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A Fashion Podcast #59. Paco Delgado: “Dwayne Johnson is charming as an actor and a person” | news, fashion

  A Fashion Podcast #59.  Paco Delgado:

In this new episode of a fashion podcast We Have Paco Delgado, Canarian Costume Designer Who Has Been Nominated for an Oscar for His Work Twice the Miserables You danish girl and two Goya winners snow White You The Witches of Zugarramurdi, To talk about the new film in which he has given his talent: Jungle Cruise. Baptized as the famous Disney park attraction, this American Factory blockbuster starring Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson hits theaters (and Disney+) next July 30.

Known for his collaborations with filmmakers such as Pedro Almodovar or Alex de la Iglesia, Delgado made the leap to Hollywood at the hands of filmmaker Tom Hooper and had previously worked with Disney. one fold in time. In Jungle Cruise reinvent See Explorer based on classic references such as Raiders of the Lost Ark Or queen of africa And are inspired by the aesthetics of women who dared to wear pants when it was not yet common, such as aviator Amelia Earhart. kill the play play Hear the secrets of the film’s wardrobe, his relationship with the protagonist (“Dwayne Johnson is charming as an actor and a person,” he says) and give us your opinion about the program. @unpodcastdemoda.

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