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Beauty Sparkles |  pleasures

For a few months now I have been using a promotional cloth bag for Sally Rooney’s latest novel. It is a white bag that has the name of the author and the title of the book, BEAUTIFUL WORLD, WHERE ARE YOU, printed in capital letters in black letters. When the publication of the novel was announced, I was not enthusiastic about the name, which seemed to me to be far from the simplicity of the previous ones. And yet, lately it haunts me like a mantra: where are you, beautiful world. When I think about what beauty is, I remember Paolo Sorrentino’s film, and the main character in The Great Beauty, Jep Gambardella. For him, the search for beauty is at the center of life, it is what gives meaning to all the suffering and obstacles that the character encounters. The idea of ​​beauty and art sublimate the rest. Strolling through the streets of Rome, he constantly reflects on this: “Everything settled under the murmurs and noise. Silence and feeling, emotion and fear. The gaunt, whimsical flashes of beauty. And then the miserable misery and the miserable man. Ultimately, it’s just a trick.” For the writer Camila Sosa Villada, beauty is the antidote to horror and suffering. In her novel Las malas de ella, Sosa combats violence against trans bodies and women like her, treasuring glimpses of beauty. Her writing, the importance of literature in the protagonist’s life, and her moments of fleeting happiness are ultimately what redeems and saves her from pain. In a sense, The Bad Ones is like the reverse of The Great Beauty. In Sorrentino’s film, beauty pervades every shot, and pain is but a memory. Cruelty abounds in Camila Sosa’s book, but the protagonist refuses over and over again to accept that reality, claiming her right to her beauty: “The language is mine. I am going to destroy it, make it sick, confuse it, make it uncomfortable, I am going to tear it apart and make it reborn as many times as necessary, a rebirth for each thing done in this world. When I see my cloth bag, I think about where I look for beauty to escape when reality is overwhelming. The other day, in the office elevator, one of my co-workers stared at the phrase and said to me very seriously: “Really, where is that beautiful world?” Wanting to read, watch movies, wanting to write to understand reality is also a way of looking for beauty when horror is in the foreground. The women in Sally Rooney’s novels are also obsessed with the search for beauty, finding it above all in friendship, romantic love, and the constant exploration of relationships. The more time passes, the more meaning I find in the title of the novel. On days when darkness tinges everything, I remember the warmth of Sorrentino’s shots and Camila Sosa’s words. The best books are those that articulate feelings for which we couldn’t find the right words. And precisely in Where are you beautiful world I find these days the words I need: “The streets were silent and dark, the air curiously still and warm, and on the docks the office buildings were all lit from within, and empty, and below From the surface of it all, I began to feel it again: the possibility of beauty, like a light from beyond the visible world.”

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