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all the contrasts of Rosalía’s ‘look’ at the MET Gala

all the contrasts of Rosalía's 'look' at the MET Gala

At the 2021 Metropolitan Museum opening ceremony (which was held last September due to the pandemic), Rosalía premiered on her media red carpet with a design by Rick Owens that appealed to the Flemish tradition. In the early hours of Monday to Tuesday, for her second consecutive walk down the steps, she opted for a completely different style, in this case signed by Matthew Williams for Givenchy.

Rosalia and Matthew Williams

Rosalía poses with the creator of her dress, Matthew Williams, creative director of Givenchy since 2020. Photo: Getty Images

The creative director of house French was not only in charge of the design, but also paraded along with the Catalan. Quite an honor considering that the pairings of the night are usually approved by the almighty Anna Wintour. “I love you”, he wrote on his Instagram account along with a photo of both of them; Rosalía answered with another in her profile in which she thanked her dress. A model as loaded with rhinestones as it is with references.

The dress code of the evening demanded glamor and the artist has not resisted showing off tons of it. On his way down the red carpet, the designer explained that the interpreter of mommy traveled to Paris to see with him ideas for this look. The basis was the golden age and the design is based on a relatively traditional pattern, a mermaid cut. But that’s where the conventional ends, because Williams manages to make it her own and update it by covering it with an excess of rhinestones, pearls and embroidered appliqués and a skirt that opens into infinite ruffles. The finishing touch? The long gloves and the back, decorated with a simulated spine with a leather harness, decorated with more glitter, and which transforms into an original hook that holds the straps of the dress.


When the dress was picked up, the platform boots that hid the train could be seen. Photo: Getty Images

Rosalía liked the baroque result so much that she confessed upon arrival at the event that it will be difficult for her to overcome it at her wedding. She has combined it with two of her own touches: futuristic black glasses and the decoration of rhinestones shaped like a butterfly that he wears in his teeth.

The look beauty that has completed the set has been very minimalist and has focused on a tight updo with a center parting, bright lips and natural makeup. Quite the opposite of the shoes, impressive boots with several centimeters of platform, and the bag, a beggar also embroidered with a profusion of motifs.


The back of the dress, with the leather spine, and a detail of the bag. Photo: Getty Images

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