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AllSisters Creator: “My goal has always been to make empowering swimwear that cares for the planet” | Job

 AllSisters Creator:

“Fashion has always been a pioneer to support new trends and social movements, as a protest of what society needed at that time. The most sustainable thing is not to consume and respect the natural cycle of nature, but since we need it, our goal is to do it in the most responsible way ”. With this premise, Patricia Caballero founded AllSisters seven years ago, a swimwear firm with sustainability at the center of its axis that was born with the aim of offering an alternative to fast fashion. Always surrounded by artists and creative people and after 12 years working in the world of audiovisual production, the designer remembers how in the photo shoots the clothes “arrived at the last minute and from places like India, China … it was something that it collided with the very high budgets of the publishers ”, he tells S Moda by phone.

“In 2014 I started surfing and I couldn’t find any swimsuit that would make me feel comfortable in the water,” recalls the designer. Something that coincided with the reaffirmation of his environmental awareness. “The moment you spend more time in contact with the sea, you are aware of the amount of plastic in the middle. I traveled all over the world and saw the dirt in the water with my own eyes, ”he recalls. This is how AllSisters was born under the firm decision to bet on a disruptive business model and create the first sustainable swimwear brand in Spain. Because although sustainability is now a reality – and a necessity-, seven years ago it was not a constant in the conversation of the textile sector. “I started thinking of a swimsuit that was more elegant but also sporty, because you need what you feel protected with.”

Allsisters Creator: &Quot;My Goal Has Always Been To Make Empowering Swimwear That Cares For The Planet&Quot; | Job - Light Home News

All Sisters 2021 Collection. Photo: Courtesy of All Sisters

“We are not only talking about the product, we are talking about a responsible and sustainable lifestyle,” acknowledges the alma mater of the project. With a production divided between Barcelona and Portugal, his pieces are born from the hands of a team of pattern makers located in Barcelona. “We work on designs from an original pattern with women who have a long history in the corsetry sector,” he points out. The common denominator in each of its designs, which have the OEKO-TEX® certificate, is Econyl, a material made up of 78% recycled polyamide and 22% elastane. “Econyl comes from the collection of post-consumer plastics to give them a second life, such as plastic bottles, tarps, waste from the oceans…”, Patricia tells us.

In addition, its commitment to sustainability is crystallized in the architecture of its patterns and the packaging that surrounds the pieces until they reach their destination. The swimsuits are designed so that they do not have trimmings, do not have zippers, or underwire. The chest part has been designed to make a push up natural ”, he points out. As another sign of its faithful commitment to safeguarding the health of the planet, the design and style of its pieces walk on the plane of timelessness. With a mission to survive the ebb and flow of trends, his vision “classic but very modern at the same time” crystallizes in patterns inspired by the iconic pieces of the ’80s. As proof of this, they launched their first collection in black and white, thinking of “a clean and classic design that does not surrender to any marked style”.

Allsisters Creator: &Quot;My Goal Has Always Been To Make Empowering Swimwear That Cares For The Planet&Quot; | Job - Light Home News

Some of the All Sisters designs. Photo: Courtesy of All Sisters

Its clientele includes Mónica Bellucci or the American tennis player Serena Williams, but for the founder of the firm, her greatest milestone throughout these seven years of history has been her entry into Net-a-Porter in 2019, one of the benchmark luxury multi-brand stores in the sector. After that giant step, a few months later AllSisters would attract the attention of Victoria Secret, who gave them the opportunity to become part of a marketplace promoted by the lingerie company that brought together 12 brands of swimwear from different parts of the world. .

With the aim of enhancing the natural beauty of the female silhouette, its brand image does not give up the traditional beauty canons imposed in the sector.

“Our philosophy is to create swimwear that empowers a woman’s body and real beauty without losing sight of the planet. We believe that there is a close relationship between women and the Earth, so we do not conceive one thing without another ”, sums up the businesswoman. In its first years of development –which coincided with the Instagram boom– Caballero recognized the indisputable importance of social networks. “They offer you the opportunity to control your own image and echo who you are through the content you share, something that was not possible with traditional advertising,” he says. And if we look to the future, the creative director only asks to recover the pre-pandemic scenario. “Return to normality: that it is possible to travel, consume and live. To return to the path that we were leading. Fashion is dreaming, flirting… and we have lost this for now ”, he ends.

Allsisters Creator: &Quot;My Goal Has Always Been To Make Empowering Swimwear That Cares For The Planet&Quot; | Job - Light Home News

Patricia Caballero, creator of All Sisters.