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At the house of Charo Ruiz, the great Ibizan fashion lady who dresses Queen Leticia | pleasures

Charo Ruiz (Marchena, Seville, 74 years old) set foot on Ibiza for the first time accompanying the owner of one of the firms for which she worked as a model. So he could not even imagine that he would end up establishing his home there and that more than half a century later his name —turned into a brand— would be linked to the island. It was the sixties and the scenario was very different; To begin with, the women who dedicated themselves to their profession were called mannequins: “At that time you couldn’t walk like you see now on the catwalks, not even crazy! You had to hide your ass,” she evokes with a laugh. After getting his diploma in Barcelona, ​​he went around the world posing with the collections of Pertegaz, Elio Berhanyer or Paco Rabanne. “We went to Beirut, Mexico, New York… I was super young and I really enjoyed it. Everything was a luxury, I remember that we loved being greeted on the plane with a glass of champagne”. She returned to the Pitiusa island years later, together with the man who would become her husband: “The island is still wonderful and fun, but in the seventies everything was just beginning, young and beautiful people came from everywhere. There was only one hotel and one inn, a couple of good restaurants and some eating houses, so we decided to set up a beach bar.” But Ruiz, who had grown up playing with the fabrics of his grandmother’s workshop, called him clothes: “The juices and sandwiches didn’t yield much and I saw that we were going to end the summer with two candles. At that time Indian pants, knotted with rope, were quite popular, and we began to manufacture them in Barcelona. We sold them with some t-shirts that I bought in Mataró, to which we made some incredible color tones and we put the letters ‘Ibiza’ in big. That first year we hung the outfits in front of the bar, we sold four or five every day and we realized that it could be interesting”. The following summer, already armed with a small production, they set up a stall at the Es Canar hippy market. “What I was most excited about was picking up, getting in the car and counting everything we had sold.” The garden of Charo Ruiz’s house, in Ibiza. Photo: ANTÁRTICA Charo Ruiz, the brand, today creates cotton garments that are as light and easy as they are full of details. Ibizan fashion to wear free time that follows the same trail as the proposals of others such as Zimmermann from Sydney, Johanna Ortiz from Cali or Ulla Johnson from New York: tempt the most heterogeneous buyer, from any corner of the globe, with a piece of summer local. The sector is profitable and Ruiz has become in a few years the best-selling Spanish fashion firm in the digital luxury giant Net-A-Porter. Personalities as diverse as Euphoria actress Sydney Sweeney, supermodel Elle Macpherson and Queen Letizia have all worn her designs. The growth has been organic, but the international jump came 10 years ago and in the most unexpected way, says the entrepreneur: “I have worked alone for many years, but I had cancer in 2010 and I had to leave the company for a bit. My children Pablo and Paloma took over and when I came back a year later I decided I wanted to form a team.” Pablo is in charge of accounting and Paloma is in sales. They have also literally taken over the business: “When I went to my first fairs, my daughter had already been born and my mother would bring her to the stand so that I could breastfeed her. That was when we started selling to the peninsula”. Today the entire panorama has changed, to begin with, the brand ignores the fairs and focuses its efforts on selling through international showrooms. “I came to be in 300 boutiques in Spain, but of all those there are still four, the others had to close at some point.” Ruiz has three of its own stores (in Ibiza and Madrid) and the loudspeaker of technology through digital sales. The firm, which has been adapting to the new times, is now preparing the succession: “I already want to leave things behind, but for now I’m here and we’re doing very well.” The creative Charo Ruiz (right) with her daughter Paloma and her granddaughter Allegra. Photo: ANTÁRTICA The dining room. Photo: ANTÁRTICA Details of his Ibizan house. Photo: ANTÁRTICA The actress Rossy de Palma with a set of the brand. Photo: INSTAGRAM @ROSSYDPALMA

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