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10 easy and comfortable hairstyles that don’t require an iron or hairdryer. beautiful hair

  10 easy and comfortable hairstyles that don't require an iron or hairdryer.  beautiful hair

High temperatures are not conducive to using dryers and irons. Here are some tips to comb your hair without wasting time and especially without heating it up.

1. Irreversible to frizz

A mane that is unaffected by moisture is a dream of many women and a nightmare when we head to the ocean or a summer storm hits. since madroomIts director, Nadia Barrientos, is clear: If we want to give away thermal devices, the safe bet is to go to the beach with hair straightened. His favorite is Alpha Technique, A biological treatment based on cocoa protein. This hairdresser says, “It also helps with a straight cut without layers, which gives us the maximum possible weight so that the hair falls out and is smooth.”

One trick to get a smooth mane, without frizz, but with a gentle motion is to apply hair to slightly damp hair. Kérastase. by Crème UV Sublime. «We mark the part well, we make a low ponytail and we will let it air dry. Once it dries, we remove the ponytail and we will get a natural smooth look. We will also protect our hair from the sun.”

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2. Natural Waves

Curly hair easily becomes dry and lifeless. Much more in summer. “We have our special CurlyMade treatment to discipline and define natural curls. If we just want to wavy it up, we can use this trick: Create two low buns with slightly damp hair, which we first have put cage wave from Shu Uemura”, says Barrientos. Once dry, they become loose and very naturally broken waves remain.

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3. Surf Waves

The holy grail of summer hairstyles, which look so good in magazines and usually look dull in real life. And all because in order to make that non-hairstyle look so attractive, you have to go through several stages. Come on, without a hairstyle, there’s little in it. Morocco’s global artistic director Antonio Coral Calero explains how to achieve it. “With damp hair, apply treatment basic or mild, depending on your hair type. Then use your hands to spread a certain curl through your hair, like curl defining cream, mixed with Root Boost To hollow out the roots. Comb the hair from the middle to the ends with a wide-toothed comb and gently remove the moisture from the ends of the hair with a towel.

The final touch is to be used when completely dry. repair infusion. With this arsenal of products, getting a surf wave is much more complicated than a simple salt spray. The hair in turn isn’t crunchy “because we’re mixing textured products with creamy ones,” declares this barber.

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4. Cut ‘A Lo Garcón’ That Doesn’t Look Like Grandma’s

It is a half-truth to have a very short cut to be comfortable in summer. It dries in a jiffy, but with moisture it swells up and you end up looking like your grandmother with combed hair. “So that this does not happen on the beach, it is best to apply sun protection gel in advance. In addition to caring for the hair, it leaves a very cool wet look and prevents the hair from falling out”, explains director Alba Vida Albas’s hair. “For the afternoon we can make a braid that allows us to control the bangs. Or, straight, give it a touch of style and bet on a headband, knotted scarf or bandana”.

5. The peak is for summer

The braided braid mixed with tousled hair is that classic resource that oozes warmth, hippie spirit and relaxation. The first is to apply a texturizing cream (Untitled) to damp hair, suggests Mario Enes, artistic director of Cotril Spain. “It will give us body, volume and natural control to our hair. If we want a braid made without support or rubber, we should use a soft fixing wax. In this case you need about three fingers from the roots to the tips. A small amount has to be put in and the braid has to be made loose and without reaching the tips. “So the end result will be undone, very natural.”

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6. Make the Most of Mini Tweezers

Do you think peak is a dull resource? Charo Garcia Ilitia Beauty And Science From Balmaseda (Vizcaya) he proposes to decorate them by throwing imagination with the typical mini hairdressing tweezers. «We can create a casual and original look while reinforcing the image of the updo. It’s not about needing them, but about using them to decorate and create a wonderful look.” For sample, Chiara Ferragni.

7. Sophisticated Updates

It happens to all of us: there comes the day on vacation when you can’t discipline your hair without a hairdryer and you decide to take it on so as not to look like the bride of Frankenstein. lvaro Sanchez, Head of Hairdressing at Antonio Alloy Pro From Málaga, he proposes a somewhat elaborate work, but with a very beautiful result. “We’ll do a textured ponytail with two root braids and volume on top. There is a trend to mix different collectibles in a single look,” he says. Take note because that hairstyle was worn by director Paula Palacios at the last Málaga festival.

8. Nothing Retro A ‘Wet Look’

When we hear about the wet look, Trinity comes to mind matrix, Totally tough, with that sleek cut, and we get cold sweats. from mason, suggests hairdresser Eduardo Sanchez, “Replace the gel with a shine spray. First we make movements on dry hair, that is, we comb backwards or part to one side. Next, we apply the shape of the hairstyle. During apply a shine spray. We finish by spraying the hair with a fixing spray so that it remains stable”. By the way, the fixation creates a protective film against frizz.

9. Tight ponytail, parted and wet look

This has been one of the stunning looks of last winter and is still one of our favorites when we want to keep our hair under control. Marina Moran, hair firm’s technical director Naturally bet on using glitter wax like shine wax on top of the hair. “It is applied with dry and very well brushed hair. If it’s not completely clean, almost is better, as it will be more manageable. The amount to be applied will be the size of a hazelnut. We will start at the front or upper part of the head and smooth the hair back with your fingers, making sure that the strands are not separated, but forming a whole”. If you are not very expert, wax Use a comb to distribute without caking or creating globs. “Carding will be necessary for a wet look with volume”.

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10. Bangs Under Control

In the sweltering heat of summer, it’s hard to wear bangs with dignity amidst sweat and frizz. Diana Daurio proposes to save us the annoyance and give us a “pre-summer smoothing or anti-frizz treatment.” Bet either that or all of it on anti frizz, like decode zero cosmic Of Montibello.

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