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Begin your summer readings with these stories to share and toast with friends. fashion

  Begin your summer readings with these stories to share and toast with friends.  fashion

There are so many reasons to celebrate this summer, unpacking a bottle a fine white wine And to offer that is what it costs to list them in this small space. That’s why we asked the author and influencer Alejandra G Ramon, May he lead us with the prose of our dreams to the ideal dates we want to enjoy with our (im)perfect friends these days. The One Who Inspired Vina Esmeralda for your new campaign. A fresh wine with fruity flavors, floral notes and a vegan certification that promises to accompany many of our summer aperitifs, those hot afternoons and nighttime laughs. Read on to choose your ideal position…

Begin Your Summer Readings With These Stories To Share And Toast With Friends. Fashion - Light Home News

Picnics can be planned or improvised… but if a bottle of Vina Esmeralda white wine is placed in a cooler to keep it cool, success is guaranteed.

Plan 1: Don’t leave yourself for later

We are not perfect. Sometimes we are a real mess.

We are a cluster of good intentions, extreme delusion, way of looking, enthusiasm, courage, optimism, honesty, joy and strength.

With some flaws, of course.

with some.

That they are conceivable only to those who truly love us.

(And despite this, they still love us.)

(why would it?)

To be honest, our day to day life involves a lot of responsibilities and unknowingly sometimes we lose ourselves, we postpone the important thing for another moment, ignoring the fact that Life is focused on the present, on those who are by our side, « here with me, even if I don’t see you ”and not in speculation about ideal moments in the future that either never come or if they come , so they don’t do it the way we planned.

It is curious.

Furthermore, in that vicious cycle of postponement, time is accelerated as if by magic and, suddenly, another is added to that time, becoming a day, and that day turns into a week, then a month, And then what happens passes: ” We haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

We leave for later. And because?

There is no technology that can suppress the intensity of a good hug, there are no pixels on the screen capable of capturing the true sparkle of emotion in the eye, or a system that can match the taste of fine wines tasted in company. be similar.

Sorry, it’s impossible to compensate.

Why commit yourself?

Fortunately, there are real situations that we can, in principle, generate with little effort: call, set up, stay.

All we need are some good friends, a plan and a sign on the calendar: “San Porc Si”, “La Reunite”, “San Queremos.”

Is there a better reason?

There are always reasons to celebrate and share adventures.

There are always secrets to reveal, tales to remember and laughter to spread…

have you thought about? Laughing at the same thing or laughing for no reason is another type of meditation, which is not done in silence and requires allies. The initial eruption may cause stiffness and/or suffocation.

And yes, even the most decadent people have a special touch of humor.

Best of all: There are always reasons to toast!

I invite you to break your routine and do something simple but special. I don’t know, a picnic. how’s it going?

You need no more than a snack, a tablecloth, a fine white wine, (the basket is not necessary, but, I agree, it always gives it a special touch) and choose a place.

How about migrating to the countryside?

Create a route, show off your culinary knowledge, tell your imperfect friends and let yourself be inspired by their stories. Enjoy the little pleasures that are “totally free” and let go of the burden of bygone days.

Don’t leave yourself for later.

to enjoy.

Begin Your Summer Readings With These Stories To Share And Toast With Friends. Fashion - Light Home News

At what point did a sunny afternoon turn into a late night? The moment we open a bottle of Via Esmeralda with which to toast with laughter.

Plan 2: A Night in the White

At what moment in my life we ​​met, I cannot tell very well. I can’t remember exactly the day or time when our paths crossed, nor the excuse that we continued to talk and share our stories… It’s been so many years that my memory doesn’t reach me But I know that from that moment on we made it almost essential in each other’s lives.

We are very different from each other and we lead almost opposite lifestyles; We have different concerns and different tastes, but something in common, an emotional bond so strong between us that little or nothing can be done to break it.

Our trust is blind.

I love all of them.

Sometimes I feel so proud to be a part of his life, I am happy to recognize him as my confidant, my friends, my sisters and my peers. They are the type of people with whom hours are not wasted, but they sit and miss each other. They are so eloquent, they have so much wit, so freshness, so much intelligence that any excuse with which we decide to share ourselves, any coffee, any celebration, any summer night always turns out to be a great party. . They accept me the way I am and it’s a bit difficult. A little bit, I would say.

I still remember with great clarity the last night I stayed with him in white. It was one of those nights when the plans were almost negligent and turned out to be very special.

Begin Your Summer Readings With These Stories To Share And Toast With Friends. Fashion - Light Home News

With Vina Esmeralda, a vegan certified white wine, there is always reason to toast and many stories to share.

We were on vacation in a coastal area and spent the day at the beach, glued to an arsenal of loungers, some umbrellas and sunscreen. Over time the sun and its high temperature became almost unbearable, so we decided to retire at an appropriate time. On our way back to the hotel we received a message from an old friend whom we had met a few days earlier in the hall of the enclosure by surprise. He proposed us an intriguing plan: attend a night in white, one of those parties in which the attendees must be dressed in neutral colors, the music slides among the ocean breeze and the better on the sand while the people laugh. Or dance with worse success and the noise of the conversation becomes more pronounced as the hours pass and empty glasses of white wine fill the table.

It was a memorable night. this is true.

In that pleasant atmosphere we feel free, we laugh, we drop all our premises, we open the channel and we promise ourselves an eternal friendship, which we seal with a big hug under the moonlight We do.

Tales were happening and our involvement was increasing, as well as our secrets.

And so it happened.

Since then that night has become my refuge.

I resort to it whenever I can and I’m always in it when we have toast with a glass of wine.

White wine, of course.

Begin Your Summer Readings With These Stories To Share And Toast With Friends. Fashion - Light Home News

The real luxury is in the things that are within everyone’s reach: like opening a very cold bottle of Via Esmeralda for dinner and giving her fruity notes a laugh.

Plan 3: A Luxury

For some time now I have had a little struggle with the meaning of luxury and its democratization, because can some luxury be available to all and still be exclusive? What’s more, what exactly is the specification?

I have pondered this many times, but I am not a philosopher and the ideas to which I have been able to devote to this matter are already sporadic, guided by curiosity rather than an analytical desire.

Yet, thanks to these rumblings, I have come to the conclusion that the concept of luxury is subjective and personal, like beauty and its notions, and that what I consider to be exclusive is simply that which is not within my reach.

or not always.

There are many reasons for this to happen, perhaps the most common being an economic one, but in many cases it is distance or schedule or the management of my emotions.

Sometimes I understand that to be able to change scenery and surround myself with nature, to be able to manage my time or to be able to disconnect the phone when I am on vacation, And not so much the fact of indulging itself or living the experience of a high price.

In others it is giving me a massage or a moment of solitude, hugging the person I love, buying some flowers or that beautiful pair of shoes I have long been dreaming of through the glass.

I understand something specific as something that is unique, that cannot be repeated, but beyond its exceptionality, I must value it as authentic and to arrive at this assessment, I had to first live through many other experiences. is. Thus, gradually, I am educating my thoughts and taking advantage of the opportunities that life has given me to create this wonderful and special idea.

One of the most special and wonderful occasions I have ever experienced has happened in a restaurant.

The occasion deserved to be celebrated in style and I did my best to make it perfect and unique, something that was exceptionally unique to me and my partner.

How simple is it, isn’t it?

I remember that I had bought a beautiful dress and had set a secluded table in a far-flung part of the city with views. It took me weeks to get it, it’s true, but it was worth it. Notes of the intimacy shared in that enclave, with candlelight jazz That sumptuous menu paired with white wine that walked across the room and with that smile made me feel unique.

Perhaps company alone would have been enough, it is possible, but in that enclave full of art, in the comfort, under dim lights, to see ourselves surrounded by beauty while savoring the infinite and delicious flavors, while our hands are held between glasses and toast. were intertwined in the middle. Followed each other hopelessly, it was a real success.

It was a luxury within my reach, a luxurious experience I would never have imagined, only the introvert.

A perfect night at a special place.

A culmination of all my senses.

Something that, from time to time, in your own way and to the best of your ability, I suggest you live.

Begin Your Summer Readings With These Stories To Share And Toast With Friends. Fashion - Light Home News

Thank you:

open photo, Left to right: Tablecloth, plate, and napkin from Zara Home; wooden napkin holder from Kew Home; Ceramics from SEZÈ STUDIO, with dips and crudites; Cheese knife and spoon from Zara Home; Bowls with Red Berries from Eton Mess; Wood tray and stone vase from Zara Home.

Photo 1 (picnic): Maison Du Monde Blanket; Picnic basket, plaid tablecloth, green plaid cloth, sandwich basket, plaid cloth and napkin, from Zara Home; Vichy Plaid Hat by Bad Lab for @esfascinante; Grapefruit and Chicken Sandwich, with Bowl and Plate, from Kew Home.

Photo 2 (Pool): On the lounger, a towel from TUCCA and a bag from LAIA ALLEN; Straw bag by Zahati and glasses by Nina Murr, all for @esfascinante; Both the blue sandal and the camper’s flat yellow sandal made from recyclable materials; Yellow Towel from Kew Home; And a marble tray from Zara Home.

photo 3 (dinner), Left to right: Tablecloth from Zara Home; Wooden napkin holders as candle holders from Kew Home; Candlestick from Zara Home; napkins and gold cutlery from Zara Home; ceramic tableware from Kew Home; Under the golden plates from Zara Home; and ceramic candle holder MASONS DU MONDE.

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