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Anastasia Soare: the woman who shapes the eyebrows of the most successful faces in the world | Beauty

Naomi Campbell or Cindy Crawford first passed through the hands of Anastasia Soare (Constanza, 65 years old) without her even knowing their names. They were beginning to run the nineties and they were great stars of popular culture, but not in the communist Romania from which Soare had just left. “Never in my life have I seen more beautiful women. I thought the Americans were spectacular, ”she says on the other side of the screen. The ones she quickly recognized were the actresses who also began to sit in her treatment chair, “in my country we didn’t have magazines because the regime blocked them, we were a bit isolated, but we could watch some movies. Michelle Pfeiffer or Faye Dunaway were among my first clients and they made me extremely happy.” They arrived at the beauty center where she worked, in Los Angeles, recommended by her agents, who had discovered what the artist was capable of doing with tweezers in her hands: optically sculpt and transform the face. her. Taking care of your eyebrows was not a custom in the United States, but it was a ritual in Romania. “Every Sunday, since I was five years old, my mother took me with her to her beauty salon. She put on makeup, combed her hair, did a manicure… when I turned 18 I started doing it myself. Plucking your eyebrows was no nonsense.” She studied history of art and architecture, but as an immigrant in California she only got a job in a beauty salon in the wealthy district of Beverly Hills. “She didn’t speak the language and she didn’t know anyone, it was very hard. I think for the first six months I cried every day. But then I realized that I had to take the bull by the horns and try to do something and I started working as a facialist”, she recalls. In the salon she offered, as an extra, the arrangement of the eyebrows and word of mouth, telling how the faces were chiseled paying attention to a few hairs, she did the rest. Three years later she set up her own salon and within a decade launched a cosmetic company with the same name, Anastasia Beverly Hills (in Spain, for sale at Sephora), which according to the financial firm Fitch Rating had a turnover of 175 million dollars in 2017. brows with Brow Wiz Brush, Brow Freeze Styling Fixative, Brow Definer Fill & Define Pencil, Dipbrow Pomade Gel, and Brow Wiz Pencil, all by ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS (available at Sephora). Photo: Plató S Moda. Production: Ana Regina García Formalized the practice of taking care of her eyebrows and patented the formula to adapt them to the face by studying the notion of beauty in art history: “I started going to the library to review what I learned in art school and the Leonardo da Vinci’s work. From the beginning, art has been inspiration and stimulus: “I always wanted to understand why we put on makeup and the answer lies in painting. When you start to draw a portrait on a blank sheet of paper, with a pencil, you use shading to create the cheeks, the nose, the eyes… with the white and the dark you create the three dimensions. I saw that makeup does the same thing. By knowing your bone structure and mixing well, you create an illusion of perfect balance.” A wisdom that, if before it was within the reach of very few, today is widely disseminated through social networks: “It is the best thing they have brought, education.” With almost 20 million followers on Instagram, her brand claims to be one of the most popular accounts in the industry. She no longer needs word of mouth, nor the impulse of titans like Oprah Winfrey, who lent herself to shave live on her show. “For me and for my career, that was like winning an Oscar.”

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– Article Written By @Patricia Rodríguez from https://smoda.elpais.com/belleza/anastasia-soare-la-mujer-que-moldea-las-cejas-de-los-rostros-mas-exitosos-del-mundo/

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