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‘Awkward thing to live’ in summer: stories from guest writers attack ‘S Moda’ August newsletter | Happiness

  'Awkward thing to live' in summer: stories from guest writers attack 'S Moda' August newsletter |  Happiness

Written by Eduardo Mendoza: “There were some popular festivals in the 20th century that could not be replicated. Let’s say they were the Woodstock festival, the biggest festival in Gracia in 1977 and another one I don’t know, something that would happen in Burma or in some remote and secret place”. Mendoza knew that location or dimension didn’t matter: if there’s anything that arouses the heart and enlivens the soul, if there’s a celebration that ignites your skin and brain alike, it’s summer. It’s a festival.

Anything can happen at the festival. Dresses flow more, knowing they are ready to dance. Sterilized corpses leave their mark after Sun And, with her hair wet and making it feel stronger and brighter than ever, we know anything can happen in that time. Everything can be lined up, or broken into a thousand pieces, in a summer festival.

In a summer in which many cities have lost their festivals and celebrations s fashion Two authors are invited to delve into two novels, two very personal stories about this summer’s festivities. Next 5 and 19 August funny to live Will travel to summer festival with new signatures. To get those summer stories in your email, you can subscribe here.

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