sandals, all by MANGO. Photo: Antártica Torret’s family home is a project her mother, interior designer Rosarietta Scrimieri, worked on more than a decade ago. When she finished this job, she liked the end result so much that she decided to keep the house. The family moved from a house in an urbanization much closer to the sea, but busier, to this oasis of tranquility. “My mother has kept the entire base of the original building, conserving the floors, the walls, the ceilings… It is a practical house in which Menorca is breathed everywhere. As for the decoration, it is full of objects that my mother buys on her trips, and it has touches of the south of France. At times she can remind a bit of Provence ”, describes Miró. Although there are several beaches with turquoise waters typical of this Balearic island a short drive away, the family spends a lot of time enjoying the peace and silence of their private garden: “Seeking tranquility here, spending quality time with my family, my partner and my dog, it helps me to later find inspiration and ideas”. The dining room of the house, renovated by Miró’s mother, Rosarietta Scrimieri. Photo: Antártica Miró, who is also an ambassador for Mango, finds similarities between her relationship with the Catalan brand and the family atmosphere she experiences when she spends time in Menorca. “Working with Mango is like working as a family, I know the whole team and I feel identified with their way of doing things, with the selection of profiles with whom they collaborate: artists, musicians, painters… Their commitment to art in general it makes me feel very comfortable, I love having them at home”, she says. There is a corner in this Menorcan anti-stress refuge that has become, over time, his favorite place: the dining room table. “The dining area, next to the kitchen, has very nice views because you can see the garden and the pool, it is the part that I like the most. The kitchen is what most attracts me in any house and the same thing happens to me in this one. It gives me a feeling of well-being, it’s where I feel best”. Kitchen details. Photo: Antártica This passion for the corners where food is prepared and served has led Blanca to create “as a hobby”, as she herself says, @blanca-a-table, an Instagram account where she uploads photos with details of how dress the table to eat with different tablecloths, cutlery, glasses and plates. “The truth is that I had always liked to set the table pretty because I had seen it on my mother who, out of habit, when she invites people to her house she takes great care in dressing them. When we passed the confinement and I was locked up in a house outside of Barcelona, ​​I began to distract myself by setting the table with great enthusiasm. I didn’t want it to be the same all the time, so I started to change it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, to play and have fun mixing crockery, tablecloths… I tried to add a little joy to the moment of eating and later I started uploading what I was creating Instagram,” he explains. Currently, more than 22,000 people daily follow the colorful and cheerful tables where the businesswoman eats every day. Her love for a well-placed table is only part of her passion for decorating and has led her to include a home line in La Veste. “We do not have the capacity to produce some of the products, such as lamps, but we work by creating alliances with artisans who do have that infrastructure. Then we sell it, ”she specifies. Blanca wears an asymmetrical swimsuit with wide printed jeans, all by MANGO. Photo: Antártica Ella During the interview, she insists that she does not feel comfortable under the label of influencer, although with more than half a million followers on her personal Instagram account, she knows that she influences, and a lot. “I do not consider myself an influencer, although I am aware that today having so many people following your networks means that you have the power to influence, but I think it is a term that has become so widespread that we have stopped liking it because anyone He’s an influencer right now. I value the work behind each person and I am very interested when people have a story to tell. But if you don’t have it, with all due respect, I don’t care what you had for breakfast.” In this part, which goes beyond the purely professional to be a more social facet, she looked at the so-called “my character”. She reflects on how everything will evolve over time: “I don’t like to think too much about the future, this changes very quickly and we don’t know where we will be next week, or in a year or five. I usually think more about the present than about what might happen in the long term, but my goal is for all my projects to grow and for my character to continue taking me to beautiful places.” The curtains in natural fabrics that divide the rooms of Miró’s family home in Menorca. Photo: Antártica Continuously traveling has become the day-to-day of the businesswoman, who sometimes misses sleeping two nights in a row in her bed. Everything that is done in excess can get tiring, but even so, she is clear that being able to travel is one of the great privileges of her profession: “My job allows me to move around a lot, meet new clients and exchange ideas with people I know. that you connect I would not stop traveling for anything in the world. It opens your mind and enriches you. In fact, I would spend all my money doing it and seeing new places.” While the photographs for this report were being taken, Rosarietta Scrimieri was carefully taking care of the plants in her family garden. The connection that Miró has generated with this place since her childhood is so intense that she is looking forward to sharing it with her wedding guests. In July, she will marry technology entrepreneur Javier Fondevila, co-founder of Holded, a company that provides technical support for the administration and accounting of small and medium-sized businesses. For the occasion, Miró will change her dress three times and opt for vintage pieces. She will wear a model by Loewe, another by Dior and for the dance one by Paco Rabanne. “I have prepared a guide for the guests with my favorite places in Menorca: artisan shops, where I know the product very well and how they work to make it, restaurants, special places… Menorca is much more than its typical sandals, which, of course, are wonderful. But I want all my friends and loved ones to see and enjoy everything this island has to offer.” The businesswoman wears a MANGO shirt, miniskirt and necklace. Photo: Antártica One of the tables in the garden, surrounded by plants and covered with a white tablecloth with flowers. Photo: Antártica Detail of the living room, where wood, stone and burlap rule. Photo: Antarctica MANGO crochet bikini. Photo: Antártica * Makeup and hairdressing: Yurema Villa (Ana Prado) for Guerlain and Mön ICON Team. Photography assistant: Joaquín Calle Fernández.

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