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Berta Vázquez: “I keep receiving messages from people who dared to come out of the closet for ‘Vis a vis'” | celebrities

Berta Vázquez: "I keep receiving messages from people who dared to come out of the closet for 'Vis a vis'" |  celebrities

At the end of February, Berta Vázquez (kyiv, 30 years old) shared some images of when she was a child through Instagram. In them she appears smiling along with other children with typical children’s clothes from the mid-nineties. The photos might have gone unnoticed in the ocean of social media updates had it not been for the eye-catching caption: “kyiv. I am there”. This is how many of her followers discovered that the actress had been born in the capital of Ukraine, where she lived until she was three years old before moving to Elche, where grew up. The daughter of a Ukrainian and an Ethiopian, Berta Vázquez is experiencing the war from Spain with mixed emotions: “I feel fear and concern for the country. It’s not just being born there. I have loved ones and that has made me want to get involved and understand the situation more deeply. At the same time, you ask yourself things. Why is it that if a war happens in Europe we are more interested than when it happens in another part of the world? It seems that the further away a culture is, the less we care.” Since that February publication, Vázquez has put her social networks at the service of the times, sharing links from associations such as UNHCR or the Red Cross to make donations or help messages to find accommodation for refugees: “I am not prepared to give an opinion, but on this subject I have felt obliged to understand in order to help.”

Vázquez does not deny his roots, but neither does he turn his different nationalities into a flag: “Suddenly I connect with African music, with food, with flavors that seem ‘home’ to me.” The actress began her artistic training through dance at the Paola Yeray school in Elche; At the age of 18, she moved to Madrid. “I have always had an artistic inclination, but being an actress happened by chance.”

The actress is wearing an EMPORIO ARMANI jumpsuit. Photo: XIMENA GARRIGUES AND SERGIO MOYA

As if it were the plot of a movie, he was walking his dog when a female director approached him. casting: “He invited me to do a test for a movie in which they were looking for mulatto actresses and since we weren’t in agencies then, it seems, they went out into the street looking for them,” he comments with sarcasm. That first approach seemed “very dank” to her, as well as the treatment that many colleagues continue to receive: “I have friends who are pigeonholed in castings because they are of a specific nationality or because they have a certain accent. They put them as a servant or as a prostitute and that limits them a lot”. Although she did not get her role on that occasion, the director herself recommended that she look for an agent, and that is what she did. It took several years for her to be called to the casting of the movie palm trees in the snow (Fernando González Molina, 2015), based on the best-seller by Luz Gabás and set in a former Spanish colony in Equatorial Guinea in the 1950s, where the actress plays Bisila, the native with whom the newcomer Killian, played by Mario Casas, falls in love.

But his great success came with the series eye to eye, which narrates the experiences of a group of women in prison, where Vázquez plays Rizos, a lesbian thief who stars in a love triangle with Macarena (Maggie Civantos) and Saray (Alba Flores): “I keep getting a lot of messages from teenagers who say that thanks to the series and my character they dared to come out of the closet and accept their sexuality. I was not aware of how a series can influence people and it has been worth it, because it means that it is not just empty entertainment, but it has helped many women.” Another aspect of the experience with eye to eye —which was very important for Vázquez— is that his character did not specify any race, nor did he ask for any accent: “And luckily. I refuse to put any kind of accent.”


This month the actress premieres the series welcome to eden on Netflix, a thriller in which a group of influencers receives an invitation to attend a drink brand party on a mysterious desert island, in which the world of appearances, of what we show and what we hide, has a fundamental weight in the plot. But unlike the influencers of the series, Berta Vázquez seems to have fled from the world of appearances and has preferred to get away from the light of certain spotlights: “What I like is the job itself. It doesn’t do me any good to be looking for a dress and putting on makeup to have a drink in a photo call. I prefer to go to the gym or write for a while, which are things that do contribute and enrich me. In the end this industry is very bubble and if you are always between a audition, a project, an event and a gala, you don’t get out of there anymore. I prefer not to see myself absorbed by that world and to be just and necessary”. Her anti-diva attitude does not prevent her from seeing the importance of visibility and stardom to spread values: “Platforms like Netflix have focused on diversity and there are many more opportunities. Although there is still a long way to go.”

* Styling: Paula Delgado. Makeup and hairdressing: Iván Gómez (One-Off Artists) for Chanel and Goldwell. Photography assistant: Javier Suárez. Makeup and hairdressing assistant: María Verano.

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