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Blanca Manchón: “There is no protocol on what to do with an athlete who has become pregnant and wants to continue competing” | Wellness

Blanca Manchón (Seville, 35 years old) her profession requires hours of exposure to the sea, because since she can remember she has been sailing in different boats. “It is one of the hardest things, the hours of sun, wind, salt. It gets heavy, so I protect myself as much as I can,” she explains. She has been a three-time world windsurfing champion and has participated in two Olympic Games. In Athens in 2004 and in Tokyo, last summer: “They have been two totally different experiences, in 2004 she was a 17-year-old Blanca without fear of anything and with nothing to lose, with a track record of incredible results. She brought me an Olympic diploma and it was something magical”. In the midst of a pandemic in Japan, where she arrived injured and twice her age, the picture was different. She had been her mother for five years and, as a consequence, she had lost her sponsors. “Right now there is no protocol on what to do with an athlete mom who has become pregnant and wants to continue competing. We are in the hands of managers or coaches who decide what you have to do and at what times. We are very unprotected. I hope it changes the way of seeing women who want to have children during their sporting life: today they are a problem”. Blanca Manchón, in action on the waves Photo: ARALE REARTES Her career still has some way to go. At the moment she has announced that she aspires to be in Paris 2024, despite the handicap of the change of modality in the competition, from mistral to RS: X. But now she has the support of firms such as Oysho, of which she is an ambassador: “To be among the best in the world in minority sports like mine, you have to have sponsorship that covers the extras that the federation does not reach. The more budget and support, the less you worry about things that do not depend on you. Sailing is in her genes, both her parents and her brother are passionate about the waves. Her mother, the sailor María Antonia Domínguez, participated in a Spanish Championship when she was pregnant with Manchón. “My first memory was when I sailed in the sea for the first time. I knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to this sport the first time I saw the Olympic Games on television.” OYSHO jumpsuit, BIMBA Y LOLA cap, POLO RALPH LAUREN sunglasses and LANCASTER sunscreen. Photo: Courtesy of the firms Protection The occupation of Manchón requires many hours at sea. She does not neglect the use of sun cream, but she spreads it with a sponge, “so that it does not stain my hands and I do not slip while sailing”, she says. She also has a hair oil for hair that is applied as soon as it comes out of the water. Her escape route “I like going to the movies, shopping or traveling,” says the athlete. A favorite vacation destination? “Maldives, with the book I am reading now, The Patient”, by Juan Gómez-Jurado. And a perfect beach? Bondi Beach in Australia. Pleasures Lately, she has been listening to music on loop, by Ana Mena, and SloMo, by Chanel Terrero. In the archive of the series to which he is most hooked, Grey’s Anatomy stands out, with “the best dialogues in the world, especially in its first three seasons.” For a gastronomic treat, she chooses a chocolate palm tree.

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