Babe Pale, a woman who revolutionized wardrobes

In the first episode of Halston, A Netflix miniseries that describes the life of the designer who defined American fashion in the 1960s and ’70s, The Couturier, played by Evan McGregor, gathered his team to analyze the sales failure of his first women’s fashion collection. Inspired by debt, a phone call led to a monologue explaining Roy Halston’s contemporary view of the importance of debt. Celebrities When it comes to bringing signature to stardom. “It only takes one person from high society to change everything. If the right person wears my clothes, every woman in America will. It just takes a ‘yes’ from the most sophisticated woman in New York … and I Just talked to him. “

Babe Paley marked before and after in American fashion. In the image, at the inauguration of President Eisenhower’s term. Photo: Getty

This woman was known as Babe Pale and was more than one Influential person With an excellent taste for fashion. “She was the dean of the social scene in New York, the most loved swan by Truman Capote and a true symbol of twentieth-century style,” the magazine defends Tatler. When Paley (played by Regina Schneider) visits The showroom Looking for everyday clothes from Halston, the designer has introduced his latest design, Ultrasuede. A shirt dress made of synthetic material similar to suede, but washable, so versatile that it was used to dress, go to school for lunch or to pick up children. “It’s sensual. It’s comforting. It’s liberating,” Halston synthesizes, sitting next to her on a couch, sharing a cigarette while watching the models. Paley’s response, “I’ll take one of each color,” forever changed Halston’s fate, who noticed that the dress was considered the “women’s uniform” of the time and catapulted it to stardom.

Available from 14 May, Ryan Murphy’s series recounts the life and work of the famous fashion designer in five chapters. In addition to grooming stars such as Jackie Kennedy and Liza Minnelli and ruling the extra nights at Studio 54, she formed a lucrative business group that ended up losing the fashion world and artistic control over her work and name . . An emporium he could never build was not for Paley’s faith in his work and ultrasound. A chronicle of the new York Times Published in 1976, four years after its launch, it numbered 42,000 units of apparel sold. “And it’s worth every penny of $ 360 it costs today,” the article testifies.

Netflix miniseries features Evan McGregor as the famous designer. Photo: Netflix

Barbara Cushing was born in 1915 into a wealthy Boston family – her father was a respected neurosurgeon. She was the youngest of three very important sisters in the social scene who married powerful men and received the nickname ‘the magnificent Cushing sisters’. She worked for two years as a fashion editor in the magazine the trend In September 1940, before marrying for the first time, advertising executive Stanley G. With Mortimer Junior. Their relationship was marked by World War II, which displaced Mortimer for three years in the Pacific, and they had two children before their relationship ended. In 1946. The following year she married her second husband, CBS Television CEO William S. Said Pale, ‘Yes, I do’, with whom he had two other children. Together they celebrated the most exclusive New York parties of the 1950s and 1960s and became a collection for writers such as Truman Capote. Her excellent taste for fashion and sense of elegance set a standard for the rest of the women, becoming one Protoinfluencer Which turned any look, makeup product or decoration element into a trend. An example is the idea of ​​tying a handkerchief in a bag, which became fashionable at the time and is still in force seven decades later. She entered the Fashion Hall of Fame in 1958 and was one of the first women to be referred to by the National Society of Interior Decorators “to inspire good design”.

“It was a twentieth-century style icon,” defends ‘Tatler’. Photo: Getty

“He has edited himself into a mold of perfection and certainly achieved it in his style, his homes, his garden, his parties, everything” wrote Famous writer about him, Gloria Vanderbilt. Paley was a perennial presence on the list of the best dressed women in the world and her wardrobe featured Valentino, Balanciaga, Givenchy or the above designed by Roy Halston. Another proof of its effect can be found chronologically. the new York Times In June 1976, at the presentation of the collection of California curators. Editor Bernadine Morris questioned the designer about the suitability of the abundance of dress with the V-neckline and cut by bias, a distinctive pattern of her outfits. “Why not?”, He replied, “It’s too good not to continue, everyone likes it.” In the following sentence, the journalist clarifies that she is actually referring to two women when she says “everyone”: “Jacqueline Onassis and Babe Paley, whose opinions mark the fashion world.”

Despite his privileged status, Paley also wore more affordable garments or copies of other lines without blush, headed various philanthropic foundations, and was well-liked on the Manhattan social landscape. “Everyone thought she was too harsh and too proud, but she was not like that. He remembered everyone’s names and was always interested in their families. ” Created Your trusted hairdresser (and other’s) Celebrities As Nancy Reagan), Mark DeCoster. A frequent smoker, the socialite was diagnosed with lung cancer in 1974 and, knowing of her short life, planned her funeral – which included food and wine – and the distribution of her exquisite jewelry collection. . He died four years later, a day after celebrating his 43rd birthday, leaving behind a genre legacy that remains as a series today Halston They are in charge of justifying and introducing new generations.

Paley died of lung cancer at the age of 63. Photo: Getty

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Parties, sex and a lot of fashion: 70s glamor seamstress Halston's tremendous personality comes on Netflix

Parties, sex and a lot of fashion: 70s glamor seamstress Halston’s tremendous personality comes on Netflix

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