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Artist Anna Docavo wants to save the ocean through art news, fashion

  Artist Anna Docavo wants to save the ocean through art  news, fashion

Anna Docavo takes the ocean inside. It’s not something I’ve chosen, it even has nothing to do with being born in Valencia. “It’s genetic. It happens to my brothers too. We’re half-broken and we always have to live near the ocean,” she explains. Author Rafael Alberti’s niece says it is the last name that is responsible for the deep connection she feels with the ocean and inspired her to quit her job as book editor five years ago to devote herself to did. Art is associated with the sea. «I remember being very young we spent the summer at Merene Blau [una playa familiar cercana a Valencia] And he had come from Puerto de Santa María to spend a few days with us. He made us a lot of pictures, not always of nautical motifs, but also of roosters and pigeons of many colors, and some of them are framed,” he explains by phone s fashion.

That legacy is now reflected in a work that defends the problems surrounding various aquatic species, in addition to converting recycled marine elements into works of art. “Art is my tool in the fight against climate change” is the saying that sums up his work Instagram account And he guides her in projects like the one she just presented with the clothing brand Haus Intropia. Dokavo has made the idol Seahorse and PosidonyTo raise awareness of the need to preserve marine Posidonia, an endemic Mediterranean plant that produces more oxygen than the Amazon rainforest. «I like a phrase by Jacques Cousteau that says ‘people protect what they love’. If you explain that Posidonia is essential to us and to many species living in this submerged forest, or that the water is so crystal clear, it is easier for people to become aware and understand that these ‘algae’ sometimes do not There are. Even what they considered disturbed when they go to the beach is actually a primordial plant,” he argues. Their work counters the project that is expected to reopen its doors this year. The Spanish brand has simultaneously launched Save Posidonia Project And for which he will allocate 1% of all sales between the months of July and August for the protection of this marine plant.

Artist Anna Docavo Wants To Save The Ocean Through Art News, Fashion - Light Home News

Sketch of a statue made by Anna Docavo for Hos. Photo: Courtesy Hos

With a firm belief in raising awareness through art, this trained agronomist who has never practiced provides a book with each piece, in which, in addition to explaining the creative process, he is working on a level of commitment with the planet. Gives meaning. In addition to private clients from inside and outside Spain (some of his work has traveled to China), Docavo has created sculptures for restaurants – » The most complex work I’ve done so far was 10m by Quique Dacosta for a local High lamp. ”, he explains – and he has a project for next year, also focused on Posidonia, that will put one of his pieces in a public body. Although in his first creations he used shells or sea urchins found on the shore, he now prefers to let them follow their cycle in the sand and bet on recycling or materials such as porcelain. «I made a painting with spider crabs that cost me a fortune because I went to buy them in the central market of Valencia, I ate them, cleaned them … Then I thought it was all thrown in the restaurant And I’ve started using those ‘leftovers’ to make pieces.

Artist Anna Docavo Wants To Save The Ocean Through Art News, Fashion - Light Home News

‘Marine artist’ working in his workshop. Photo: Courtesy Hos

A lover of diving and snorkeling, Dokavo is caught by underwater oysters. “There are people who meditate, I dive to rest. It’s not that I say I am going to create, but that I dive in and unconsciously thoughts come to me. I Always take a notebook with me and write down everything when I go out ». Her essential places – to create and disconnect – are south of Formentera and Tulum, where, swimming among turtles and sharks , he decided to quit his job as an editor after more than twenty years and finally devoted himself to his passion for the ocean. “I liked my work, but I found it complete on a personal level. needed to be felt. I left everything behind and traveled several times to this area of ​​Tulum, not the tourist, where I began to collect the first material for my works, “he recalls. And he clarifies: “Of course, Formentera The Caribbean has nothing to envy. The islanders say that the island chooses the people who come and I definitely fell in love as soon as I stepped on it. I can go to other beautiful places, but it’s not the same.

Artist Anna Docavo Wants To Save The Ocean Through Art News, Fashion - Light Home News

“Art, my instrument in the fight against climate change”. Photo: Courtesy Hos