To reduce plastic waste in the ocean, Scientists have developed slippers made from algae

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According to scientists, the number of marine life is declining due to increasing plastic pollution in the oceans.

American scientists have developed special types of shoes. It will dissolve automatically if it stays in water or soil for more than 16 weeks. Its goal is to reduce plastic waste from the sea and soil. Polyurethane foam has been used to make the shoes. It is made from seaweed oil.

Plastic takes thousands of years to dissolve
According to the University of California, San Diego, which manufactures footwear, plastic shoes go deep into the ocean and pose a risk to marine life. It takes thousands of years to dissolve, which is why we made it from a material that dissolves automatically. It will help reduce pollution caused by plastics and rubber.

There will be cheap and soft shoes
According to the researcher who made it, this plastic is very flexible and inexpensive. It neither pollutes the sea nor poses a threat to marine life. It can also be worn as a mid-sole between shoes.

Shoes and slippers make up 25 per cent of the plastic waste found in India
According to researchers, humans have collected 6 million (6 million) metric tons of plastic waste in the last 50 years. Only 9% of that waste is recycled. 79 percent are either buried underground or present in the environment. While 12 percent of waste is incinerated.

Slippers and shoes have been found on many islands of India. About 25 percent of the plastic waste found here was shoe-slippers.

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