“As a female journalist, you can only address women”

“Leave it open. Let’s see if it is stable ventilated”, says the character played by Celia de Molina, whom she plays Itaso arana in the series King of the night (Which premiered on Movistar + on 14 May). The first is psychological; Second, journalists and presenters Together at night In the late eighties, a testimonial program in a Spanish radio’s worst time slot in the early nineties. Both enter the study when the sports program (ie soccer) leaves it, Discount time. Says Arana, “The radio studio smells a dangerous smell of testosterone and especially after those sports shows.” “I commented on this with other journalists who told me that, after a sports event, the room is very full.”

What does it smell like King of the night?

Itasso Arana: It smelled of excess testosterone and a world that was about to expire, a Spain that smelled of tempered mothballs.

Mickey Esparbe: The first thing that comes to me is tobacco. It is true that the series portrays the time my grandfather took me to Camp Nou – in the series we rebroadcast the line-up and they are the isolation I saw on the pitch. And those were the times when you could smoke in the countryside and it reminds me a lot of the cigar smell, the character of Javi [Gutiérrez, que interpreta a El Cóndor] Cigar does not stop smoking. It essentially reminds me a lot of the perfume of my grandfather, Fahrenheit, they bathed in that perfume, and that smell is the time for me.

And how do your characters smell?

Itasso Arana: The program that my character Marga presents attracts a more feminine audience that is probably not the general audience of the station. But it is very curious that being a female journalist at the time, it seems that you could only address women; As it is still said, women’s literature, women’s cinema, but it was worse then and commonly called as well. When it comes to advertising, it advertised white satin lingerie was a very erotic process, where these practices of power could be used more and more. So, to counteract this, I used a perfume with a very strong path, with good estrogen, she is a character that needs a lot of courage, I’m here and the perfume has confirmed itself to me in the world Helped in the spirit of doing. It was a perfume that I used at a time in my life where I was like letting my hair go and taking advantage of the fact that this is the first character I can leave my hair in, because I’m going there I am going back to my 15 years.

Mickey Esparbe: I don’t know how to tell you specific perfumes, like El Condor’s perfume is a tough perfume, more brummell, Fahrenheit, maybe a little older; Jota’s, my character, is mild at first, waiting for spring, something cooler to come because Jota portrays new practices of journalism, the idea of ​​doing things a little differently. This will be the scent of change.

He portrays King of the night, That Spain is attempting to transform through the microcosm of the power of sports radio over a decade. The emperors of the night who dominated the air waves and also the social conversation. Many recognizable events and recognizable characters, though its creators, Adolfo Vellore and Cristobal Garrido, insist: “The real time was so much that you could only judge it with a fictional story.” The tone of almost black humor, light comedy in minutes and filth creeping in others, was marked by that reality and the dynamics of sports journalism, ambitious and immediate. And it allowed these two protagonists, Mickey and Itaso, to discover new aspects and new doors in their interpretive arc.

“Marga, for me, has been a change because she came from playing very kind, very naïve characters,” explains Itaso Arana, who came from The virgin of august, From Tell who i am. “And I like to play a much more ambitious character, who gets angry when he’s angry and doesn’t always get on well. I like being able to make mistakes, be cheeky, be able to be angry”. And He admits that the first time he saw the script he saw in that passage was working Girl Like her mother in the eighties. “Hair, shoulder pads, perfumes, heels … Her images came to me and how to break the emotions, be a little cautious. She was a little warrior because going to work was a bit of a struggle in a world that was not made for her.” The actress who plays now Grandson, Nelly Reguera, with Carmen Machi at a refugee camp in Greece, believes that “the profile of women is finally changing on screen”, detail. “And there I include myself,” he says, “that I am in this series, for example, is not quite clear.”

He also discovered his comic talent on screen for the first time, a genre that Mickey asparabase He had already mastered it and for him it was a bit upside-down, traveling to a dark side. “Jota actually thinks that things are likely to be done with a different style, a more professional ethic and, all of a sudden, he realizes that the only way to defeat his opponent is to keep himself at his height and get to that place. “The character has to go to hell”, says the actor, which will premiere this year as well Innocent More movies Where two fit U Malnazidos. “Itaso told me that he had revealed a very dark side. And it’s true that I’ve got a chance to do something that’s not that easy and that’s to play such an extreme arc in just six episodes . “

On King of the night, Itaso Arana and Mickey Asperbe are a duet. And that romance between the waves is something that looks like. “It smells like a closed studio, a love that has passed into study rooms and newsrooms, sharing very small spaces,” replies Asperbe, to whom, personally, love specific colonies Does what his girlfriends used and which he still remembers. , Even the scent of her first Platonic crush in college. For Arana, on the other hand, love is heat, like the heat of “skin, sweat and contradictions” The virgin of august Who acted and co-wrote with Jonah Truba. “Maybe it’s because I was born in the summer and because I yearn for the love of the summers that I’ve seen in movies.”

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